NameEvil Nun Horror at School
ReleaseKeplerians Horror Games

Evil Nun: Horror at School is one of the few horror games on mobile that can be scary. You are trapped in an abandoned school. The surroundings were desolate, quiet, and uninhabited. But this is just the first look. The evil cursed nun has followed in your footsteps. She hears everything you do: be careful and don’t make a sound. Move between locations to avoid encountering monsters. It would be best if you got to the exit, but it won’t be easy. Solve difficult puzzles. Interact with objects to find boxes and secret passages. Find valuable items that will aid you in your escape. Unravel the mystical secrets that surround this place. There are other prisoners in the school besides you – try to save them. The nun will do everything to prevent you from doing this.

The creators of Evil Nun: Horror at School struggled to cope with the oppressive atmosphere of an abandoned school. They took all the elements of classic horror movies to create a genuinely creepy game. The feeling of constant pursuit won’t leave you for a minute, no matter where you are. Hissing, rustling, and mysterious, scary music put nervous tension to the extreme and made people wait for an attack from everywhere. Explore the exact positions in which each item lies in a way that creates anxiety and stress. You can only breathe calmly when you run away from school. And to make it faster, use the mod on the outwit menu, thanks to which you will be able to control the nun’s behavior, open doors, and simplify the gameplay in other ways.

The women who have dedicated their lives to this challenging fate in real life are very few who cause some negative feelings and even more fear than that. But the developers of the game “Evil Nun: Horror at School” are ready to advise you on the harmlessness of this kind, sweet and humble woman. A creature in the vestments of a hellish nun will do its best to prevent this from happening. The gloomy ghost hears everything, and it is not easy to hide from him, so you will have to try not to catch the eye of your shadow enemies while skillfully using moments when This demonic entity turns away or gets distracted.

You have to solve exciting puzzles, thanks to which you can move between locations that will serve as classrooms and other boarding school facilities. The scary thing is that, at first, it is difficult for the hero to imagine how to stand up to his evil opponents, so he will have to navigate the events, relying only on cunning and ingenuity. A few hours in Evil Nun will make you sweat in the heat of the events unfolding with your character.

Evil Nun Horror at School MOD

Love the game but please fix the saving stuff I don't like resetting every time I exit the game please fix it. Fddrffty Rrras6rd7ttd7dt7dysyd7syties57s36se57r68s86e579795s68rs68s79rsr9r96s79r7t7#(>$(#_##<<||>#@||||<|<||#@__@_-/-#>>/#>@(__@@/_)$/)-yaiyr6uyrysyrursysy7r7ruaysr67s6rsry8sirysiyrsyrotdtuoj6rrd66rs68rss76ra6e8a7ra9a699ar6ea68a6e9ea96zfuryryuear. Very good game I really scared.I play this game 3 years ago and iam already played Chapter 2.Just yet for chapter 3 but 2021 later and 2022 later.2023 is later very soon.Please made chapter 3.. Everytime I open the Bunker then after some time it closes again pls fix this bug Edit: thank for fixing the bug. Best game but i have an idea for the game add high glowing dynamic lighting like, evil nun eyes is red and its highly glowing red and add dynamic Reflection like evil nun stand near fire to praying and fire reflecting on evil nun body and developer can't understand what I'm saying I'm saying about your game images in game images here is dynamic lighting and reflecting i really want this features in this game and afterdeveloper add this features in this game, game locking more realistic and scary.

Evil Nun Horror at School APK

Hello Keplerians please can you Update it again and Change Sister Madeline's Form just like Evil Nun Rush and also add her One Chicken Gummy . Great game but it doesn't save any progress I completed all the mask pieces in 6 hours and all of my progress is gone. This game is good because when i see pushpa movie in that time i saw mobile l phone when i play this game graphics is nice i thought i dead that much graphic that nun is dranag dog.. This game is just a time waste I am 11 y old I play this s game since 2019 this is a time waste because I played it and then I almost completed the mask but then I have to go some where the progress is saved and then I played it was restartted and then I do it again and again but same things were happening please fix this issue and please reply if you see this message you and your games , team ,and the CEO of this game and group you and your ,team and game are such useless,time waste because.

Evil Nun Horror at School APK

The only missing thing in the game is the progress for the epic escape always lost after quiting the game.. This game was amazing although there was no inventory which was kinda frustrating but l loved it! Keep it up.. This game is very fun I am play in extreme mode but nun was not coming quickly but its very awesome i like this game but seriesly this game in good graphics this game in very easy escapes in this game. It's a very nice game. One of the best Keplerian games ever!! I love it. Beware you'll get an heart attack if you played it in extreme mode! Thank you.

Evil Nun Horror at School APK

The game is spectacular and mind blowing but the only problem I have is that I can't close the trap door. I literally like it, plus I love horror and the music is so tense when sister Madeline is coming! Like I like it that all :). Your game company is the best I like it but I have 2 questions why you remove The nun game and when will evil nun 3 come ?. Very creepy game i got scared Edited: ok so I wrote it some years back I was kind of troll and never thought that I will get a reply Nut here it is.Keep it up and bring more game like this in the future so we can enjoy them :D.

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This game is full of actions that make me want to play the game one thouzent times thanks for developers. This is amazing game finally l completed all levels and injoy balloon escape very much thank you for making this game and make more. I'm very old player , I play this game since 2019 but now this game is quite boring and irritating coz this game crash a lot and I don't like it please solve crash issue Thank you. This Is One OF The Best Horror Games I Have Ever Play Thank You So Much Team Keplerians For Making This MasterPiece Keep It Up .

NO HORROR STORYSolve puzzles & escape from granny evil nun in this adventure escape game! More than 15 million players Say hello to mystery and survival in a school garded by a scary evil nun that can hear any noise (be careful!). Evil nun seems to be a mix between a granny and...a ghost, a victim of a zombie plague or any other dead soul. Horror and death are after you, evil nun will kill you if she finds you and the adventure escape will have finished . Hide anywhere !! Inside or out. ifudb jh3eh3hhi33i you here h3eh383hh4h4y374h4h4h4383h3h8eh373h3u33ub36 subclassified iniiyakan yahoo office has tried.

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