Evolution: Battle for Utopia is an online blockbuster with elements of action, RPG, and strategy combined in one game! Become the captain of a space expedition and explore a dangerous post-apocalyptic planet at the galaxy’s edge.

Latest of Evolution Battle for Utopia Codes

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Utopia is a dangerous world that survived the apocalypse… Many dark secrets await you here. Fight enemies online. Experience the unique combat system. Create a colony, strengthen your base, and protect it from attacks with the help of towers. Transform the planet: turn a scorched wasteland into a blooming paradise! The technology of a unique extraterrestrial civilization is in your hands!

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Destroy giant enemies with ballistic missiles, and explore the world of the planet Utopia, which hides many surprises! Reveal all its secrets in exciting adventures. Upgrade your character to destroy the most dangerous creatures and defeat enemy soldiers. Fight alongside your allies, including the loyal cyborg dog Fido. Collect resources and increase your wealth! Create mines or open electronic locks using a unique interface with many exciting mini-games. Allies and enemies are waiting for you! You’ll make new friends and meet sinister enemies… And don’t forget the greedy opponents you’ll have to fight in PvP battles!

How to Redeem Code for Evolution: Battle for Utopia

To redeem a gift code in Evolution: Battle for Utopia, follow these steps. First, open the game on your device and tap on the menu icon located in the top left corner of the screen. Then, click on the "Settings" button and select the "Promo Codes" option. Type in your gift code and click on the "OK" button. Finally, check your in-game mail to receive your rewards. Enjoy your gifts and use them to enhance your gameplay experience in Evolution: Battle for Utopia!

List of Evolution: Battle for Utopia Codes

1. Code: CFE2157D
Unlock the Gauss Cannon, a powerful weapon that shoots electromagnetic pulses, capable of disabling enemy shields and destroying armored units. Dominate the battlefield and reign supreme in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

2. Code: G36K4D9F
Unleash the Biohazard Armor, a state-of-the-art exoskeleton suit that grants increased resistance to damage and enhances your combat abilities. Stand your ground and fight off hordes of enemies in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

3. Code: M7Y8A3B2
Acquire the Black Hole Grenade, a deadly explosive that creates a miniature black hole, sucking in everything within its vicinity. Annihilate your foes and turn the tide of battle in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

4. Code: R9P6J2K5
Claim the Nanobot Swarm, a group of microscopic robots that can repair and heal your wounded soldiers instantly. Keep your army strong and resilient in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

5. Code: T3G1E8R6
Gain access to the Mind Control Device, a special gadget that allows you to control and manipulate enemy troops. Turn your enemies against each other and emerge victorious in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

6. Code: H4F7Q5W2
Discover the Energy Shield Generator, a device that creates a protective barrier around your base, shielding it from incoming attacks. Fortify your defenses and repel any threats in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

7. Code: N6D2L1X4
Unlock the Stealth Suit, a suit that grants invisibility, allowing you to sneak past enemy defenses undetected. Execute covert operations and strike from the shadows in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.

8. Code: V8Z5O3S1
Obtain the Gravity Boots, advanced footwear that enables you to defy gravity and traverse any terrain effortlessly. Explore unreachable areas and gain a strategic advantage in Evolution: Battle for Utopia.


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