NameExpert Drive

In Expert Drive you will be able to show all your unique driving skills. Discover a lot of new things in yourself, gain experience, become a true professional, and complete interesting tasks.

Whether you are an experienced driver or a beginner, here you can experience completely different tasks, and show your skills and other abilities. Don’t waste time, fasten your seatbelt and go on your exciting adventure. You are waiting for a variety of situations in which you will have to find your right way out. 

Only true professionals will be able to complete the game to the end, get excellent marks, and solve the most difficult tasks. Move forward, learn many new rules, test your abilities and get out of confusing situations. Perfect graphics, many interesting tasks that you want to complete, and get driving experience.

Expert Drive MOD

Only played first level because it literally has no controls for the second level. Tried everything. Nothing is working. Literally unplayable. Bye.. Car won't even move no matter what I do I rebooted game rebooted phone and the game won't work so forget it. Downloaded and now it won't even move. I closed and reopened the app several times. I'm going to uninstall and try something else. I installed it and literally played the first one and then I can't play the second one it doesn't show the gear shift to change it to reverse and it won't let me move it at all. It looked fun but I can't even play it.. It can go lower. Wouldn't let me pass level 2 couldn't use the gears or nothing. I believe it's a big here somewhere..

Expert Drive APK

Only allowed me to play one level, then wouldn't let me put the car in drive or reverse, or steer. Glad I got the 5 second tutorial level then the game stopped working.. This game isn't the best. The controls are to complicated and hard to use. If you want a REAL driving simulator game, try Dr. Driving 2. Easier to use, has more to do, and you get a better experience.. Controls are bad I'm sure that's the point but this game is 70% waiting for ads and things to load and maybe even less than 30% actually playing the game. Don't recommend.. Saw an ad on Instagram for it and tried it out, and for once the ad is what the game is. Played the first few levels and I like it. The ads aren't too intrusive either..

Expert Drive APK

First impression isn't all that bad but the driving is EXTREMELY awkward it would have been much better with a on screen steering wheel, the gear shifting is a bit weird too it's could have been easily solved with a sequential shifter "click the switch for the gear or something" it needs work. It's fun but frustrating.. Its an ok game it could be better if you update it so people can turn vibrations off work on the sensitivity of the steering.. Really wish there was a way to control speed. Would also be nice if it didn't auto switch from reverse to drive. Fun to play tho!.

Download ( V2.7.0 )

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