NameFall Guys Royale
Release99 Dragons

Real madness awaits you in this adventure. An exciting Fall Guys Royale show awaits you, in which you will have to run, jump and even stumble.

The most interesting levels, a large number of obstacles, as well as a lot of other competitors. The game will be able to collect a large number of rivals, hold crazy rounds, and brawls and arrange real chaos. Do not lose heart friends, all the most interesting is ahead and it will be simply impossible to break away from everything that is happening.

Play with your friends, and opponents and test this chaotic game for strength. Everything here is based on physical indicators, and the desire to win will be quite powerful. Go through interesting levels, compete with strong opponents and solve your absurd tasks. Everything is ahead of you, so it’s time to start the adventure and test your abilities for strength.

Fall Guys Royale MOD

I HATE THIS GAME BRO LIKE THE CONTROLS ARE NOOB LIKE AND YOU ALL YOU CAN DO IN THIS GAME IS PLAY AND SWITCH SKINS LIKE BRO THIS GAME. Haha I'm not sure if I can I get to know about the new one of the year oldest girl who is the. its nice but theres alot off ads and its really hard you know ugh its too hard *changes reveiw* there. I for instance really love this game but there's a bug that some players start cracking and then the game is in playable. I gave 1 star cause the players push each other,if we go forward it goes to another way and its controls aren't smooth like others. So pls do something to fix it ..

Fall Guys Royale APK

This game kicks you off on purpose and the ball go's after you to kick you off were you can't win horrible game.. It makes me use my right hand for the controls. It jumps too late. And the first level i could not complete. Too old school. This game is the world's worst game ever that I have played in my life,and this is so bad that others push us and who made this game that person is a insane person because it has given us only 3 lives. Now some player cannot qualify in this game. And there are too ads,please remove them. I hate this game ever. Please read my comment. Thanks.. If There Would A Option To Review 0 Stars I Would Give.This Game Is The Worst Fall Guys Copy Ever Made.In This Game There Are Obstacles Inside An Obstacle.For Example:If You Break One Wall In The Wall Breaking Obstacle The Pushing Obstacle Came And Push And We Eliminated.Real And Other Copies Of Fall Guys Is 1000000000000000000000000 Times Better Than This Worst Game.I Had Some Questions: Q1)Does The Game Creator Have Brain? Ans)Yes. Q2)What Is The IQ Of Fall Guys Royale Developer? Ans)-1T.

Fall Guys Royale APK

This is a stupid game dont play this game this is hacking when I am stoping this this going continues I can't cross even 1 round also this is so hard to play. It is a rip off of fall guys and kirby, filled with ads, and not a good walking system take this game out or ban it now play store. I don't like this game because jump and move button doesn't work well in this game. That's why I have given 1 star rate to this game.. ha nice but ther was multiplayer i don't no i download my net is problem i download n nice mb wow i lije it looks good but it's not just a game wow nice steel is bater.

Fall Guys Royale APK

I really love this game it has good parkours i could even say its fall guys i just hope we get new skins. well, after reading all the reviews i feel like i should'nt download thisgame but i always wanted to download fallguys no matter what even if this is'nt the real fall guys game :) xd. It's a best game but so hard until second round i always lose so hard but its like kirby still cute but don't know so hard to me. It's a good game but really glitchy. And I wish it was actually multiplayer. I keep glitches off the map when I try to jump. Plz fix.

My Son Played This And He Wanted To Say This. I Hate This Game. Thats What He Wanted To Say. Even Though I Don't Know What's It About. Its Probally A Rage Game. Brea skdks the following ad I e I have a good morning I have a great week and I ttttttt h ki kal ki chinta nahi ki kal aap school ee I have a good time for you and I am a student at 60 km from Patna was a temporary work with my school days recharge of tk only I am Tanisha Singh Singh photo of a little more than a good. Is this online I will download it if it online is it is online because the picture are looking good and the skin are like ball I like the skin . This game is too hardays lose on the first level. I deleted this app after having to watch ads after every turn.

The fact you have Hp is annoying I might redownload if you change that system 2nd round is hard you get hit you get thrown a mile away. The game is cute because they look like kirbys lol. But the Cpu's get no life's and I get 3 and that I still get pushed backwards so that I can't win, I got stuck on round 1 and that in the real game you get INF lives. Maybe update your game to real fall guy rules not your Own. But good game. But Unity made it.. This game is worst in india bc controls are on the wrong way and the jump button is also at the wrong way sorry for saying that your games are worst things at all anyway bye bye. Worst game ever! It 4Fps Its Bots have infinite lifes. Yet you only have 3 Stupid knockoff I would rather watch brown paint dry than play this hidious abominasion. I hate it and you will to!!!! This stupid game is garbage.

Very bad game very very very very very bad game because this is a bad game.this Is an offline game,and this is a level game. BAKWAS GAME HAI YE. Its the best game ever i give it 5 stars!! People rate it bad cuz they are bad at the game and have ads use an ad blocker!! I love it. I don't even want to give it one star because this is the worst game ever from the other all the gami.. Is this game a rage quitting games ? Why is it common on rage quitting people and we need to aband unity because it is rege quitting a lot don't like and dislike . This is hateful games.

This is a very good game although i would want more maps but after all i will report evryone who rejects this game. I HATE THIS GAME the controls are horrible I get disqualified every 30 seconds worst game I ever played I'm so disappointed I uninstalled after the first round . So stupid its horrible Like come on u can do better I found other rip of fall guys that are better then this I cant even say it's a Rip off of Fall guys .. This is a good game when you plays the game all and all time you don't but when you win you like that game so when you playing at the first time you like so when you played longer bored so please do not write any game bad.

I hate this is wth l don't think you should try it because it's very bad l can't available to play .

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