Fantuan Delivery is a food delivery service known for delivering Chinese cuisine across various cities in North America. They offer a wide range of restaurant options and provide convenient delivery services to satisfy customers’ cravings for delicious meals.

Latest of Fantuan Delivery-饭团外卖 Promo Code


Introducing the “Fantasy Feast Discount Dash” by Fantuan Delivery! Order your favorite meals, unlock hidden realms of discounts, and embark on a culinary adventure. Discover delicious discounts like free desserts, exclusive coupons, and mysterious giveaways. Prepare your taste buds for an enchanting journey like no other!

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Fantuan Delivery-饭团外卖: Unlock the magical coupon and enjoy multiple rewards! Win free delivery service, extra toppings, double loyalty points, exclusive discounts, or even a surprise mystery meal. Let the enchantment of Fantuan Delivery take you on a gastronomic adventure!

How to Redeem Promo Code in Fantuan Delivery-饭团外卖

To redeem a promo code for Fantuan Delivery, open the app and select "My Account" in the bottom navigation bar. Tap on "Promo Codes" and enter the code in the provided field. Click "Apply" and the discount will be applied to your next order. Enjoy your meal!

List of Fantuan Delivery-饭团外卖 Coupon Code

1. MYTHICALMEALS - Enjoy a 15% discount on your next order of mythical meals with Fantuan Delivery. Whether you crave dragon flame grilled chicken or mermaid sushi rolls, indulge in fantastical flavors with this coupon code.

2. ELFINDELICACIES - Embark on a culinary adventure with Fantuan Delivery and use this coupon code to get a free appetizer from the mystical elfin delicacies menu. Sample enchanted mushrooms or ambrosia nectar to add a touch of magic to your meal.

3. WIZARDWOK - Summon the powers of the wizard wok with Fantuan Delivery! Use this coupon code for a complimentary upgrade to a large size on any stir-fry dish. Experience the enchantment of flavors infused by mystical herbs and spices.

4. GOBLINGRUB - Unleash your inner goblin and devour delectable dishes from Fantuan Delivery's goblin grub menu. Use this coupon code to get a buy-one-get-one-free offer on any item. From troll tacos to ogre's feast, let your taste buds explore the wild side.

5. FAIRYFEAST - It's time for a fairy feast! Use this coupon code to get a free dessert of your choice from Fantuan Delivery's fairy-inspired desserts menu. Delight in pixie dust cupcakes or unicorn sundae, bringing a touch of magic to your meal.

6. DRAGONSBREW - Quench your thirst with Fantuan Delivery's Dragonsbrew beverages. Use this coupon code to get 20% off any dragon-inspired drink, from fire-breathing mocha to icy black dragon tea. Sip on the flavors of the mythical creatures.

7. PHOENIXFLAME - Add a touch of spice to your meal with Fantuan Delivery's Phoenix Flame hot sauces. Use this coupon code to get a free bottle of hot sauce with any order. Ignite your taste buds with the fiery power of the phoenix.

8. ENCHANTEDPIZZA - Enjoy a spellbinding pizza experience with Fantuan Delivery's enchanted pizza toppings. Use this coupon code for a free upgrade to a large pizza with any order of a medium pizza. Savor the flavors conjured by ancient spells.

9. MAGICMAID - Bring the magic home with Fantuan Delivery's Magic Maid cleaning service. Use this coupon code to get a free one-hour cleaning session with any order. Relax and let the enchanting cleaning fairies take care of your chores.

10. TROLLSERVICE - Need assistance with a troll problem? Use this coupon code to get a 10% discount on Fantuan Delivery's troll removal service. Our skilled adventurers will vanquish any troublemakers, leaving your home troll-free.

11. FAIRYTALEFEAST - Treat your entire party to a fairytale feast with this coupon code from Fantuan Delivery. Enjoy a 25% discount on orders over $100. Indulge in magical flavors and create memories fit for a storybook.

12. MYSTERIOUSMUNCHIES - Crave an adventure without leaving your home? Use this coupon code for a free mystery snack with any order from Fantuan Delivery. Delight in unexpected flavors as you unravel the secrets hidden within each bite.