NameFast Math Puzzles & Riddles
ReleaseSmart Fox: learning quiz games

Free logic puzzle for all users. An entertaining project Fast Math Puzzles & Riddles, in which you will solve a variety of mathematical problems.

Train your brain, and develop your abilities to be the winner in this smart puzzle game. The most interesting tasks are completely related to mathematics. Solve more problems, get incredible pleasure from it, and become a professional in this difficult business. Completely free puzzle game for everyone who loves to play mind games, solve complex problems and do the math. Here you will find problems for adults and children, you can test your math skills and move much further in this topic. Gather your thoughts, and discover new and quite powerful possibilities in yourself.

Fast Math Puzzles & Riddles MOD

When you expect puzzles to be strictly math, they can be... "Rotate the field to see the sequence logic", for example. Unfortunately it's not math at all. Also, you can just brut force the solution. Last but not least, once you see the solution, it may be even without any explanation, or, which is even worse, with an explanation that would explain pretty much nothing.. Nice game,I enjoy playing it every evening just to have fun.I also play many of the other application from the same creator and I enjoy all :-). aku suka karena mengasah otak banget tapi kalo boleh kasih saran tolong dong di kasih tau caranya secara detail supaya paham gitu. Meh. Math puzzles should be fun and interesting but these are frustrating and annoying. Some don't even make mathematical sense, or the provided answer needs a more detailed explanation. I didn't bother finishing.. Challenging and educational math game. Simple and good UI. Very fast. Questions are unique and interesting. I am salving o or two math riddles every day.

Fast Math Puzzles & Riddles APK

Very good math game. It has interesting logic tasks and math problems. I like to challenge myself and train my brain, so I really enjoy it. Great job, developers!. Math riddles are all very different and interesting, no boring tasks. Great job, will be waiting for some more problems to solve . Super cool math puzzle game. Interesting math problems and tasks, very intuitive. Please add some more levels This is a great brain teaser, highly recommend it!. Quite good. Helps me to learn how to be more attentive, how to notice patterns and to think more deeply with using analogical way of thinking. I am glad to spend som time every day with this app, to train my brain. I like combination of logic, geometry, arephmetics and algebra in this game. Dark theme of UI makes it very relaxing for my eyes. Visualisation of math questions is very good. Questions are very thoughtful and very different. It makes this math game very interesting.

Fast Math Puzzles & Riddles APK

I like these math puzzles. Especially the part that most difficult math questions have good visual explanation of a correct answer. I other math quiz games, they sow only correct answer, but do not describe the logic of the puzzle. But here it is very good . Very interesting math game. Really challenging mathematical tasks in wide range of topics: geometry, algebra, math and general logic. This app improves my attention and concentration. Most of the math tasks need seriouse thinking..

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