Fimo APK Mod 3.11.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Last update October 27, 2023

ReleaseFIMO Studio

With this app, you’ll get pleasure from plenty of presets made to appear like outdated cameras. Right here, you’ll be able to take photos utilizing different presets generated by the app, akin to LM Coloration 100, Pan 100, Enterprise 400, Yummy 100, Joey 100T, EK80, Aesthetic 400, and extra. However, due to smartphone capabilities, now you can take your image abilities to the following degree. FIMO provides the most effective outdated digital camera app you should utilize now.

Fimo MOD

Just downloaded it and all I am faced with is a Warm Prompt page and can go no further. The app does not work? I have un installed and reinstalled several times with no luck. Why?. I don't know why imported pictures from the gallery to this app always crash, especially landscape pictures. Sometimes portrait pictures also crash. Please check the functionality of this app.. Gave 5 stars in 2020 i lost all my film bundles you have new inpurchase for subscription what about thise who trusted u for a lifetime film purchase. I cannot even login to gmail. Its bad now .. The UI is an eldritch abomination. This thing is a design and user nightmare, a gargantuan disaster of biblical proportions. Honestly the worst user interface I have ever come across on any app or game, maybe ever.. This used to be a really good app for using emulation filters, but I honestly don't know if the price of the pro is worth it considering some of the rolls take too long to download or don't work properly if you're not online, plus it doesn't let you import images from your device to add them to your rolls anymore, I tried my best to see if the problem wasn't my files but it just keeps saying 'crop picture failed'. It's disappointing honestly..

Fimo APK

Horrible app . Used it for a year and liked it till a few days ago when I went down to London to take photos, it just loads and doesn't work, needs Internet to work. Prefer the older version than the new. I would have bought new films separately if there was no subscription and Internet requirement all the time.. Used to be good (2). I'm disappointed of it's update, if u capture or use any filter it will load and u need to wait for almost a minutes. Hope u fix this or redo it like how it's supposed to.. Used to be good, doesnt work just loads now after trying to take a pic, and you also have to be online now it seems. Love the app. But I hate the subscription model or buying lifetime to get all films. Please bring back option to buy individual film stock. Also, please make it an option to add or remove frames. It'd be great if we can get 3x3 grid on the frame as well. Thanks..

Fimo APK

Great app.. Wish you could change the theme or colour the cameras itself.. Will this happen? Any updates for shutter speed etc using films? PLEASE BRING BACK OPTION OF PAYING FOR SEPERATE FILM ROLLS... MANY FRIENDS OF MINE WERE TURNED OFF THE APP RIGHT AWAY SINCE YE CHANGED IT TO AN OVERALL PRICE..BAD MOVE!!. Please go back to Individual purchase i am willing to buy some of the films but I can't afford the full pack. It's such a good camera app, but please just eliminate the subsciption mode and let us buy whatever filters we want to use like before. App update...I have changed phone to Oppo brand and now I have bugs within the app. I can't restore any purchases I had previously made because the app crashes when I try to sign in to my account via Google. Best film app on the Play Store. Create or take photos which look like they have been taken on a film camera and up your photography game. Love the Porta 160 film the best. Great work guys..

Fimo APK

Update: this app has become too expensive. I'm sure it would be affordable for someone using this to cure their film photography addiction.. but as a phone app it should be cheaper. Old review: Great app, limited compared to IOS version. The screen is dark when I open the app ..I can't see the anything on camera to click the picture why is that. I wish we could as films to like a favorite section or some like that, that would be a nice addition that you could favorite your most used films. It would've been nice if we could buy the films we wanted like before. Now, if you like the latest set of films you'll have to subscribe to a yearly fee.

Thank goodness their Pro subscription has a three-day trial! Even if you're a "pro", you can only use each film a limited number of times before they tell you you need to join the VIP club! Also, when I tried to process approximately 6 photos yesterday, I kept getting an error message. This morning there are 6 tourist photos from Egypt on my phone. Scary.. Why did you have to remove the option to purchase films individually? That is just sad. I loved this app... please allow us to purchase per film. Not paying over $40 a year for a phone app. I'd pay for individual film but never a subscription. Why are you trying to kill your own app lol. Edit - LOOK AT ALL THE NEW 1 STAR REVIEWS DEVS, WE'RE NOT HAPPY. I haven't used this app in almost a year because you pissed me off with this, looks like I'm not alone.. Films used to be purchased individually, now films are limited & there is a VERY EXPENSIVE subscription model in place: $30/year & $90 for the full version. That's insane. Otherwise, beautiful app. Impossible to use for an extended time with the limits in place, though. Disappointing..

I've been using this app for over a year now and I actually love it, but as the time passes by it gets more expensive that I could even afford it now. I hope that you bring back some of those free filter again.. HEY!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO I BOUGHT PORTA FILM I BUY IT ALREADY WHY IT'S ON PRO VERSION NOW?? REFUND MY MONEY. Impressive. But i have a trouble with a strange sound. It is not a shutter or film rolling sound. The sound is present when sound of app and all the notificasions of the phone are off. The phone i use is Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 S. Waiting for help... Then my stars will be xxxxx. Long time user here. It was so much better when we can purchase films individually. Now, though it still has many beautiful films, going pro is too expensive..

Why all the cameras are not available and for free ? Although this app is good but for not all people .. No longer works. Open app and just app. No picture image, as of last update... Was a nice app. On android 11.. Easy to use much more lovable before the yearly subscription. Hope you take consideration to have two options for yearly or per film purchase. Please allow us to purchase each film again.. Y'all got greedy. Used to be the best camera filter app. How far will you let your rating drop before you resolve this? I'm not the only long-time user speaking out as we can clearly see..

Expensive, and I tried the yearly payment which gives me access to 3 days trial. After a couple of photos in one single day I cannot access to the pro films anymore. I have to cancel the subscription and subscribe again. Fix this error and allow us to purchase single films again.. It's a fantastic photo app and I have loved using it, but the subscription model that came with this new update (which I downloaded with the intention of purchasing new film filters) is a huge disappointment. It's not worth it for me and I would rather use one photo app only so I am now considering letting go of Fimo. What a waste.. Price is too high, nearly 100 for one time purchase or around 35 for a year. App itself is fine, ui is interesting, works fine. Emulation of films is looking great and every film is unique. (Review from Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3). Use to be the best film app out there then yall got greedy and decided to make a subscription only app. Seriously? 3 free pictures then we have to go pro? This is ridiculous.

Such a goddamn headache. Cant you give some instructions as to remove the damn cover? To hell with you wannabe realism. Dear fimo more like expensive. But not more the money just low money actually that's similar RM8.49. It's low my money. But that's expensive again. I turned down now.. Couldn't even start taking pictures because I was constantly redirected to all kinds of unnecessary stuff like logging in ir purchasing pro version. Freaking annoying. It's rare for me to write a review but because your app is great, I want to say thanks and I'm sorry, it makes much more sense to learn to use lightroom and snapseed than pay for your subscription. I'm willing to pay for a permanent film like it used to be..

I just hate the latest version... everything is just free trial, unlike the last version where I can enjoy and use even short collections of films. Your year/lifetime subscription is the worst update you've made. I hope you'll bring back the individual purchasing of films and I won't hesitate to promote the app to some of my friends.. I don't like that I need to buy all the films for yearly purchase, when I only want to use 1 film. It was a promising camera app, I've been using Fimo for months now and I actually got it before the subscription based payment they have now, good thing I got some of the films I wanted before it was subscription locked, they do have the option now for a one time payment which is good and all but I wish they have a bit of discount to that option for those who bought multiple films before like I have (roughly $20).

I love this app when they were selling their camera filters per purchase. Then they changed it to yearly sub. Which disgust me :/ not ad rewarding as the old purchasing system.

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