NameFlying Dragon Games Simulator
Size76.77 Mb
ReleaseCreative Adventure Games

Crazy dragon fight. It’s time to participate in the exciting Dragon War Shooting Simulator. It will be an incredible flight on a dragon, crazy confrontations with enemies, and a great time.

You will have to burn down all enemy camps, take their treasures and move on. Enjoy amazing special effects, unique military strategies, and everything that will develop in real-time. A great game about war, flying dragons, where you can complete the most difficult tasks. Are you ready to fight a strong opponent, fly a fire-breathing dragon and earn tons of bonuses? You will be the guild commander, the dragon lord who will lead his army forward. It’s time to dominate the battlefield and attack enemies who will shoot you from cannons.

Flying Dragon Games Simulator MOD

The controls are so bad. And I got annoyed attempting to defeat enemies. And the mission are the same it got boring. It's ok. However the controls are very sensitive. The camera spins way too much when trying to move around. There's great graphics but it's the the same old mission over and over again. Got bored after the first three quests. The 5000 coin dragon doesn't even look the way it does on the main page, which is disapointing. Wish there was more to it then there is. Beware, though, as you reach higher levels your dragon is still getting attacked even when adds play - which I find annoying and unfair.. This is the best game ever had seen in my life and it's a realistic game.I like it. This game is perfect, no glitches, love the colors but I don't know how much levels . Any way it's still fun . Good app, just got bored of it after a while. It's just the same things over and over after a while.. Real dragon war . I like it..

Flying Dragon Games Simulator APK

A good game but two problems one the graphics are really not realistic its 3D but the graphics just aren't that realistic two the sounds don't really match and kind of sound like things that you break.

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