NameGame of Heroes: Three Kingdoms

In the Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms project, everything will be based on the Three Kingdoms era.

It perfectly combines history, maps, art, as well as other original elements. You can choose famous characters for yourself, and then start developing your kingdom. Each of the heroes has its skills, different types of struggle, and much more. Cards are used strategically, skillfully, and wisely to hit your opponent. 

The battle will originally take place, and the level of your heroes will constantly increase. The entire height of the rank will depend on the abilities of the player. Intense battles await you, where you can assemble a strong team and not fight alone. Recruit warlords, collect skins, raise a government and get a weekly bonus. Beautiful graphics will help you feel the reality of what is happening, which means it’s time to start and victory will be yours.

Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms MOD

Terrible experience. I can't log in as a guest or using my very valid Facebook. It constantly says there is an error. Fix this!. AI have incredible lucky cards in turn: dismantle, snatch, something for nothing, contentment; outside of turn AI have dodge, negation, atk to avoid your cards, make you gonna crazy and destroy your phone. AI can avoid all judgement cards but you can't. Good luck and stay your phone safe.. Since the latest update, the language in the game is so ****ed up. English and other languages appear without any order. The fonts are very small. Very straining to the eyes after long play. Lack of new content. The Face Book event prizes are not given out. Support is going downhill. Suck random rate. No balance compared to the boardgame version. Completely base on luck game even how much you paid..

Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms APK

Runs smoothly. I haven't had any major issues. Sometimes the english translation is a little confusing and the "continue" button freezes the game but it's rare when that button appears. I'm so happy this is available for us too.. The game that I have been waiting for in English! There are so many combinations and the game is highly replayable on so many levels. There are still occasionally glitches in the game and the most frustrating part is the occasional Internet lag that could ruin your game experience and win rate. Overall, the game is highly playable and addictive to a certain extent if you love mind games and the history of Three Kingdoms all in one.. After a tedious loading time,it hung me at the initial start & could not allow me to enter.What is the explanation of a supposing ly good game like this?. I envy other players in the community for showing off their good luck. I hope that wishing in the comments can also bring me good luck..

Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms APK

I started to play with my roommates two months before. I think it's very interesting. I took part in every activity because I think this game costs less than online games.. I like this game and decide to top up. But I'm stil not familiar with the game, I think I need to play more:). I used to play Android version, and I couldn't wait to download sanguosha after I changed my mobile phone to Apple..

Download ( V2.6.8 )

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