NameGame of Kings: The Blood Throne

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is an excellent 3D strategy game that you will have to play right now. Everything will happen in real-time, and you will fight terrible armies of dragons, monsters, and other creatures.

You must get to your main dream, build a vast empire and eventually become a real king. This game project is already played by a million players from all over the world. Try to collect numerous resources, build your empire, and fully train your army. Try to collect powerful defense, create an alliance, and destroy many monsters.

Create a powerful army, start your war and defeat all enemies. Soon you will sit on the iron throne to build your empire and rule a vast kingdom. You can play against other players, engage in epic confrontations and explore the massive map of the world.

Try to collect many resources, improve your construction and learn new technologies. A considerable number of soldiers, unique heroes, and other technologies. A free project that will help you break away and explore the new gaming world.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne MOD

It's annoying. And cause mental stress. You need to pay to remain in game. Ala in all game is to recreate or rejuvenate. But this game sucks your tome, energy and meanta peace No recommended. games full of whales wasn't sure if I would commit so left game on idle for fairly decent amount of time before actually playing had look how kingdom was doing didnt even spend 5mins before found 12b power person with 1b+ kills. no thanks, that's a diffent type of whale. Hate the new HD mode, updated my phone and now stuck with the new version. Had to quit cuz it annoyed me so much. First of all i really do like the game there is always quests and events a player can take part in also it is also very nice story to the game....i just want to mention one of the issues i have...the time it takes for building upgrades and reasurch time is very crazy i mean 92 days to get a lvl 21 stronghold is insane.... Notifications don't seem to work! The developers don't care and offer no assistance to clear up the problems. Just tell you it's an internet lag spike on your device..

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne APK

unlocking heroes is expensive and costs days of speed ups just starting out that you can't get I do like the capturing of heroes feature which gives you something to hunt and a reason to fight unlike a lot of games where it's realm wide naps . Just a knock of of other games. EXCEPT this game is way behind others like it. There is no visual effect telling you that your barracks are training or that the academy is learning. To hunt a monster you have to wait 30 minutes to learn hunting at academy and so on and so on. Not worth your time unless you wish to drop $100 just to play the game to level 5 or so faster than a week. SLOW GAME ALL AROUND. Better to play WAO or KOA or others that you can actual PLAY. this game reminds me of Game of War Fire Age, I do believe it's a pay to win, but so far it's still fun to go and attack someone or meet new people around the world, these games are not for everyone, but if you like strategic games, then I suggest you download this game and come show us what you can do, I promise it will be fun. This use to be a great game, people were coming in and it was way better than GOW could ever be. However just like Gow they have got greedy. The game now is on its way if you want a good game to get into this isnt the one......

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne APK

How can any mobile base strategy game promote with the graphic of a legendary game age of empires by microsoft. And this game is not even played in landscape mode.. The game is a good game I like it the best I have ever played but I don't understand the game it doesn't open anymore it just keep loading I have a good network connection I don't know why it just keeps loading that's why I will give 3 Star . Changed to 1 star because once again the developers have killed a game for everyone that doesn't spend thousands every week for their own personal greed. Do not play this game unless you are rich. You will never get anywhere without spending a fortune. Avoid any future games by these developers because it will be the same cash grab for them as the rest of their games. Game is older, too many levels not really allowing newer players a chance to excel. Needed a separation of older players and new ones to allow them to play and rise in level, not get knocked around by older players. Otherwise a good game to play, fun..

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne APK

The pics that are used to promote the game are not the same as in the game , and there is a limit on movement , expansion etc and are falsly interest for possible players to download .. I think the creater of this game is crazy this is not good at all my advice is for you not to download it. I think this Game is one of the best games going out there and you guys should get into it and play it.. Graphic is not good, looks like poor development, you can level up easy. I would stop playing because the Graphic is poor characters like monsters and even the hero capture symbol is blurry, they should really work on that because your eyes should like what it see first..

Just install n played few hrs n think this game is not my kind of game coz game kind of long time of waiting on building n seems like need pay to play kind of game n also the features of gameplay is something not fully well manage or set, it's made me bored fast too. Anyway it's need mybe do some fixings or update in future. For nw i quit only give 2 stars not worth to play for nw. Sry.. Avoid this game. If you don't log it frequently they delete your items that they charge you for. Run by Chinese with zero customer service just out for money. Translation is horrible, graphics are bad. Many better games for less money.. After the latest update I can no longer open the app, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still can't open the game. If I ever get back in I will already be zeroed.... What a waste . Extremely reliant on purchasing packs , actual game play is zero if you dont pay. you can either play/grind for 1-2 year to reach 1 billion power Or have 1 billion Power within a few hours if you paid. Heavily Reliant on payments which make it a nightmare to play..

Game play gotten worse. Game used to be fun. Look for something else. I've already told you in game. This is my warning to potential new players. Don't waste your time and money, find something else. The less money they get maybe they'll start listening.. Game issues include: Map bugs after monster missions, unrestricted teleportation, heavy reliance on in-game purchases for progression, minimal terrain and building diversity, unclear clan search, imbalanced attacks between players, repetitive paid offers, display issues in the dashboard, no landscape mode, looping music, unclear gold coin labels, lack of alliance options, poor gem combination interface. I can make a list of bugs. Don't waste your time. From a person who paid a lot.. Since game update I can no longer get online. Game stops at 96.06 % loaded. 3 hours I've deleted app reinstalled still the same.. Sorry can't give higher then 2 stars. The is the same game as rise of empires. Just different graphics. So many of these games out now. Slow, boring, have to stick to the script. No free roam, no build your own walls, must follow the script already written for you. (BORING) Waste of time and money. This is nothing like AOE 1,2 or 3. Game is not for me!.

Hey. I play several games but this one I like more I have several accounts and going very well but I have also a problem The problem is that I can't open my game, when ever I click on the game to open it and come online to game Immediately reply "Game of king's keep Stopping" So please solve my problem that I open my game. Fake game, showing different images and actual game is too different. Total waste of time... Reply after game owner reply: It's not about showed something different and delivered totally different game and graphics. Fraud. I can't log into my game and I have a lot of troops about to get killed because of it. Takes hell lot of time to Arrange things building with power, than some big bull attacks you and all gone in seconds. If you are ready to pay than perfect come here..

Can the research manuscript be increased by alot in both packs and event reward? Also resources have to be increased by ALOT and by alot I mean alot alot. Worst experience ever they've lied to get you to download the game give you a code that says ur not eligible for the billions in gold it's down right false advertising. new hd version just terrible. a lot of people quitting because of this new version update. it'd be nice you keep the option of old version for the old warriors who's been with this game since years. thanks. too much boring it seems fun in first few weeks but later it becomes sooooooo boring that i only login just fir event not for the gameplay and i left the game after getting bored toooo much no fun.

I started 1 hour ago and im already tired with this ,and I play 16 other mmo's, this is awkward as it's not accepting my email and no Google /fb binding point the factis my friends won't want this for gold,payin out as far as setting up a mine etc need I go on F2P player so this aint working out bruv. deleting this, frostfall koa etc are good this is just a major disappointment for the setting up.time& the inconvenience of no google or fb auto binding , a proper no ,1 more chance!. I am enjoying GOK sooo much more! More relaxing and no fear of constant attacks for no reason! Love it NEWS!!! NEW HD VERSION N COLOR SCHEME SUX!. This game is only design for people who pay. I played several strategy games for years. I never saw such behavior. They make sure that you do not get anything. Also the facilities inside the game is sheaty. The game update always has glitches, they tell u they will compensate you, but never do!!!!. Gok has very limited opportunities for fights if you dont spend 10,000 in the first couple of months. You will be massively dissappinted, dont waste your tine..

Game called for registration of players. But registration fails over and over. They won't get more of my hard earned money from me. I urge all people to avoid this fraudulent app.. So the game started off great I spent 30 and got a load of speedups and resources little did I know I would soon need manuscripts which could only be obtained by cash there were no events giving these out so I'm sitting here with hundreds of millions of resources and thousands of speedup I can't use until I spend more cash I have now refunded. Ok now dosent stall but this game is incredibly white No characters of color. I also could not find away to turn that annoying music down deleted..

Download ( V2.0.043 )

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