NameGo To Car Driving 3
ReleaseCar Simulator Games

Drive in the most modern cars. In the entertaining racing, project Go To Car Driving 3 you will be able to drive through various locations of the big city.

The police have appeared at your house, so all you have to do is jump into your car, and then try to escape from persecution. It won’t be as easy as it might seem at first, but you’ll try. Drive around a huge city, explore all its spaces, and go to nightclubs, bars, and shops. Find yourself a cool car that will be parked somewhere nearby, and then steal it. Press with all your might on the gas pedal, accelerate your car to a crazy speed and get away from police pursuit. Test your abilities in practice, expand them and get to the plane to hijack it. Unlock interesting locations, and enjoy great physics and other features of the game.

Go To Car Driving 3 MOD

This game is nice but you want play but you can't play games have only AD don't play game is good game maker is pagel why so many AD. Good game but the person are spol and poor animation and it ask net to play the game I hate the game don't download it. This game is very bad . I leave her house I can not leave her house .I tiye 15 times I can not be leave her house . This game is fan I like playing because it is like gta the only thing I hate is ads but the vehicles are fine and the city is big enough to drive fast on oohhhhhhhhhh I loooooooooooove this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame and also merry Christmas and a happy new year also still waiting for an update. Very very bad game dont play its graphics are so old and so slow game i play it but its graphics are amazing but too old please don't play this game..

Go To Car Driving 3 APK

Good game with decent graphics but there's too many ads other than that I like this game because it has a big town a long red bridge and lots of cars without drivers and a train to ride on this game is Outstanding. One of my time leasuring game, that have a real night mode, but need many cars trucks to drive. Do add racing in the town , in the desert region add urban town where we can farm, buy a house, and live there and also visit , add market to buy cars and eat food and add more wears.. The game controlls is good perfect open world games for mobile these game have aeroplane,helicopter and train,railway station in the game I play like gta 5 super please play this game. Thanks bro for create this game.. This game is dumb is AD every 10 seconds is it necessary to show an ad put every game on here.

Go To Car Driving 3 APK

Trash game every 10 seconds a ad pops up and when you just doing basic thing taking a bath when you go in the tub and when you exit the tub a ad pops fix it and I might give it a better rating. This game is very very bad ...its control is so hard and many add come one by one so bad game.... There's an ad after every single button you click. I had It for less than a min, and then I Uninstaled it because I had 5 ads there, just annoying.. Game acha h lekin graphics bakwas h game me or bhi achi chize add ho sakti h. For ex. Car, bike, horn, map, achi graphics or bhi bahut kuch.

Go To Car Driving 3 APK

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