NameGood Pizza Great Pizza

Do you want to open the most relaxed pizzeria in the area? Good Pizza Great Pizza, you have such a unique opportunity from this moment. You have to prove that you can do anything. Take the most unthinkable orders, complete them, and earn positive customer feedback. You will have to make a lot of money so that your business continues to work, profit, and develop.

Gradually improve your store, stock up on products, and bypass all your competitors. More than 50 unique buyers will come to you, who must be left satisfied. Make the most delicious pizza toppings, onions, sausages, and more. You will have the most excellent equipment, become the best master of your craft and complete many orders. The gameplay is quite seriously addictive and will not be able to let you go for a long time.

Everything here is professionally designed; develop your pizza recipes. Will you be able to realize your dream, take your enterprise to the skies, and become rich? It’s time to make pizza right now, make your customers happy,, and get ready for an upgrade.

Good Pizza Great Pizza MOD

It's amazing, you can tell how much effort they put into the game as to the updates. It really is good pizza and great pizza.. It's a great game you make a pizza it's simple and I'm hoping the developer makes more new chapters and event or something to add the game to make it more fun to play it. And plus really like the most is how it drawn or the graphics in the game hope it not be changed. Still playing the game from 2020:). It's really a great game and it's so nice you can play it everywhere and have fun so what are you waiting for download it you won't regret it I really love the game that how it created so a five stars for me. The game is absolutely adorable, the customers are so cute, and I also like how it isn't repetitive, but rather, every day has a story of its own, and every character has one too! Overall I like the graphics, and the game on its own. Excellent game, and keep up the great work! :D. i don't often write reviews but i really love this game !! it's really fun and enjoyable yet a bit challenging ! i used to play this back in 2018 and i just installed this back a couple of weeks ago. i quickly fell back in love with this game <33 would totally recommend .

Good Pizza Great Pizza APK

This is a MASTERPIECE! The animation needs a chefs kiss! Oh the storyline is beautiful and very creative, aswell as the TOPPINGS They come in different colours, shapes, sizes..Even some we didn't know we put in pizza like Eggplants, Tomato, Corn..and stuff! I've been playing this for more than 1 year, still love it! This game deserves infinite stars! Love it so much as it's very different than any other food games! Definitely should try this awesome game out, guys! You'll love it!. I love this game a lot the story line animation every thing is very good but I have one concern pls but an option to creat account as I am on day 105 and don't want to lose my progress. really cool game and it inspires me to be a chef when i grow up and not to spend much money. Really good game in general only thing though some of the language use when the order is being made, I can't understand it. Even when you press 'what?' Sometimes they will say the same thing. Otherwise a fun game to play with a very small amount of ads.

Good Pizza Great Pizza APK

Great Game,I love it but there is just one thing.I hope you can add some time for me to make a pizza because I'm not a fast maker.The customer was always mad.ThankYou. i love this game but i hate the oven it so fast to be normal speed when i boost it haha i hope you can change that.... GREAT gameplay, interesting characters and storylines, progresses at a good pace. I love this game and have thoroughly enjoyed it for a long time!. Everything is good just the happy meter is stressful, i wanna do quitely perfect pizza but it kepp going down. Can we slow the happy percentage? I don't wanna be stressed to finish a pizza, nd very less time to delivery pizza making.

Good Pizza Great Pizza APK

This game was very fun! Though some of it was a bit glitchy, it's wasn't bad. I got to chapter 3 and I accidentally uninstalled the game, apart from that, this is a great game.. This game is really fun because it is like you actually own a business, because you make money and lose money when a customer gets mad, and a customer acually talks, (compared to other pizza games where the customer does not talk) and it is very fun!. It's fun and I'm always excited for new stories and events. I'm excited for another event, can't wait! keep up the good work TapBlaze. after chapter one customers start getting harsh and complain about the pizza so much even tho there is nothing wrong with the pizza your pizza is perfect but they still complain about it for no reason and take the money back this game is waste of time and energy I hate this game at start u love this game but after chapter one they just complain about the pizza they ask for so many ingredients and then say toppings are poorly distributed blah blah definitely not recommended I hate this game.

I love the game and it would be the best if there's a lot of challenges like a duel from another store and If its OK I hope its offline. I love the game, the story and many more, but after the bonfyre fest, there's not much story anymore, looking forward for new story! . This is one of the best games I've ever played. Very addictive and fun. I would give it five stars. the art style is so cute, all the characters are so fun to talk with, and the atmosphere outside the shop is so cute because sometimes it's raining! i also love that you can decorate your shop, most of the items are cheap and you can get money fast and easily!.

It is very good .BUT it pisses me that I can't get into the kitchen without a customer because I don't have time to make the orders. It's good and all but when I watch certain ads such as Gossip Harbor, it lags and doesn't let me back to the game so i have to restart the day. I hope you could fix it.. Fun struggling when they start getting mad but makes it challenging more so it's understandable if you get it and someone tell some encouragement then it's good. This game is a very fun game, specifically offline. Its a cute game with good designs, its a game which i personally use when im bored. The game although needs some improvement, as in the middle to later stages which im currently at, the Orders are a little complicated, and most of the time im pressing what? Since the orders are so confusing, specifically with having more that like 20-25+ ingredients! Very good game but i think that you should focus more on quality rather than speed..

Very nice. Customers are so funny, storyline is nice, and I wish I CAN EAT THE PIZZAS I MAKE! Rudd pizza, reat pizza! Wait! One more thing, the dog is really funny. I like how on PNN sometimes it comes like, "Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff..." Then it would say, "Rudd pizza, reat pizza!" Also like the feature that when the dog is on the news, you can click a button and then the news would be translated from dog language to English. "Now I know what it means!" -Me. I've only been playing this game for a couple of days but it's so fun & I love the aesthetics & storyline! Sometimes the orders are like riddles which I struggle with a bit but I just consider that a challenge in this game.. I love this game soooo much this is my most favourite game... I never get bore while playing this game. Best game ever. GOOD PIZZA GREAT PIZZA...... When they say half of those things I follow them and when I give it to them they are angry cause is not lot of things I hate this app .

I love this game so much very cute and fun to play. With the people taking about the ads they are very manageable and optional if you want them or not. The only problem is I can get to the settings to get on/ create a tapblaze account I don't if this happened to anyone else but it's definitely an issue for me.. THIS IS SUPER COOL AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME BUT I DID MY BEST TO DOWLOAD THIS APP:( PERO BAWAL AKO MAG LARO NETO!!!!. ITS MY TOP 1 FAVORITE GAMES!!! 1.Good pizza great pizza I played this every day and my mom even says why i keep playing this ang she actually liked it and there's a way to get a diomonds just watch 1 adds and it's actually use full and that diamonds you get you can actually exchange it with money like 1 gems you get 5 and sometimes 5 gems 50 So you should Play this game now and there's a lot of chapters it never ends so it never gets boring this is also A relaxing game I recommend you to dl ths. Such a great app, have a lot of fun playing the game especially the story line in each chapter. Hopefully there will be a next Chapter so it would be more interesting to play..

I personally LOVE this game, but sadly i missed the bonfyre event because im busy with school, now i can't plant any avocado and I've used up all my stock Looking up to the update that'll allow me to plant the avocados again tho! :D. This game is awesome I like how you cook pizzas only one adonce a day and I love that I love pizza . Love this game so much! Ive been trying to find games like these for about a week now.I reccomend playing this game.. sigh dug knish hhd ccu dike keir irk IFI orlick wish dirk fifi fur fifth Rich RJR fido lehr four jdf icrm owl die keir 7rurjrnodi7fjrkrkrkkrhthrofkxgjgdyixyiztiditxgjsyixyixjyxkgxiyxtixytixiyxycitxtixtixtixyovj gjxgkxvhlzfjzhkvjlchkstjRuxkugizryZgj hkcuozjtTjxhocigzyr.

Super fun and addicting game. It's simple yet has a decent amount of challenge to it. Ads are pretty sparse and don't ruin my enjoyment of the game. The music and visuals are great. Definitely recommend playing!.

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