NameGrand Truck Simulator 2
Size189.27 Mb
ReleasePulsar GameSoft

Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a continuation of the famous car simulator in which, once again, you have to get behind the wheel of a truck and feel like a real trucker. The developers considered all the previous mistakes, fixed bugs and errors, added a lot of new content, and reworked some old ones.

In particular, the physical model has been completely redesigned. The developers have made a bias toward realism. Work was carried out on wear, damage, and other characteristics. From now on, you have to track tire pressure, the amount of lubricant, the amount of water in the engine, and much more. Also, the developers redesigned the map, added more tractors, and worked on the internal structure of cars. They have added new cargo, new features, and the new logic of NPC behavior on the roads.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 MOD

This is the realest android truck game so far in the play store.I dont think of another game as authentic as this.Perfect grafitti,visuals,real sound effect..its what happens in real life trucking.roads are really long which makes it really aweesome.Developers,please i would hope to have more features like, 1.slanted and very steep roads 2.Multiplayer,this could be the best game changer. 3.People walking,bicycles,wild animals crossing 4.Driver arms on steering and a turnboy. 5.Long muddy terrain. For me this truck simulation game is great and awesome,base on my experience on playing this game,Its like youre driving on a real cargo truck.,a bit more improvement like adding humans walking on the side Street along the city,,can developers add that on the game??, that's all,looking forward for the new updates in the near future.. Four stars because the game feels so realistic and no day passes without me playing this game.But they should reduce the time because it makes the game sometimes boring. The road should be longer, there should be a big speed breaker, a new map should be brought, a truck with new technology should be added, when will you give the new update? There is no problem in the game. Then add one last map that has a lot of mountains.. This game is so so so fun chillecks full for it can you please play it love it And share it and this game is want consentration and nobody else will discuss you or disturbins.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK

This is the best game I've ever played in my life....I just love this game for no reason....the graphics is good so lovely.....but I rate 4 cause of some small issues.....but the game is great I love it. Very bad game play it starts to freeze up u guys need to fix it don't say go here no fix it or take it down. Good game, wish the map and details were more like American truck stimulator example highways, American AI cars ,roads and environment(scenery).when it rains it doesn't stop, it's either you exit the app.AI cars are slow and don't observe When they don't have a right of can't observe blind spot through drivers window or take your head out(open window).need more garage spaces to own more trucks. bigger jobs of a city you are in, not wasting time going another city 4 job time endi. This Game is amazing view, grafix, drive system all is good ....I Really I like this game .......I play 4 years old.....

Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK

This is the most wonderful truck game I have ever played... Almost realistic, every dial on my truck is functional... whether pressure dial, current and voltage dials, etc. But I can't see all dials due to perspective limits... So please unleash those limit... And modify game AI if possible.... Love the gameplay but, why does it take be back to getting license after i close the game. When I already gather it and play a single delivery. Once done, quit. Then loop to tutorial license. As soon i left the depo the game automatically crashed wich is a disappointment. I was starting to like the game but sadly not.. One of the best truck sim game here the concept is good but still need a lot of improvement like it drains batteries , and how is the garage more far than where I'm actually supposed to take the trailer ,like just how can I drive 550km for the trailer and the drop it at 120km come on.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK

This game is reality. I like its graphic. You can drive in different countries e.g Brazil, USA, Argentina etc. This is the Best game I ever play. This is a very good game I recommend downloading it because their ad and pics are true so pls ignore all bad comments and download this game. It is really a lovely and interacting game, but think it need more stuffs like human by the streets, others using the zebra lines motor cycles. Also electric trucks and aslo hauling of different rigs, finally activities at the warehouses like forklift movements and many more. I love everything but qould you please add more radio stations it gets boring listening to the same songs over and over again.

This game its like a real I love this game im playing this game for 1 year this game fells like driving a real . This is my favorite game best ever .... This game is the greatest game ever it is like the real deal but it has a little problem and the space is so high. This game has potential, i think is the best truck game i have played, but there are a few things that have to be improved, like the maps to add more things because it becomes boring when you have time playing(months).. I was giving 5 after I put sum cash into it I figured u would have different trucks their different yrs but almost pretty much same style could put sum cop cars in it ill pull up to pump fuel an trailer unhooked so you gotta go out come bk in just to hook trailer bk up. Could make better maps an when I tried downloading skins it took me to another app an it was a bad virus killed 3 phones an almost my TV scammers of 3rd party apps beware ill blow ur brains all over get a job lazy worthless chump.

good game but I have found a bug. When u stop say at a light, gas station, repair shop or waiting for the AI to figure its self out. The trailer will make a sort of thud and when u pull forward the trailer is no longer connected. The only I've found to fix this is to go to main menu and then start the job at where u left off and the trailer is magically connected. Please fix this. Game is good but tired of driving around the same map and truck, graphic improvement would be very much appreciated as well. Overall Gameplay is good..But when we met with a little accident the radiator gets damaged and again it can't be repaired. He doesn't want to play when are taking long distance job de truck is not moving idont know what's is problem.

My experience with this game is bad, whenever I try to load the game it just shuts down...I think this has to be corrected for a much better experience.. I love this game. It's very fun. My only problem is that it severely overheats my phone and I have to put in the my refrigerator to cool it down quickly. It is a nice game there is many functions in the truck that feels you are driving a real life truck... I give it 4 stars because there are less vehicles and very less amount of light it was looking like as i am playing a horror game... So fix this problem....

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