NameGreedy Spiders 2
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The game is an addictive puzzle game. Greedy Spiders 2 here, you have tricky things, as many insects are trapped, and you need to get them out of there somehow.

They can end up in a web where very bloodthirsty spiders live. You need to take sharp scissors and cut off that terrible web. This should be done in those places where the spiders are well located. They should not get to their victim; you can do it well. Cute insects live in this fairy-tale world, but their quiet life at one moment comes to an end. Terrible spiders have invaded everything to devour all insects and take over the world.

They were able quickly to entangle the entire city with cobwebs, catch bugs and put things in order. Of course, they have their weakness and can only move along the web. You will have tospecific off at a certain time so that they cannot reach their victims. The game contains more than 170 levels, and it received excellent graphics. Everything will not be difficult at the very beginning, but the further you advance, the more difficult it will become to fight the spiders. Very entertaining gameplay that will appeal to all fans to have a great time.

Greedy Spiders 2 MOD

Though I can't play the game on this version of Android, this game can be enjoyed on certain kiosks at restaurants. It'll be something to look forward to when heading out. If an update for Android 10's becomes available, I'll happily download the game again.. After purchase, How do I continue from where I left off in the free level?? It's asking me to play from the beginning!! I don't want to spend so many days re playing the same thing . Please help!! Will rate it to 5 star after this issue is fixed.. There's no game here, just an intro . nothing can adjust your screen setting then a spider stares at you, that's it. Nice touch from the first version, graphics, sound, good job. Now back to greddy spiders 2, im just getting started. Good job!!!. Great game, fun trying to beat the spiders, use your brain as well. Just can't figure out the scoring. There are a few good games out there but this is my favourite..

Greedy Spiders 2 APK

Love this game! Puzzle aren't too easy, and there are hints for the one that are difficult. Bugs make cute/funny noises... Free version is great, but worth paying for also. :). I needed a game I could play when I need a break from candy crush! Thanks! Am only on level 7, but so far good!. I always get the message "incompatible update", like the game but rather like my money back if this isn't fixed soon. This game should get more recognition than it does.I think that it is challenging,and engaging.I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a easy premise,and a passion for solving puzzles..

Greedy Spiders 2 APK

Just downloaded both free and pd versions of greedy spiders two. Looks like a fun game. If it is anything like number one it should be fun. Those spiders who laugh when we cut the wrong part of the web, makes me look forward to freeing the bugs even more.. Well made! Looking forward to GRDYSPDRS 3. Would prepay my $.99 if u all had it set up that way. HINT HINT. ;-). I like it better than the first one the bugs are cuter and the freeze is awesome so far its my favorite game o and the ryno bugs are really cute o.o. Lol at the 'bug fix' ^ I loved the first game and this is even better. Very addictive, I had to be prized off the phone after four hours! More difficult with multiple spiders but new spider weapons, it certainly gets the brain working. Think I may have to throw a sickie tomorrow........

Greedy Spiders 2 APK

Really enjoyed the first version and like the new additions to this one so far. Keep up the good work! UPDATE: I like being able to earning point with each new achievements and being able to click on unlocked achievements to read how to earn those. However, having problems with game crashing my DROIDX. The screen goes black & I have to remove battery for phone to exit black screen & restart. But game is fairly new and I'm sure glitch will be fixed soon. Overall, I still love the game.. Greedy 2 started out fun until the midas spiders levels. Turned easy fun into much more difficult. To the point of not as enjoyable. Also have to pay for hints. Eventually you get stuck. Not that fun that way..

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