NameGuardians: Royal Journey
ReleaseHaypi Inc

An interesting tower defense game. Guardians: Royal Journey will help you experience something completely new and exciting. The game is quite old, but the developers have done everything possible to make it as convenient and exciting as possible. The most interesting thing is that you will have to somehow pass 1200 levels. The complexity will constantly increase, which means that everything will not be so simple.

Here you will find a variety of weapons, where there are rockets, toxic gas, the most powerful poisons, bombs, and much more. Over time, you will be able to open access to new weapons that you will definitely need. Choose one of the available modes, and there are quite a lot of them. Limited time, boss fights, ventures, and more. Enjoy sharp graphics, dynamic gameplay, and experience the Guardians: Royal Journey game project to the fullest.

Guardians: Royal Journey MOD

Was 5 stars! Can no longer login unfortunately. Absolutely awesome game with amazing play style but as I can't actually play anymore....had to lower the stars.. Fix thr game!! I've been playing (and sinking money into) this game for years and haven't been able in log in for over a year now. Customer service emails all bounce back!. I'm at level 800+ now, but it hasn't been loading up for the past few months.. I loved this game.. I guess onto a different developer similar game.. :((. Help!! Played for years and now i can't log in! Facebook says i can't join, but i don't want to lose all my progress.. Guys, I am trying to reach you regarding my account. I even sent email but nothing is happening. the game is very nice and competetive but I received this bug of not being able to login.

Guardians: Royal Journey APK

UPDATE....yet again another update, and yet again, I cannot log in. Been playing this game for almost 4 years, and in that time, I've been forced to start over twice. Every time they do a major update, I have to relog, I cannot remember my login so I have to restart, well, this was the final straw..i'm uninstalling, no other game forces me to relog, unless I myself have logged out, i'm done, overall it is a good game, so sad to have to quit after all the progress i've made.. Could be a great game BUT they require/ want you to spend real money to get any where you are lucky to get 2 gems a day which gets you no where, to get fruit for the bonus levels you need to spend gems which means spend real money again, need boosters yep need gems so more real money. Also start up can take 5 or 6 times as there is always some error. Shame as great game concept.. Same issue with losing all progress because suddenly i can't log in. When i try to email support i'm getting back errors like the adress doesn't exist. I've read this problem in many reviews, what can i say, you really don't care. I can see that by the prices of items in the game.. FIX THE GAME! Level 154 no longer possible to achieve gold star rating. Go on and try it yourselves, devs. I'm sure there are others. EDIT: Now I get an error whenever I try to log in with Facebook and can't even access my game!.

Guardians: Royal Journey APK

Hello,my name is Gabriel I upgraded few of my towers to level 20 tonight and few of them fully ascended and I didn't get any rewards In silver ,green diamonds or pink like for any upgrade ,and that is not fare because I pay some money to can buy books and silver to be able to upgrade ,please check what is the problem, I want my rewards back pls! . Tried to log in using FB credentials, multiple times unsuccessfully. I have nether the attention span or the patience to continue trying. If it ain't working right, I ain't keeping it.... It'd be a great game if I could get through one level without it glitching and kicking me out of the app. Update: 2021 now. No longer kicks me out but I have a really hard time getting past the start screen most of the time. Love this game, but recently whenever I go on I get a white screen and the levels won't load properly..

Guardians: Royal Journey APK

I can't open the star jar when it has 30 stars. I can't find it anywhere. It shows me that it is full when I finish aa level, but I can't open it. And it is so complicated after the update... Too many items and it is not clear why they are there.. I am facing so many problems in game after update. Please fix it. I see the login page. It loads till 60% but then back to login page.. Can't log in after the update. Keeps telling me update failed. Check my connection - I've tried both wireless and on data, and at different times (last night and right now). Update: I was able to connect now (the info from the developers did not help, I had to troubleshoot myself) but I find after the new updates the game crashes a lot and it says I'm disconnected from the internet, which doesn't make any sense since everything else on my device and other devices connected is working perfectly.. Sometimes, the screen turns black for many seconds and the game is still running. I lost many levels because of that. After the black screen, often the game starts to lag. I'm forced to restard it..

My internet connection is fast,I can surf the net or watch videos as fast as heck,but when I use it for this app;it just keeps on refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and my internet speed drops. Can't even get the sign in rewards and the daily tasks or any way to upgrade my towers. It's only on this app that this happens. How shameful.. I just love this game... Awesome game and easy to get hooked on and make me think of different ways to win each level and the videos help lol.... It's one of those garbage games where you run out of energy and won't let you play when you do. I just can't stand that game model. The game itself is middling. Uninstalled it and won't miss it!. Two different Android phones, before and after latest update. The game either reloads repeatedly or goes into strange oversized mode. Unplayable. Wish zero starts was option..

It was a fun game but sadly as you progress they make it way too hard to pass a level without paying to do so. This was my favorite game but i no longer want to play it due to it being so unbalanced. The gameplay is fine. Quite addictive and a good timesink. The graphics are crisp and smooth, colorful creatures, solid interactions between weapons/monsters. I do have an issue with logging in/collecting my daily bonus. Pressing the start button seems to lag before logging in, and sometimes I get an endless loop where I don't even press anything and the daily bonus screen appears, then it goes to the loading screen, then back to the daily bonus. Turning internet off fixes it. - Rooted android.. 2nd Update- thanks for the message, devs, I'll wait for the update! Great game! ------ Update: tried reinstalling game from scratch, 2nd time today. Still says it detects an update. I'm running Android v9 on a Pixel 3 XL. I just played it late last night before i went to bed. Please fix this, it's my favorite game.. It's a fun game. But problem is each time i played until about level 500, it hanged, would not open anymore, and the credit i bought all lost.

im having trouble downloading the update, i try to play the game and it says i have to download the update so it sends me to the play store and there is no update for me to click on, it only says uninstall or open no update. what should i do?. it's a fun game, but i keep having problems with the app. It logs me out and I have to reinstall the game to log back in. Now it's saying there are updates, but I've reinstalled the app several times and it's still telling me that.. can't log in, played this game a long time, spoke to admin, they didn't resolve my issue and just forgot about me.. Just downloaded it from months back when i deleted the game because level 200 is too hard. Downloaded it today and same thing. Too damn hard ! Looked on tips and i didnt kniw about "2nd loop" the only thing i understand i " only use dumbells". Did that and it didnt worked. I looked on google to slove level 200 and what i see is different. Like other game that have "guardians" on it and I saw ones i dont need at all. P.S i need devoloper's response and I need hints also. I need hints please..

the game keeps messing up:( I lost interest because I had to install and unistall 10 times to reset the glitch:(. really fun, but im having to regularly uninstall and reinstall as the intro screen and daily gifts get stuck in a loop of loading and reloading themselves.. I was on Level 800+ and its lost all my levels. I've emailed twice with no answer. I've spent a lot of money on this game so it's very annoying. Fun game that will suck your time away for hours. The only downside is some of the levels especially the extra ones are almost impossible to beat without buying diamonds to use upgrades other wise I would give it 5 stars..

WAS a great game. major issues game spazzes and refuses to load whenever the sign in page pops up, tried to uninstall and reinstall to see if that would fix it sadly forcing me to erase all my progress as I was a guest account. dont know what they messed up but it's no longer even a functioning all let alone a game.... ive been playing for a couple years and after this update the game wont load anymore guess you dont want my money anymore. i've got problem sign in the game. it just can't sign in, daily rewards keep pop up back and forth. please fix it asap. Thanks. I love this game but after last update it keeps falling, I have lost all my previous progress and started playing the game again from the start, today again the gaim has crashed and is falling to log into my account! It is increasingly frustrating!! Please fix bug!!.

Why won't you fix the online issues? Speak to us and tell us what's going on please! now just keeps loading and reloading!. please help . my username is EvilMorty i am level 600+ and have spent a good amount of money on gems and boosts . i have always logged in through Facebook and now my log in keeps failing and im back to level one. i cant lose all my progress iv invested too much . what can i do ???. list my profile and all of my progress after one of the last updates... and they still haven't made it playable offline!. I love the game. But the password never works and log in with Facebook and twitter never work, so when the game logs me out I have to start again. 3 times this has happened now..

I am having trouble logging in at the moment won't load my account and is making me start over. I absolutely love this game and have been playing for close to 2 years now. Please Please fix this game, it's my escape. I will be rating you guys a 1 until you fix the problem, been happening for 2 days now. After the problem is fixed, you'll absolutely get 5 stars, because this game is just so great! Also let's work on getting new levels out a little faster. Thanks for making a great game.. lost all progress 2nd time from LVL 300+ the update was meant to highlight certain items to eliminate but yet to see.. the new update 3-29-2019 logged me out and with I get back on it it load and starts to load again and again please fix it. The new update has broken the Facebook login, so now if I try to log in via FB, the app crashes every time. I have been playing this game for years and enjoyed it in spite of the various bugs over the numerous updates. Bit ut now as a result of this update, I am left with the choice to uninstall or start over from scratch. .

This is hands down the best TD game I have ever played. Very strategic, not simple in anyway... But in a good way.. makes you think. Download this game if you like TD games you won't regret it. I had to delete the game to reinstall due to slow connection. When I re-downloaded the game is was logged out and all my progress is gone! I have attempted to login and it says it is unable, I enjoyed playing but not enough to start over! I wish I could still play! . Played and loved this game over a month. But it suddenly won't let me connect online. Tried resigning back in too. Games is glitchy.. I absolutely love this game but there seems to be issues with losing data or the app just not working every time there's an update, I just updated and now the game won't even open for me, after months of playing and 300+ levels unlocked...

Occasional crashes on my pixel 2, mostly when opening the app or, weirdly, when triggering bombs. Solid free-to-play gameplay. LOTS of content. Update: now crashing so often that it's nearly unplayable.... Actually really disappointed, I love this game and play it all the time. This last update however for some reason wanted me to sign in so I clicked to sign in with Facebook. And now all the progress I did have is gone. Instead of my progress syncing with my fb account it reverted ne back to apparently the last time I played while being linked to my fb. Soooooo many levels I now need to re do and I'm so mad.. Okay, I'm gonna start by saying I actually do like this game. I like the controls, gameplay, graphics, etc. I HATE getting 30+ notifications several times a day, I hate that I can't rotate the screen, and lately the game has been crashing pretty much every time I play, making it impossible to finish a map. Please fix.. Very good tower defense, slightly unbalanced. My old tablet crashed and I can't retrieve my game. Can I restore my old progress? Will add another star then....

I really enjoy this game and am approaching level 200. For the past few days my game will not go online. I attributed this to my older model phone and counted the days for my s7 to come. Now I am trying to get my game on and it will not let me sign into my account! Please help me restore my progress I know this login info but the game will not connect to push it thru! What do I do?!?! Thanks in advance.. I love this game but being having trouble with it .it says its offline and it wont let me sign up for in my account .please fix it i love this game .i play it every single day. Love the game but fix this offline problem gonna delete if it doesn't get fixed. I have emailed y'all and left reviews. No response.. You could add the minigun tower it shoots bullets at monsters the bullets goes through monsters also the tower cost 400 add the boxer tower it cost 300 it punches monsters then explodes.also i can't play anymore it Ricking crashed me WHY ME _ _ _ illuminati.

Unable to take advantage of all the perks in game because I don't want to connect it to my social media. Otherwise, gameplay is fun.. I like it except I cannot take advantage of all the games aspects since I don't use facebook. Facebook usage in general is in a decline. Every user in here must have a google play account so why wouldn't you allow us to sign in or share with that? Without doing those things you don't get those purple gems which you need to upgrade towers. I got to about level six before figuring that out. Due to that I am also unable to save my game online. I'm going to uninstall this. If you ever change that then please let me know.. After the latest update my game wont open, tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy, please fix as i loved this game, worried i will have lost all my progress too after reading other reviews of update, such a shame. I play on a samsung galaxy tab 3 thanks. Absolutely love the game but I updated it and now I can't open the app. Was on over 500 levels. Very very upset about it.

The game got reseted yaaayy, so many wasted time upgrading towers... well i believe u got noob development team then... and about comment at game, it said i should login, well I DID via FB from the start... boy, seriously u got noob as dev team 4 sure.... This tower defense game is absolutely hands down the best one I have ever played. It's not like any other TD game out there. Play it.

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