NameGudetama Tap PUZZLE
CategoryNew Game
Size146 MB
ReleaseGood Luck 3 Inc.

Gudetama Tap PUZZLE is a game that features the popular character Gudetama. In the game, players are tasked with solving various puzzles by tapping on Gudetama and making it move in different directions. The goal is to clear the level by reaching a designated spot on the game board. The game offers different modes, including a story mode where players can unlock new levels and a time attack mode where they can test their skills against the clock. There are also various power-ups and obstacles that add to the challenge and strategy of the game. With cute graphics and addictive gameplay, Gudetama Tap PUZZLE provides entertainment and fun for fans of the lazy egg character.

Gudetama Tap PUZZLE MOD

love the game,would rate it higher but the ads are really Killin this game. and if this game was approved by Sanrio they have a lot of money to make this ad free.. There's a bug. It is stuck at 70% when I load it. :( I love this game so I hope you will fix this.. The in-game sprites are so low effort, the best you could do was just make the eggshells bright ugly colors when we have endless variants of gudetama? The match 3 part isn't even fun to play, I wanted the TAP part of last game but I have to play the terrible part for a few minutes of something enjoyable. I hate shakipiyo in general so it's grating that he's such a big part of the game. I'm so disappointed you got rid of turning the gudes you make, why wouldn't you just reuse the assets?. Loving the game ! It's too many too often! Please lower ad displays or remove all together - I'd pay a download fee to play this if it meant all ad removal. Friend support too would be amazing like the previous Gudetama Tap! had. . Game is fun, cute and relaxing. There needs to be an option to remove ads even if a small amount is needed to be paid though because the ads can be annoying, especially since this game requires data connection all the time.

Gudetama Tap PUZZLE APK

This game is so adorable. The art is lovely, and the voices are cute. Game play is easy to learn with good instructions. The ads are there but personally I'm not bothered by them. . Riddled with ads! I really wanted to like this game since I love Gudetama . But the ads are absolutely out of control. Pop up ads and forced ads are killing the game. I don't know how this game might improve later, but currently I dont like it. It takes so long to earn just a single recipe, and compared to the old version, even though this one has puzzles, it is less fun because you can never cook anything. And it lacks a lot of features that was there in the original gudetama tap. There's also lots of pop up ads. This game might be bearable for new players, but as a player of the original, I am very disappointed. Please bring the old version back. _. It malfunctioned after the 4th level.. I dont know I liked the other game better.. the puzzle is really unnecessary and It's SUPER slow.. bring gudetama tap back ;^;.

Gudetama Tap PUZZLE APK

very cool concept like the old game and very fun and addictive, love how you can play puzzles while waiting for the eggs to cook. though i wish there could be lesser ads everywhere on the screen. the ads could go, but I really enjoyed gudetama tap! when it was out, I hope they keep different themes for the seasons and it's nice to still "make" recipes. I'm not very far into the gameplay but it's not bad. the only thing I'm annoyed with is the ads lol. The gameplay isn't anything exciting or new but the ads really destroy the experience. There's a permanent banner at the bottom of the screen, a pop up every victory or defeat screen, a full screen ad every 2-3 levels, a full screen ad when you collect a reward every time you complete an achievement, a full screen ad every few times you cook, a full screen ad often when you use the gacha, and then they give you the chance to watch more if you aren't sick of all those ads you can't skip!.

Download ( V1.3.0 )

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