NameHack Master!!!
Size93.51 Mb
ReleaseTuran Sayar

An interesting casual simulator with original gameplay. Hackmaster!!! It is an authentic simulator with simple mechanics and a first-person view for mobile devices with Android.

In the game, you are allowed to get used to the role of a professional hacker, deftly handling a smartphone and PC. He uses his smartphone to hack various systems. Today you will help him in this matter. The gameplay takes place in a metropolis where life is in full swing. You can freely move around the city, create outrages, and handle tasks from different NPCs. For example, you can work for the local mafia. They will give you orders to hack some system, and you will fulfill them and receive game currency. Currency is needed to buy modifications. The virtual stick and buttons are responsible for control.

Hack Master!!! MOD

Gameplay seems acceptable, but you can't exit it. No access to notification bar or navigation buttons. Had to force-restart phone to exit.. Idk yet Ill leave a actually review in a bit I'ma try it out Ok I tried it has 15 levels then start to repeat really fun tho. The game sucks only has 3 levels that reapate them self over and over its a waste of time dont download it sucks the devs need to make a better game witch isnt gonna happen. Literally don't get to choose what you do and very boring and the "hacking laser" is very hard to control waste of time.

Download ( V0.6 )

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