Three-dimensional shooter with a view from the 3rd person. Hammer is a dynamic 3D shooter with a 3rd person view for Android mobile devices.

In this shooter, you will help the main character to clear the streets of the metropolis from a huge number of various enemies. In this case, your opponents are bandits who massively flooded the streets of the city. They terrorize the civilian population and this must be stopped as soon as possible. Hammer comes to the aid of local residents, he is a super agent, and he is also a fighter for justice.

He is fluent in various firearms. You need to help him destroy all the bandits. A little more than 30 exciting missions are waiting for you, during which you have to confront the army of criminals. You will have machine guns, rifles, and various equipment that will help in cleaning the streets from criminal elements.

Hammer MOD

It's a very good game also please add graphics and textures please make it good also add a free roam. Game is really good no problem but we cannot play this game with our friends please add multiplayer mode in next update . Wow. I thought it was like my friends, but it is superb. I just dont like some of it because it ends at level 30. But at my laptop it is unlimited but harder. Can you make it to unlimited level?. This game is very intresting.I buy a maichine gun and shotgun I like this game In my another game hammer 2 reloaded please do not get money. I want to install the game.

Download ( V1.1 )

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