NameHappy Vikings
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Play the role of a Viking and live this amazing life. Happy Vikings you have to make pretty glorious raids on the enemy, score your bins to the eyeballs and feel the life of a real Viking. Your giant brothers will try to devastate all the possessions around, you just need to find more space for your prey. Move your loot, become a real legend and try to glorify your Gods of Asgard. The game project is simply filled with action, various puzzles and unique blocks.

You have to make 80 unique raids and make sure that they end positively. The most incredible combos, unique special effects and many adventures. You will find a soundtrack, which is designed in the style of powerful Vikings. You simply have to board the Drakkar, make your first raid, and get a lot of valuable trophies. Try to combine these trophies into various chains, get a lot of points and rule the whole world.

Try to feel the full power of your heroes, lay down the ruins, and get the approval of the gods. You just need to prove that you received all your power for a reason and that you will use it correctly. Nothing is impossible here and everything will depend on you.

Happy Vikings MOD

Purchased and it does nothing but crash I'm outside the refund period as I left it to diwnliad over night. Just bought this game and was so excited to play it and it doesn't even open! Really? How can you sell something that doesn't work even?!. Crashes when I try to open on Nexus 5.. It gets me to the advertisements screen fine but when I click on "play" it exits. Disappointed.. Not able to play this game as it crashes every time you start the app so waisted my cash buying it, it just closes when it tries to open so not even paged a game, shame as it looks good in the demo video. Fun puzzle game with a different style. Gameplay is a bit outdated but manageable. Love the art and sound! I would love to see a new version....hint hint :-).

Happy Vikings APK

I LOVE this game & I'm 50. I just wish the controls were side by side without being skewed. The left/right movement is ok though. Thanks..

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