NameHeroes Wars

Heroes Wars is a fantastic side-scrolling idle strategy game designed for Android devices. In this strategy, you are offered to assemble a team of powerful heroes and set foot on the path of battles with different monsters and characters. All actions take place automatically. You must make a team of heroes who complement each other and successfully resist enemy units. Remember that each character in the game is a unique hero with their own characteristics and set of skills. The user can use the skills and abilities of the heroes during the battles. Battles take place in the 4v4 format. Each player sets up their fighters before the war and, when ready, starts the round. The game currency is awarded for the victory, and new characters may be caught. Equipment, cases with righteousness, and various valuable items are bought for game currency.

Heroes Wars MOD

Games about ready to end....TRUE STINKER HERE!. Can't play this game, due to utilize Change rate: i can play now. Im sorry for ma mistake....dis game go so well...tq aig...and i hope add evolve or combine for more interesting. Crashes galore! Edit: engine error!. Can't get into the game. Keeps kicking me out.. Love the original concept..

Heroes Wars APK

Solid game, lower rarity monsters/heroes aren't useless unlike other games. Many interesting skills to mix and match different team comps of different rarities. Wakaka already play for 10 minute and uninstalled already.. Too many stupid bug. Great depth, active developer, updates coming fast. Keep up the good work.. It's fine I already deleted it thanks for the offer though . Texts are not showing. Can't understand a thing as a result. Uninstalled..

Heroes Wars APK

This game is truely a masterpiece. One of those game where you need to use your brain to cleared every challenge in this game even you didn't use the highest tier hero. What even more compelling, their developer very responsive to the player. Thank you for this diamond . 5min waiting screen go's black then sends to home screen ! What'da heck ! game is broken..

Download ( V4.428 )

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