Huey APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 1.0

Last update August 3, 2023


Take your character through exciting levels. In the entertaining project Huey you will have to overcome all the difficulties of the game. Your main task will be that you have to guide your hero Huey through numerous levels. He will visit unusual worlds, overcome many difficulties and be able to get to the main place.

Overcome difficult obstacles, and collect a variety of items that will definitely come in handy in the future. In addition, your character will jump onto platforms, defeat terrible monsters, and climb ladders, ropes, and other difficult places. Unlock new levels, collect entertaining bonuses, and move forward. Your hero can roll forward, break any obstacles, swim, and ride. All that’s left is to tune in to get to the release of this fun Huey game.

Huey MOD

Good pixel game for children, musics are good. Only annoying with this game is, you need to trace back all your pick-ups if you die.. I can't find the gold stone in level 6 and I can't beat the boss of the first world. Except for the the levels of world 1 are done and it's a great game.. Great! Its pretty fun, good and cute graphics, nice pixel art, good soundtrack, but gameplay and game menu needs improvements, and need some more work, also background have parallax and its good, this game has BIG potential, and i HOPE to see more adventures of Huey!. Great platform game just like they were on the SNES & sega megadrive days. This game is ugly.. its a darn rip off, i was at level 7 and its sooooooooo hard so so FREAKINLGY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOUR HP IS ONLY 3???? STUPID GAME IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I am dangerous man in the world.

Huey APK

This game is cute and nostalgic. I'm pretty sure people who are a little better at 2D platformers would get more out of this game than I had. This game has a little bit of Mario, Sonic, and Donkey Kong. What I love about it is the charm it has in comparison with the three games mentioned. Huey himself looks adorable for a reptile, complete with purple hair, blue scales, and a belly button even. Game needs controller support, though. 4 out of 5.. One of the best. I like this game very much and playing it and gave taken all 3 star in each level in world 1. But I can't grab H even after jumping 1000 times. How can i grab H and world 2 are full of errors or what. Please do let me know. And I really appreciate your effort for this game and think it's one of the best games for android.. Love this game !!! I've been playing the game on more than one devices, and after a while the app just stops and reboot..

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