NameHula Hoop Race
ReleaseOwn Lab Dev

Take on the toughest hula hoop challenges ever. An interesting and fairly high-quality show called Hula Hoop Race. Here you can test yourself in hula hoop exercises.

Are you ready to pass serious tests, earn bonus points and become the first? Get away from the most difficult obstacles, and get to the finish line, in order to eventually become one. At the end of each level, a crazy hula hoop party awaits you. The more of them there will be at a big party, the cooler it will become. If you lose all your hula hoops, then your main character will lose. Don’t worry, there are new heroes waiting for you at the local shop to try out as well. Enter the store, pick up any character and continue the adventure. Here you can definitely forget about other games, as this race will cause you only positive emotions and a lot of excitement.

Hula Hoop Race MOD

Some people can call this game fun, I am not one of them. Personally the game got boring very fast. But u should still try it!. This game does not have much to offer as the graphics are low and the levels somewhat repeats itself. This has the potential to bore you within the ten minutes of playing. You would be better off playing Tofu Girl or something as their ads weren't misleading.. I do not like this game it is to fast and speedy it is just to much speed this is why I put a thumbs down and why two stars.. It's the really best game ever... But can you plz put music / song in the game! It would be better!!! After all the game is very nice . I could not even get in thebit kicked me out i dont think it is the games fault but im really no happy about that.

Hula Hoop Race APK

I gave it a one-star because then the next time I was going on it kept on kicking me out and I would like you to fix that please. This is a fun game game and it has ok graphics. This game has potential. I hope it adds more characters and add microtransaction instead of subscription.. I love the app but I'm giving it 3 stars because first I love that there is no ads but getting characters is overpriced like 1500 to 3000 second the gifts do nothing and how do I unlock the shoes and more it's impossible hope u see this and improve ur game and we need more characters. So first of all it's an okay game also yall are complaining abt the ads JUST TURN OFF YOUR WIFI!! It works anyways it's okay but the reason I gave it 3 stars is bc it's not really a game that I would play personally I deleted it just now also it's the same every stage so yeah that's it goodbye and have a good day or night! Okay so I just looked at all the reviews ppl said that there wasn't alot of ads but still if you dont want any ads just turn off your wifi okay! Now fr this time bye!.

Hula Hoop Race APK

It is fun but there are levels where you can't get further because there is no hill or something to get across to the other side. Eh it's good ig until it got to a map where half of it is missing and I cant continue it anymore I dont recommend.

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