NameHunt and Hide
ReleaseYouth Games

Hunt and Hide is a unique multiplayer recreation of what you currently see. On this motion recreation, you’ll enjoy a one-on-four battle, where you can Huntery as a Hunter or a Runaway. Because of the Hunter, your job is to catch four fugitives throughout the match. When working away, you must get the vital thing and run away. These are real-time battles, andHunter’sdes have a unique position to play to win the sport. The Hunter’s mission is to shoot down the Runaways and locHunter in a room. The Runaways will then try to flee from the hunter after they use the critical thing to interrupt the security.

Hunt and Hide MOD

I played this before when it was on beta I think and it was working fine, now that it's back and I installed it but it wouldn't let me play, it's saying failed to fetch the version Error code 6. Please try again Please fix it I just want to play this game. When do you plan to bring this game back??? It'll be fine if it takes this long as long as the next release will be official, I've been playing this game since first test and I've grown tired reseting my progress every app release, also please add anti cheat it ruins the fun. I really love this game past 2022, and I played a lot than other games that I installed and... It's not available to play anymore, so sad and short time to play, thinking when this game ever available again... Please Don't give up and I'll wait until this BETA is done, and available! Thank you Hunt n Hide. . overall 3 stars the game really is not that fun too many chinese exploiters which why the game keeps shutting down:(. Really love the game so fun playing with friends also funny at same time no lag issues and even no bugs encountered yet but i will giving an suggestion there should be lockers to hide and add more modes and characters,cards(forgot the name XD),and hunters and you guys can also add some map skins and events anyways that's all love the game i am proud that i found this game.. Edit:too much hackers i cannot deal this pls add something security or third party because the game is flooded with hackers.

Hunt and Hide APK

Game is great. Easy to play. Though lately, I always played with cheaters, impossible speed, lots of items first second of the game, continuous firing lots of ammunitions, escaping without the keys and doors open. The game is not cheat proof. The report button/panel has errors, sometimes not working. Also I noticed there are only 1 server, but I guess that's just how it is right now. Great game, but not cheat proof. Please do something about it.. Plsss make a only chinese server cause they are cheating and so cheat cannot make other players delete this game for the hackers issue so make a only chinese server cause they ruining the game so plsss and i play a 5 game in hunter and it's so boring cause i die so fast cause of the hacker or the cheater so i hope you're listening to my or to our request and issue because so many players have delete this game cause of the hacking issue cause you never fix it. the game itself had so many potential but right now it is full of hackers like unlimited ammo and abnormal speed and also a knockdownd runaway that is walking and one more these hackers can also escape without even opening the scape door. So one star Bc... WHEN I STARTED PLAY IS NORMAL THEN AFTER LIKE 4 DAYS IS Now hack and so I Do one star please out the hackers.

Hunt and Hide APK

Im disappointed , still many chinese using mode cheats , i though this already improved..still the same .Do something Ban them.. observe your game always. This game is so good and you will never get bored,but this past few days i've encountered so many cheaters,i suggest is that you should add an account login system so that the progress will not get loss and to detect cheaters easily,2nd that you should put the downloads inside of the game so that the system can detect if the player downloaded an modded version.This game has a potential.. Andaming cheater, paki kick po sila, nasisira game niyo Translate: So many cheaters, Please kick them out or else it will destroy your game.. loved the game but after playing for couple of days there is a lot of cheaters showing uo using infinite ammo anf fast unlocking. Uninstslling the game now.

Hunt and Hide APK

KawaiiIt's nice to play, I like the graphics, I hope there's a map and there's a cute costume, I hope it's cheap,i give the 5star soon also after update... I loveee the themes of this game. Everything is so catchy! But one thing i would love to have in this game is more and more features such as the Clan and Season. The game is getting quite boring without them so please do update this game very soon. Also i have a very big problem with the Custom mode. It always didn't load properly as soon as the game started. It just never works. Hope you will give me a way to solve this problem or you guys will fix the problem as soon as possible.. I like the game and graphics character and othersbut is one problem I don't know how to buy diamonds that's the problem please fix it. I cleared the level 6 quest in newbie but i cant claimed the level 6 reward which is character selection reward please fix it.

i love this game and very good to get Diamond here and I hope this game is to be casses this game. This game is impressive I like to give it 10/10 it's my favorite rn but I have a problem why the rank league has only trial characters? And why the characters is so expensive. Im sad that i cant play it anymore since this long update but good game i use to play this before you guys work on the big update hope this will be fix and i can play again. Hey this game was so fun but plss add some more modes and add friend features i will still playing it!!cool game Update: Hello developer can you please bring back the game if you hate philippines just say it. I just wanted to say bring back this amazing game!.

A game with a lot of potential if made properly pls just release the game already it has been months of bs why play the game when the devs only gave you diamonds when its early access without account bind isn't that pretty useless? Sure its fun but the game has a sht ton of hackers or mod players pretty unfair to the hunter. Hope when the game opens again it will make a good comeback. You can put the bind accounts in the game when it truly opens because many would be freaking happy.. Thanks.. So the game is just a test wow. I'm shock seeing my fav game is now shutdown..please give the game back' I can't find a best game like this, please I'm begging you.. this game is now part of my life,. I miss this game so much i uninstall this because my storage is full but now its not full and i install this because i miss playing this but when i open it it says our test is end and my reaction is scared because i cant play it what happend? I want to play,. I love this games Superrer.... So fun I hope this game will be Available Again Asap We are a lot of player's waiting for the game reopen Good Game.

I love this game it is have agood graphics fun to play one of my stress reliever ill play it in beta testing its so good but i felt sad when the beta testing is ended but its okey ill install new one i hope it is not beta testing any more.... This game is fun to play even though it's only a test i hope that you fix the lagging issue from different country's and i hope that you release the game sooner because it is really enjoyable to play.. I like the game so much, especially the graphics and the gameplay. I hope that we can have another option to get up from being down aside from medkits and medbots. It's kinda annoying on how the hunters just either leave us on the ground or just drag us around while looking for the other runaways and we can't do anything but watch.. Bakit naman bawal nang laruin miss na miss na namin mag laro pls po ibalik nyona tong game nato maraming tao ang na mimiss ng mag lato..

I hate because of the test i can't log in now i don't know why i can't open so i rate 1 star. Honestly, I love this game but do something about hackers, make a ban feature and the test took so long, when you would like to release it?. Ai is a Japanese and Chinese given name. ... In Japanese, it is almost always used as a feminine Japanese given name, written as in hiragana, in katakana, , or in kanji. It could mean love, affection (), or indigo (). Meaning: In Japanese love or indigo , in Chinese love, affection (. I really like your game but where is the full version and it is just test is there full version the game is fun.

Awesome and unique! Keep it up devs. I hope you'll add more cool stuffs and modes like Zombie modes or Battle Royale. . It's all fun until cheaters came. Lol I will never going to install this again. I always report cheating player but they never take action. The game is good but yeah it is not fun when you play with cheaters. . At first i was like what is this i see the other hate commet and 7 just try it its been monthand u peole who just comment amd they not still playing it the people who made this try really hard so just shut up. I lost my progress, and now you always set the test server... When do we play the official game... Giving a compensation reward in a test game pretty lame....

Its 3 star cuz it has its pros and cons. All in all I like the mechanis of the game and the game itself as its somewhat unique but its take too much time waiting in lobby, cheaters and op items and one only map make the game boring and annoyed.. The game is fun and addictive and the game is also well ballanced. It is also fun how you interact with the other players in chat. Although the match up lobby could be much better, and you should be able to use your desired character of choice even though the host of the room/lobby selected "runaways" or hunters for the lobby. over all really fun and awesome game I love it!. I edited my review and it's now down to 2 stars instead of three cause I've been teaming up with cheater or against a cheater and it makes me annoyed, example of this cheats are unlimited life, ammo and even coins I guess cause they keeps throwing and throwing stuffs that needs coins to use.. Game is Good but sometimes, there is a problem on control, i dont know if that is what they call bugs. Also there are some cheaters on game. By the way, When will be the game back?.

I love the game and I love the cheaters, they help me rank up... And I'll wait for this game to come back again and become official. And thanks for the fun.. So good and exciting game but pls do something about the cheaters don't tolerate any bad bahavioral in the game. 4 stars because I really liked the game, but there's an awful lot of cheaters and I'm hoping that you will investigate those reported cheater and do not tolerate them...That's all its a fun game. It was an amazing game however, the game developers should really put anti-cheat because so many players cheat their way and it ruins the game..

This game is so cool, I like the characters, skills, abilities.... But there is one tip that I can't use because the character is not there, I'm talking about the character named LEO could you add this in the character in the list and there is so many hackers, oh I forgot who ever been playing this game use Nightmare Maker as a hunter she's so op with the patrol dogs and submachine gun that's it thanks for the diamonds -HUNT3Rx. I like the game but hackers make it boring. Fix this immediately if you don't want losing players. Also, fix your server, you should have multiples servers as your players are getting more and more each day.. This app won't last long i mean this game is hack don't get me wrong its still good and refreshing and im new to this game but its new and it has already mods player and wheres the fun in that. I think this game is great but i dont like players who use mods just to win and demoralized others fun for it. Hi I have a problem in this game there's so many Chinese is cheating and I want to fix that if there's new update,but it's fun.

Tell you what, i'm going to rate this game 5 solid star :> for one little condition,ok?, :< :< ._/. REMOVE THOSE CHEATERS!!!! I ENCOUNTER THEM A LOT!!.. Pls there is camper plus there is cheater and make the characters 5 hits pls camper means waiting for to rescue the teamate using bait my team mate to kill us add report pls.

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