NameHunter Master of Arrows
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
ReleaseWhaleApp LTD

Hunter: Master of Arrows is a brand new adventure toy in which you can test yourself as a professional shooter.

Ultimately, you will have to fully explore the unique magical universes, fight evil and defeat it in an unequal duel. Will you be able to gather courage and cope with the most insidious monsters? Grab your bow, arrows, and more to level up your skills, get unique equipment, and boost other stats. Do not forget to defend your own fortress, and become the coolest archer in the world and the bravest hero of this fantasy world.

Walk through this dangerous world in every sense, spend your memorable adventure and visit dungeons, ancient tombs, and mysterious forests. Wherever you go, you will still encounter hordes of the most terrifying monsters. The most sophisticated enemies await you, incredible danger from all sides, which means that you will have to choose a certain way of passing. Crazy arsenal of weapons, unique characteristics, and much more for your great pastime.

Hunter Master of Arrows MOD

It was fun to use this app when I was first on it now it wants me to pay for everything and I don't see it was worth of it to pay a lot of money.. I would rate the game with more stars, but I can't even play the second level as it crashes at the end. Also is this game compatible with android 12?. The frame is enjoyable but points are lost due to issues with the wheel of fortune. The frequency is fine and it being optional is perfect, but sometimes when you choose to watch the ad and then hit the 'x' to close it the game closes and you lose the reward. If you try to check out the ad the game closes and you lose the reward. So as enjoyable as it is, I'm removing it for that reason.. Shturc duty but gf fhfg for j iffy DF Mexico forums for a long time and consideration and do not have to do it gffggyy FFF hi gerjfhnjdf dfggggfgnjii studio DHL tracking. The game is not bad itself, it is fun to play and help you kills time, but please spend a little time to fix the bugs, like the one that prevent you to finish a level cuz the ability picker will bug itself. Even a restart wont help, the only way its to quit the level, and it is not funny to spend 250 gems on revives just to quit at the ability roulette... Its a shame i cant share images because i had a prof of the bug and maybe it could be helpful... Cheers, Matteo.

Hunter Master of Arrows APK

The game is good but You guys should have something to where you pay a small fee to have ads removed. It takes too much time to just play with them. Plus those wheels never land on anything useful.. I really liked this game. Despite all the Ads I enjoyed it and it took care of my down time. A casual game that I didnt have to take serious to enjoy. BUT!!! Once I reached lvl 10 of the first map I get a certain point on that lvl and the game just stops. I've tried restarting my phone force stopping it everything and it happens EVERY TIME! All other lvls run just fine. But I can't progress any further it seems. If it's not fixed soon I will delete the game.. Game is great when it runs. Crashes randomly and too many ads for rewards needed to upgrade gear. Will change star rating fix either of these are fixed.. I love the game, but it was unplayable since the app kept closing every time I tried to start a level.

Hunter Master of Arrows APK

Could be a whole lot better. Never enough gold. Or anything unless you grind. Too costly for purchases. Rubbish packages and offers. You will always be grinding. For ever. And it's way too fast at thee start start. It needs tweaking and it could be a new favourite, but not as it is now. I won't spend if not happy and ppl aren't dumb. They know you try and make it challenging so we spend.. Dumb way to run a game in 2021. Too costly to upgrade.. Good game good graphics the attacks are a little slow the major problem I have is that my game keeps on crashing I give it more stars but after like five ten minutes of plane my game will glitch and I won't be able to do anything else I give it more stars but that's all I can do for now. Cool new update, my entire inventory has been wiped, my character reset, and to top it off all my gold and items are gone, I spent over $50 on items and upgrades to lose it all, give me my stuff back!!! I have receipts!!!. Good fame. But keeps crashing on level 4,at the moment it asks u to choose a upgrade during the game The screen freezes.

Hunter Master of Arrows APK

Love this style of game visuals are good but the inventory menu constantly freezes to the point I have to hard reset my phone. I have waited for it to unfreeze, but never does. Mainly happens during weapon leveling or inventory tried different weapons and still freezes my entire phone.. I love the game has much free ads can upgrade stuff,but am stuck on chapter 1 stage 10 ,i keep crashing trow middle of the stage on same spot every time ,i reinstall open again still doesnt work ,can you help i dont know what to do!!!. It could have 5 stars but it logs me out for no reason. When yall fix this I'll come back and give it 5 because it is a good game.. So many ads. How can you justify all the available cash shop purchase options and also show 1 OR MORE ads every single level? Like seriously I play a 20 second level and then two separate 30sec ads... This isn't even pay to win, you're just gonna be watching ads half the time. Does that sound fun?.

Great graphics and game play. Only issue I've experienced so far is I seem to be losing connection to their server, or maybe its on my end, still checking. Great game anyways.... The tutorial lasts FOREVER!! You can't change equipment or do anything else without losing the levels you already completed. No pausing between levels. Constant interruptions. This game is no good and far from being playable.. It's a good game, but the frickin tutorial is so annoying because it forces you to to stuff, it should have an option to skip it. I'm up to Abandoned Castle level 10 and the red twirling guys are giving me a hard time. I aim but the archer doesn't shoot. The twirling red guys are close to me and the archer didn't take aim until they are super close. I think there is a problem..

Game froze and now I'm stuck on fusion the bows together. Will not let me get past that part even though I've done it. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still does the same thing.. Very fun and extremely addicting. The ads are basically optional but if you choose to watch them its actually helpful so you don't have to pay to win. Only reason that I didn't rate 5 stars is because you're usually so buffed up by the time you get to the boss fights they're over in literal seconds. Maybe give bosses an additional health bar per chapter you are on, plus varied attack patterns and attack combinations as the fight goes on. Other than that this game is awesome!. Uninstalled ,installed and uninstalled again only for the level 10 , stupid game Also stucks every time , and is very very slow when played I dont know how i cant give 0 stars. alright the hunter was good I had a fun time worth the time for a few min of time game in delano..

Game is great and too much adventure but when ever i go 10 level the game gone held.. can explain any one. I love the game and there technical support is fast at responding with very helpful results if the rating could give more stars they would get 10 out of 10. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a good day for a good time to do it again soon I hope my work schedule and I finish at my place and we can you please let her have it on my phone and I don't want you ma'am for a bit but not the same as they are the ones that I have a lot to talk you can come by and pick up the phone I have to go get a haircut and I have a lot of work to do but wait to get back to do it again soon I will your office at my place and we can go to a movie and I will get you a.. Nice arcade shooting game. That's my last post, but now after update, I got trouble to loading the game and got stuck. I've checked my wifi, everything is fine but still stucked on loading game. So I just uninstalled the game.

Your recent update will not allow me to enter a waste of time and money. Don't waste your time with stupid updates..

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