NameIdle Civilization: World History

The highest quality strategy. Idle Civilization: World History invites us to discover a completely new and unique world. Here we will have to develop our society, collect a strong army, defeat any enemy and expand the territory.

Discover new possibilities of human history, primitive communities, as well as interstellar flights. A lot will depend on your choice, so make it boldly and correctly. Try to quickly improve your strength, experience important historical events, participate in global wars and earn yourself more experience. You only need to take a step to take your young republic to the next level. Show incredible cruelty to your opponents, become a real predator and try to destroy the most powerful enemy. Develop your army, improve it and bring it to the highest level. Your future and that of your entire country will depend on this.

Idle Civilization: World History MOD

Neat idea. I like the watercolor asthetic. Fun game play. But it's kinda on rails and really smacks of propaganda, I just can't tell what for. Translations are rough but that is in a disclaimer when you open the app.. I got Communism ending, ratings: materialist perspective experience +1, good game +1, no other known perspective of an ideal - 1, good history +1, Your place in the story is confusing - 1 Tech tree Is good + 1 Not alot of ads non invasive and optional +1 Mini games + 1 Not relevant mini games + 1 Different endings and undiscovered secrets + 1 In conclusion: 4/5 will play again I am interested in your other perspectives if you have any. Thank you.. One suggestion can you make a feture when you tap on country's you can go to them make their argitegture different (ex: When you go to Egypt desert and pyramids and she you go to china add asian argitegture) that would make me rate it 5 stars. I cannot give more praise to this game! It has SOOOOO many branching paths! I just finished my first game and hope to start a new one!. Interesting game, not bad. Although having played quite a bit of times and always trying to get different options it will either end in nuclear war which you lose or communist utopia. Otherwise fun for a bit. Tried Kindur aswell, seems to also end in a communist utopia. Not bad but just not what I was looking for, maybe I didn't play it enough but didn't feel like it had too much replayabilty. (Visuals are neat and War is a fun mini game, hopefully it will have more endings and more options).

Idle Civilization: World History APK

I didn't realize that there was Soviet wanta-bes who would make a game so asinine and boring that even my addiction to idle games gives this a solid zero.. This game is pure communist propaganda. There is no way to achieve the capitalist world we are in today, any time you stray from the path of a classless society (which is a situation that would never happen) you get defeated. This deserves 0 stars.. This app is an amazing pass-time and is one of my fav games. You can play this for hours and it feels like 10 minutes. There are many interesting choices as you nation evolves through era's. The best part of the game for me is the war mechanics. The screen switch to something totally different and you can choos to upgrade different aspects of your military. Great work and keep it up!. Great work, comrade ! I love this game so much, it's the first truly marxist game i've ever played ! The implementation of historical materialism is perfect, class strugles are greatly represented. Actualy, i've learned many things from this game ! Love from the Commune's "country", France .

Idle Civilization: World History APK

I use to love it. When I finished I discovered that almost any single pathway led to communism. It was surely based on the Marxist conception of history. However, it is enjoyable game with many good aspects at from the very beginning. Decisions are satisfying (even if they backfire on you). I liked almost everything.. A really interesting game which I have come to really like good work and keep making more of this kind of awesome games. The northern neighbors keep conquering me when I try to do a democratic Greece type civilization. I beat the game, got the time machine, went back, and by the time the northern neighbors wanted to invade me I bought everything I needed for the military campaign, and while the game was paused, they conquered me. The northern neighbors appearing to be unstoppable, definitely takes away from the overall fun of the game.. koddo (sorry if I pronounce it wrong) this game is good but I have a question it is really forced to lose independence by polies in causal earth game can you draft your nebiers it if you how you gonna win? plese answer.

Idle Civilization: World History APK

I have a question. Why is it every time i have to use socialism its like giving the people the right to vote is not an option. This game is truly amazing and i cant wait to see the next features. Maybe a far future scenario in the future?. Damn bro you put a lot of effort in to this I didn't understand some of it but I figured it out was great. I genuinely love this idle game. A single run is just a few hours, but there is a lot of replay value. Plus there are other modes of gameplay to unlock, you don't even have to spend real money. Overall, I would recommend giving the game a try..

The fact that upgrades don't apply retroactively means you can easily screw yourself over having to play the super long waiting game getting upgrades. It feels more of a design flaw than a challenge in my opinion. Otherwise it certainly wows me with it's artistical vibes.. the only possible path to victory is communism, every time you try to break away it pulls you back, feels like this game is propaganda. While its a fun idler, I have to protest the rampant revisionism that popped up in the game, part of which is the revisionism regarding Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. The game pretends Communism is perfect while demonizing Capitalism when the defunct Laissez-Faire no regulation Capitalism is what its talking about but also just completely gets Socialism completely wrong as well. It would be fine if this was just fluff on events but it locks you out of the endgame if you dont go Communist.. Super fun game. Perfect for my fellow f2p players, no required purchases or anything. You can purchase hearts to support the creator of the game and use the hearts to get appearance things. Besides the main game, it also has a mode where you can act as a military commander..

The game is fun to play. But it's very obvious it's written from a Russia perspective, not to say that wasn't an interesting perspective.. It's a neat game and all but quite BS that the only way to complete the game is to accept socialism as it's repeatedly forced upon you. Any time you choose to turn back to capitalism you're railroaded by another socialist revolution in minutes.. The best! The branching storylines make it better, but there's really just 1 singular ending, The socialist one, can you please make more endings? Plus, we're still waiting for the 0.92 update to release, Thank you.. The game assumes that the player would have Socialism and Communism at the end of the game on both planets. It probably possible to save feudalism empire for Earth as your end game scenario. (All the other lower societies converge into feudalism) But it's impossible to keep capitalism without becoming a warmonger and nuclear war..

This game is great, but I can't find a way to make a capitalist nation in the future, in the end its always socialist and classless. The game is a very neat concept and I enjoyed it for the most part, but as a previous person stated, at the end of the game it more or less forces you to go socialist or else your stuck at ~40 concentration and can't advance without nuclear war (which instantly ends the game!) It's definetely biased but overall I enjoyed the game Would rate higher if it wasn't so forced at the end of the game, more freedom and choices besides socialism. fun little app until the endgame, where it becomes clearly obvious that this was developed as some sort of socialist coping mechanism.. Really nice game, I'd say my only issue is that on my second playthrough I wanted to come out of socialism with perestroika but I was immediately kicked back in 5 minutes later with no ability to stop it which was kind of disappointing especially considering the amount if options you have throughout the middle game, still had a great time but I'd highly recommend making it a bit easier to keep the capitalists in power for some end game variety.

Coming back to say the reviews of people angry at the fact the end result is always communism are so funny. We love to see an inevitable workers uprising. Great game.. Really enjoy it, its calm and peaceful and looks lovely its just I wish that there was like a hint button or something. Great game, very minimal ads and only if you choose to see them for a reward. I have replayed the game many times to get the achievements, to see what different story options do to the progression of the game and because it's fun! The only thing that could make it better would be a dark mode option . Can you also make another game similar to this and name it idle evolution which is similar to this except with evolution and the year on this game is 4billion years.

I find the game very enjoyable but there is a problem you keep pushing us to the socialist path can you at least pls do other paths that don't involve socialism. It seems like a good game at first, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly it's just communist propaganda. Any noncommunist paths either inevitably loop back into communism or cause an instant game over. Whoever designed the game clearly believes that mankind is inevitably destined to end up communist and allowed that to affect his creation, which resulted in a boring game with one route to follow with the illusion of choice.. The game ending is based on the erroneous assumption that a 'classless society' can exist and that socialism is the highest form of society. That history has proven the opposite doesn't apperantly bother the devs.. Good history game if you want only a socialist View this game is bias the only end option to when is to become socialist so if you don't mind dealing with the communism you can play the game for a good few hours but be warned there is no real choice you will become socialist or lose.

Dumb game all the gameplay is just waiting and pushing buttons that lead to the same thing and it biased i mean come on seriously communism all over again lol. Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous art. Cannot stress enough how good it looks. Decent gameplay. Game might benefit from explaining better what determines whether certain choices succeed or not, since getting put on a line you didn't want means you either have to progress to the time machine to try again, or just restart completely. Bathing in Koolaid levels of Marxist propaganda (specifically of the Tankie variety). Imagine unironically thinking the proletariat aren't inherently reactionary.. Good game but the creator pushes his socialist ideas way too much. The texts about history are while interesting still to be looked at critically. He for example writes that the Novemberrevolution didn't achieve its goals, which it did. What didn't achieve it's goals was the communist spatakusaufstanf a few months later. Interesting game but I wouldn't recommend playing it if you don't know the history and are able to view it critically.. Incredible game. Gameplay is amazing and smooth. My favorite thing about the game is that you have the choice to watch ads and the game doesn't bombard you with them, thank you, creator is such a chad.

This is a very interesting Idle! I felt tension at points and find the history to be quite good for reading!. It's a really good game, the use of right words has a potential but the main thing that i found as a problem everytime i watch a add it takes 0.1% of my production rate and also it takes my resources.. Amazing game. Best idle game I've ever played and I've been trying different idle games for at least 4 years. This game could be $1 - $3 and I'd still be happy with purchasing it. Plus the developer is awesome and super genuine. I hope this war and your government isn't too hard on you, friend.. Super cool game from a small dev, way more detail than I expected at first! You can tell there was a lot of thought and effort put into the game.

The game is really nice and I really enjoy it, but whatever choices I make it always ends in socialism and I have the feeling that Prestroika is pretty much useless because the soc party always gets 5/5 no matter what.. Fun, but when capitalists and communists fight you will always die when you pick nuclear war. And also you cant choose anything but nukes by then.. Amazing game, I only got through one game yet and I accidentally did a socialist despite meaning to go for capitalism (clicked a wrong button then just went for it) but it was super fun.. Absolutely beautiful. The watercolours are lovely and the descriptions are so poetic, even the ones that aren't poetry. There are obviously a couple of translation errors but overall its very very well done. I turned off idle mode and played through the whole thing myself, and it was just an excellent experience, truly the best in its genre..

I really appreciate this game and the work put into it. Usually the games I play just want money and say "Thank you for playing" so you don't think negatively of them.. A charmingly heart warming game with a lot of humour. You can tell the dev has put his soul into it. I enjoyed this game greatly, and I even donated. However, I find some things incredibly frustrating: the illusion of choice near the end of the game. I tried advancing past WW1 with the counter-revolution, and no matter what I try or change, I instantly lose and am railroaded into socialism. The game is clearly biased, and sees fit to railroad the player to socialism as the easiest option unless one does everything exactly right. The Warfare mode is also impossible beyond small state difficulty.. Didn't think I would have this much fun with an idle game. Remindes me of when idle games first started coming out. Definitely worth a try.

This game is great overall but is awfully grindy when you reach the industrial revolution tech.i recommend the game. Amazing! This is the first civilization game I found that's actually interesting and fun without being too repetitive and slow!. Communism has and will never work Replying to the creator edit: You say that yet Monarchism and Capitalistic government forms actually ended up working, Communism in it's theorised form hasn't, Communism is the political ideology that everyone is equal but it is highly corruptible, shown in The Soviet Union and China, so if you can give me proof of countries who were actually able to implement a system where everyone is equal then I'd really like to know. This game is flawless, i dont have anything bad to say about this game.. But, where's the new update bruh lol?.

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