Idle Kingdoms APK Mod 0.9.0 (Free Unlocked)

Last update September 26, 2023

NameIdle Kingdoms
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Idle Kingdoms is a game that allows players to build and manage their own kingdom. The goal is to expand your kingdom by constructing various buildings and recruiting citizens to perform tasks. Players can generate resources through production buildings and use them to train soldiers and conquer neighboring kingdoms. The game also introduces an idle mechanic, where players can gain resources and progress even when they are not actively playing. With a variety of upgrade options and strategic decisions to make, Idle Kingdoms offers an engaging gameplay experience for fans of kingdom-building and idle games.

Idle Kingdoms MOD

The level is still bugged been 2 full months I've seen it as an issue without clicking on more do better guys edit: sick thanks dudes. Ok..let me edit this. The game over all is very fun and the aspects of the game are great. There are a few cons tho. Data doesn't save if you uninstall. The grind for resources is a long one but if you like the characters in the game you will like playing. Not sure if the bugs that are known have been fixed as I have not made it that far again yet .will update later. Developers feel free to contact me and hear advice I have for the game.. Not bad until I couldn't advance anymore. It says I have to take 3 castles I already have. So I'm stuck. Until I can advance my ranking is 1 star. I updated the game after you said you fixed the bug and nothing has changed. I'm still stuck. Still 1 star.. Fun game great at allowing progress/growth. My problem is it won't allow me to complete a quest to finish a island. The quest is win a conquest battle. Fun game hopefully they will correct that bug. Love the game when I can actually play it. I've had to uninstall and redownload it because it won't load the game after a certain point anymore.. First i was stuck on the 3rd island with 0 hostile villagers after a update i was brought back to the 2nd island and now i have tiles but the game wants me too take over tiles. I literally can't progress on because i own the whole island.

Idle Kingdoms APK

There is a village with 0 power that puts a hard stop on the game every time. You have to kill the game to resume, but still unable to conquer the village to advance the game. Looking at reviews, this have been an issue for well over a month and not fixed yet.. Like the game, however, once I closed the game and reopened it, the knights would not move around the battlefield. Other than this, the game seems to be entertaining.. Would have been a good game, but the tutorial is so long it's annoying like it's saying here you're stupid, let me teach you for an hour how to play this game, so I removed it. Screw this game.. As stated in previous reviews there is a level with 82 tiles with a hostile village with 0 health and no enemies spawn effectively ending the game. Overall good game. However I ran into a bug where a hostile village had 0 defense and it effectively deadlocked me.

Idle Kingdoms APK

Was fun and I hope they fix tile #82 that has no enemy troops so when we go to battle them it's an endless battle of nothing and we cannot progress through the game any further.... I was enjoying the game, but I can't progress any further because a hostile village is glitched. It has no enemies in it, and when I try to fight it, the game just sits there and waits for the battle to conclude, but it can't.. Amazing game, the only problem I've encountered is that I'm trying to take over the last tile of a island and it's saying there are 0 troops for the enemy so whenever I try to fight there just nothing there and I can't progress any farther. I would love some way to fix this so I can keep on playing. I love this game. From what I can tell I'm half way through and am dreading reaching the end. There is a bug that I would like to report though. I believe the third to last island has a hostile village with no opponents, thus I have no ability to capture the plot and progress in the game. An update fixing this problem would be well appreciated. Thanks for a great game.. hard lock on progression, hostile village has 0 power so u can never win.

Idle Kingdoms APK

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