NameIdle Siege
ReleaseGameloft SE

Idle Siege is a simulation game provided by Gameloft SE. You will be asked to form an army to help you conquer an idle island and collect all its treasures. You will also become a tycoon and start developing the island. In addition, this game allows you to train your commanders, ensuring you have the best troops for the war. You must take down the fortresses, defense towers, and castles that stand in your way.

If you are looking for a war simulation game with realistic sounds, you should Idle Siege. It is only 219M and works well with all iPhone 7.0 and above devices. Idle Siege is your ultimate war simulation game. You can unlock various weapons and train your troops, giving you the best army for the war.

The game is set on an island with many castles and defense towers. To win the war, you should form an unbreakable army and destroy these structures to make way for you. In addition, you can kill enemies, collect weapons and upgrade them for a better war experience. You can also unlock new commanders to help you defeat your enemies.

This game requires you to use your brain and strategy. You must plan your war tactics and develop a powerful army to overcome all traps and obstacles. The more you play, the wiser and stronger your defense will be. You have to upgrade each element of your island to make sure it’s ready for war. You can also improve your unit’s attributes and deploy them in quests. They will automatically join the battle with their enemies and give you gold as a reward.

Idle Siege MOD

Good game, but why are there forced pop-up ads now all of a sudden? I feel like I watch enough ads by myself to level up different things already.. It's great fun but I'm using a pixel 7 running the latest version of Android and the app will no longer load.. I liked the game very much but uninstall it because there was a big problem which was ads there are a lot of add in this game I don't recommend this. Hey devs loving it but the soldiers don't change appearance like armour so I spend like heaps of gold to level them up and when I log back in oh I guess I didn't level them up and spend even more please add it back p.s please add more then just 1 or 2 siege caps with 2 or 4 unit plots they get wiped out by muskets and cannons faster then they are trained. This is/was a good idle game. Recently it seems to have stopped running the siege while I am away. Typically I can ready my army and then leave them to it. The advertisements are no longer intrusive and automatic. Ads are optional and can help with levelling up the base. This game also gives plenty of rewards with daily, weekly, and tasks completed. I like it..

Idle Siege APK

It's far from an idle game, only idle in this game that u get coins/sec, but otherwise, u have to click on things and manually progress everything. Also, after every screen change, a pop-up in your face to buybuybuybuybuy. No thanks.. Game gets greedy over time. Random ads instead of just end of level and upgrade ads. Now ads all the time. Just finished an upgrade ad? Here's another random one. Played for 60 seconds? Here's an ad. Uninstall.. Interesting game. Your job are only the upgrades. The fight against the castle runs 24/7 without you. Something different for once.. Liked the game alot but way to meny adds add for simply navigating menus is to much and 30$ to remove them is asking alot.

Idle Siege APK

bit early in the game to ask for a review. all I've been able to do is upgrade archers and a cannon and thenbwait ages for the end of the tutorial which I'm worried is still going. Lag and delay on my redmi note 8. I have 5 gb extra storage on my 4gb ram phone. Im not enjoying this game it gives me depression and stress on lagging and freeze and delay on screen.. Was pretty awesome until they riddled the game with ads. Don't download unless you want to watch ads every 3 minutes.. This game is good but when play this game, game take many time to open ads are coming after start ads then I going to ads only ads coming.

Idle Siege APK

Customer support (in game) leads to having us chosing "what game we need help with" from a list of 100 games where "idle siege:war tycoon" is not included. Also game server is not responding to my attempt of changing in-game nickname. Either your server is hacked or is not connected to GooglePlay or is unmanned...Not mantained. I hope we can change our in-game nicks... at least... after spending some money, do we?. The games great but i beat the 2nd campain map and tried moving onto the 3rd and the game wont let me start on the first level. I would delete and restart but ive put some money into it and dont wana lose all my stuff :/. Been playing for over a year, pop ups can be a problem as you are asked to buy packs constantly but other then that it's a great game that keeps me coming back every day. Constant updates and great customer engagement 5*. I love this game. Love it That said I uninstalled it after I say an ad to upgrade my camp only to immediately be put back into another ad. When I say too many ads I mean it. Great game but you have to watch an ad every 30 seconds. It's an ad machine first then a great game second..

Game was fine but a little grind filled at times with the barrage of ads but I still played and had fun. That was until I got stuck at a gate that is destroyed but it will not let me tap to destroy it effectively locking my game in place. Tried deleting all storage and data or even reinstalling but nothing will let me continue playing so now I'm locked out of playing on an account I've spent money on.. One of the worst game ever. No potential at all. Also, depends on ads and pay to win very heavily. Poorly written game. Very high battery usage and phone temperature. one good thing: you can save your progress.. Final edit. Game deserves 0 stars. game crashes constantly, i cant get into the game. Support is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, no help what so ever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!. Started enjoying this game then it stopped loading up completely, staying at 80% then kicking me of, I can cope with the random ads but there is way too many. If these weren't problems it'd be a 5 star game..

It's pretty good but ads are crashing the game on my phone. the game has problems like troops or heroes getting stuck while trying to destroy the barracks or gates but it's fine the second rows can attack next.. I have played this game previously on Apple but have been trying to play on here for 2 weeks and can't beat the first level just says connection error but everything else works fine. It would be better if there was an option to guide the forces towards a specific target Because an accidental attack on the targets causes the destruction of the troops and makes the game boring. PAY TO WIN ONLY! TAKES 4 OR 5 DAYS TO BEAT A LEVEL ONCE YOU GET PAST A FEW. TERRIBLE GAME FULL OF ADS! THE OWNERS ONLY REPLY TO 4 OR 5 STAR REVIEWS..

Me gusta el juego, pero me sali un bug y es que salen las tropas directo al objetivo sin esperar a los dems, despus de que salen 2 veces se trancan y dejan de salir. Ya reseti el juego varias veces pero sigue as.. The game is fun,but it uses internet so it makes it really not fun.People are more interested to offline instead of online because not only it consumes data,it also irritates the players by continuously getting data problem. This game is over heating my phone, The more you play the more your game get lage also when you reach level 10 you will start getting board. I was enjoying the game till it broke. Thanks for the waste of money. 2nd week with the event being unplayable..

Reduced from 5 to 2. Ads everywhere now. Even when I'm just clicking around on my map an ad pops up - ridiculous. Also even the ads that I want to watch for rewards, it freezes - and yes I have auto update so I always have the latest version on my Samsung. Edit: Unfortunately this game has also become another p2w by introducing PvP arena while also milking f2p with "ads for extra". Players with that one OP exclusive card will always win even if your squad power is 10k-15k above. I used to come back to play every once in awhile when I need a change of game. Now I'm uninstalling for good..

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