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Icemen Vampire Otome Games is the story of a vampire forced to hunt. He wants to change everything and challenges the most important thing for this. The exciting thing is that the game can choose factions. Can choose friends. Players can join the banishment or stay alone. Curiously, a chosen weapon helps in combat. It would be interesting to stay away from dangerous people. At the same time, there are several mandatory tasks. This means that you will have to choose your victims and eliminate them.

For players in Ikemen Vampire Otome Games not to relax, it is essential to watch the blood scale. Vampires must constantly listen to the call. He even showed the way. The location seems unusual because the hero often visits the cemetery. There is still a chance to find interesting items near the hospital. The player signs an agreement with the doctors and can return to get blood. The most bloodthirsty will prefer to see new victims on their own. This can be done in any position. According to the plot, exciting actions take place in parks and suburbs. You can admire the local beauties for a long time, but it is better not to forget to acknowledge them.

According to the plot, research developments are carried out in parallel in the game. This means that vampires will help. Scientists come up with new stamps that help development. Players enter the shop on their own to see valuable items. Mod with a lot of money is the best offer from the developers. No need to focus on wallets; everything you need is available over the counter.

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