NameIkemen Vampire Otome Games

Icemen Vampire Otome Games is the story of a vampire forced to hunt. He wants to change everything and challenges the most important thing for this. The exciting thing is that the game can choose factions. Can choose friends. Players can join the banishment or stay alone. Curiously, a chosen weapon helps in combat. It would be interesting to stay away from dangerous people. At the same time, there are several mandatory tasks. This means that you will have to choose your victims and eliminate them.

For players in Ikemen Vampire Otome Games not to relax, it is essential to watch the blood scale. Vampires must constantly listen to the call. He even showed the way. The location seems unusual because the hero often visits the cemetery. There is still a chance to find interesting items near the hospital. The player signs an agreement with the doctors and can return to get blood. The most bloodthirsty will prefer to see new victims on their own. This can be done in any position. According to the plot, exciting actions take place in parks and suburbs. You can admire the local beauties for a long time, but it is better not to forget to acknowledge them.

According to the plot, research developments are carried out in parallel in the game. This means that vampires will help. Scientists come up with new stamps that help development. Players enter the shop on their own to see valuable items. Mod with a lot of money is the best offer from the developers. No need to focus on wallets; everything you need is available over the counter.

Ikemen Vampire Otome Games MOD

I absolutely love your series .... only downside is how expensive everything is and how much you have to spend to get all the stories from the events. Plus when you do a story sale you make them super expensive with a bunch of stuff i dont necessarily want. Other than that I can't say a bad thing. The stories are awesome! I love the characters and the stories that you can get during the events are super sweet (or sexy) I am definitely hooked . I've always wanted to play one of these games, but I never got around to it because I knew they had a bunch of micro transactions just to further them. That being said, this one is no different and the gacha games are designed like everything in the game is, to get you to pay for more rewards. Which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. I'm nowhere near done with it, but the game play is fun, the different mini games included in it are not too heavily based in online play which is nice.. I chose vincent he is very sweet kind I really like it but I have to wait a whole day for a chapter ticket but the art and features are incredible.I hope you wiill unlock Charles story soon thank you for your services. Beautiful and the election of you guys and yes we can do you have any questions let you want you want me for what I want to go school and scholarship and I mizz nakita na na tawa e for what you love me some scholarship for short hair ang lahat ng gc ko stock up on my family was so much better now that I have a beautiful you have a great weekend thanks for short hair ang away from me and my wife are not in a relationship you have with pinsan daw siya Jan is very good morning you want m. I've been playing this game for 3 days and I can say that the plot is wonderful! It is very intriguing and I like how the MC have her own personality. The dialogue and the storytelling is well-done too which I really like. Although I chose Arthur and I'm still halfway with his story (I'm afraid I'll spend money on him too..) I am really liking his story so far. As for the gacha, I think it is not f2p friendly which is kinda disappointing because the illustrations looks so captivating!.

Ikemen Vampire Otome Games APK

I couldn't join the game, it would bring me to a black blank screen and say "Sorry app would not open"- I love the art from the app download images but I apologize for 2 stars. . I'm enjoying the game a lot more than I initially thought I would. I did find it rather awkward at first that the characters are based off of real historical figures, however, now I just find it rather charming. I also love the nostalgia I get from this particular otome game, as most I find nowadays run in a completely different way. I am also enjoying that it has a longer story than most, though it would be nice to have some way to earn tickets without paying, apart from the 5 free per day.. This game is wonderful! I've been looking for a game that not only has an engaging story, but one that's f2p and fairly rewarding. All of the characters are very well designed and have intriguing personalities. I highly recommend this game, especially if you're a history nerd like me.. This game is AMAZING!!! All the features are great and the characters are hot and it has so many dramatic and exciting events. This game is the only game I have on app store and I play it everyday... I totally recommend .

Ikemen Vampire Otome Games APK

I love everything but, now I can't access my app and I've restarted my app, re-install and everything since this afternoon. I reviewed this game back in 2019 when it was barely finished, and I enjoyed it a lot back then. Now I am 4 years older and still found myself enjoying it. I love the interface and the way gacha is incorporated to the game. The art style is beyond gorgeous and the graphics and UI is breathtaking to look at. It makes me feel like Im fully enveloped in the games aesthetic. The only complaint I have is being limited to one chapter a day without having alternate ways to obtain tickets or stamina.. Gosh, I installed this game 3 days ago and started with Arthur's route, AND IM OBSESSED ALREADY! I'm really picky when it comes to gaming, but the story and character-development of this game sounds promising that I can't help but play this game every day.. When is Charles coming out? When I got into this game, I wanted to do him first. Has Cybird thought about making another otome game but with demons? I play every single one of them even though Revolution is discontinued..

Ikemen Vampire Otome Games APK

I distinctly only play this because it's funnyand because I'd rather fall in love with Shakespeare than real life people (I know I'll be lonely.-.i dont care tho :)die in hell love . Perfect. I wish the stories weren't just fragmented into small parts- and I wish they were longer. I also wish there would be free nsfw in the stories. And I truly hope the prices will lower down significantly. This game is very expensive! Other than that, it's enjoyable. Perfect for single, lonely people!. I love the stories. Done with all of them. Just waiting for Charles route. Indeed you will need to spend some diamonds if you really want to finish each route faster. But you can finish it each route it will just take days to collect intimacy and gold. Also with some kiss events. But all in all ..of all the ikemen game this is my favorite. Thanks.. Honestly I love this game I get so sucked in I just keep reading. Plus all the voice actors have amazingly sexy voices..

After the last update, I wasn't able to play it due to connectivity issue Although, I have a strong internet connection.. Check the recent reviews. Everyone says there's a connection error bug, it's happening with me too. Cybird starting to become EA with the strength of their servers . I'm just editing this to let you know that there is a connection error issue, I think, as I know there's nothing wrong on my end. I like this game but whenever I try to open it it shows me a connection error even though my connection is pretty strong. I don't know whether it'd a bug or not but please look into it..

Not sure what happen but I'm not able to login to latest app version 2.0.4. Using Huawei P30 Pro device with android version 12.0. I have tried clearing cache and data. Also uninstall and reinstall. Still cannot login. Please help.. All of a sudum it's saying I have connection issues and won't let me open it .however ikemen prince and ikemen sengoku are working just fine. Please fix this!. This is a very good game I recommend installing it my only suggestion to this game is to make the outfits and cards cost less and all the progress you did on it saves when redownloading it and it would be nice for the game to not crash and mess up and not having to restart the game. I like the artstyle and voice actors, also enjoy the dress up part of the game. Unfortunately the developers don't really update the application properly so it often stops working out of nowhere..

The game is broken, there's tons of glitches and it won't even restart the game. They can't bother to fix their own app. I love this game. Sunk a lot of money into completing the stories. Now the game is failing to load. Saying there is an error. I feel my rating is too kind.. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, I LOVE ALL THE BOY CHARACTERS (especially Vincent) But.. I have a few criticisms and suggestions about tickets to continue the story chapter.. to be honest I don't like the ticket system a bit because we need to get more diamonds to Getting the ticket.. Yes.. Just watching the ad is enough to help, but if you can give more than 1 diamond.. My advice for the tickets give us a little more, okay? I understand making a game is a bit difficult I hope you guys understand :'). I just like the two beautiful characters Vlad and aruther Conan Doyle. All of them are beautiful and the storylines perfect. Sometimes it's a bit tricky when it comes to love battles but the rest of the time it's so good 5 stars from meh no ads or anything love it. They worked really hard on this!!! You should 110% download it!!!!.

It's a great game ! I love the characters and the voice line and the story , But , we can only choose between 4 guys now , I hope they release the other character's story soon .... O meh gawd The characters are someone from history. Thats shocking... overall pretty good game Btw after i recieve a token it doesnt come pls fix that bug, also lower some of the avatar item prices they r too expensive.. I love this game and you will love it to is making me blush so much that a can't stop enjoy. I really love it, it helps me when i am feeling down the characters here is my comforter this app is really good try it!! The story was good too....

Great so far, just started playing but i can already tell im going to love it. The only issue is you only get 5 tickets a say which means you can only read 1 chapter a day unless you buy diamonds. Why does it take so long for the download to complete I've seen people's opinions on the game but the time taken bcos there's no stable wifi connection is so like forever pls do something about it if possible remove the wifi download geez. Literally my favourite Otome game and I've played a lot. I love the world building, the story and all of the characters. I'm especially fond over the characters :') Sometimes, the events feel a little awkward but then there are also some that have exciting aspects to them that make me want to remember to log in every day. It's kinda strange to me how much I've grown attached to this game. To lovers of vampires and attractive fictional characters, I highly recommend . A complete money sap. 5 minutes or less of overdrawn "sexy" talk once a day or insert money for another 5 minutes.......most expensive pseudoporn ever. I can buy loads of reverse harem for less or buy manga etc....nty. my imagination is far superior to this and this captures attn for 2 seconds....make it worth while or delete all ur programming..

This game is stupid it didn't even open its useless and a waste of data, time and energy. Rubbish. Better improve this nonsense game . The story is well-written and the artwork is decent. However.. I don't like how we need almost a month's time to finish one route. And if you try to watch ads for diamonds, you get 1 diamond per 15 ~ 30 sec ad. I had to watch other routs on YouTube because it was faster. Please give us 25 tickets instead of 5.. Full rating for me because the release of free chaptera suit my busy schedule. If you're an f2p you'll have to be patient and sit in for a month to finish one route. The quality(illustrations, va) is good compared to other otome games. I haven't gotten that far into the storyline yet but Shakespeare's route is good. His dialogues are amazing, I'll give it that.. So far so good, haven't had any issues with the game so far. The only thing I would improve from now is more free tickets, I wanna be able to play for a while when I'm playing if j have a say. Otherwise great game!.

I really hope Charles will be available as an option soon, as i am dying to chose him. Please make him available for picking soon!. Oh my gosh! So creative! The idea of selecting these characters and making them elegant vampires is just so amazing. And I can't get over how beautiful the art and effects are! And music is so soothing! You read and feel a part of the story. The voices characters! I just love this story!. I love these all the ikemen series. Vampire,sengoku,revolution and prince. I just wish they have more free freebies to be able to watch and read the series.... I soooooooooo into it...... I've only just started this game on Leonardo's route, and so far, it's decent. The user interface was a little tricky to figure out at first since there's a lot of features, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. The only thing I wish was different were the chapter lengths. Each chapter has 5 parts, and they're relatively short. Which is kinda important since the game requires you to use these story tickets to even read them..

The artwork it out of this world! I am just a little anxious about getting diamonds. The advertiser ones don't seem to work and it's an expensive game. But I am still learning so there might be a way to get enough to pass the checkpoints. :). It's very detailed and easy to used, sadly you have to spend real money, in order to get the premium scenes. Not that I don't mind, ( I usually just earn the gold and have a perfectly fine adventure) I really like this, there are some tricky spots, but other then that it's really fun.. the perfect is fun and very nice I love it , this games please don't have any problems anyway . THE ML IS Gentleman . Kudos well done for wasting someone data no offense but am seriously angry right now I mean why will you guys set up a game that cannot be played I mean it keeps stopping before it even start I opened up a game it appears blank I had deleted most of my apps for this game but it is totally am not sure of what to classify it please all I ask stop showing adverts of this game to my phone please cause am seriously angry right now wasting my data on what looks like a scam to me.

It's a nice game but the data to use is so much, makes me feel discouraged. Only logging in sef, it costs alot. . The story is nice and all! I am waiting for Charles route now. What's bagging me is the gacha. I just finished Dazai route and get 5* guaranteed token. Which gave me the card I already had. Which is a huge disappointment. I don't have a lot of 5* cards. Actually only 3. And your gacha just repeated one of them. Cool! Also thanks for not giving me anything for my birthday. Not even story tickets. Nice care about your players.. The story is okay, but the avatar look a bit too much like chibis for my taste, and both me and my boy Leo are gay. Still playing after all this time and still loving the stories of each guy. I can't wait for Faust and Charles routes to come out!!!!.

I think it's a well made game with the animations in stuff but I am kind of offended that all the characters are boys. What if you were to like girls? If you do find ingest in boys this game is perfect but it doesn't fit me very well.. I love alot of time games I recall playing another very similar to this one where there was dates and avatar challenges. These sorts of things never bother me and as long as I get some juicy stories and a handsome man I'm satisfied Love this game soo much can't put it down till it refreshes for me to continue. Also I love Leonardo and Sebastian<3 Absolute sweethearts!!. I love this game. I got a new phone though and don't know my code to get all my data back. I'll just have to start over.. I've been playing Ikemen Sengoku for some years now and decided to give the Vampire a try. The graphics are amazing, the characters' development is not so good as in the Sengoku. Wish the stories were better developed as well. The voice actors are amazing and the translation, is not literal, but well done to give you the correct story feeling. Very few English errors what is really a plus. The only thing I dislike a lot is the prices. The check points are very expensive. Need to fix some bugs.

I absolutely love your game. But for the few days or I notice that I can't login without being instantly told repeated login. So I've uninstalled the app and reinstalling the app now. Hopefully this *might* allow to login without being instantly told to restart the damn, because is getting beyond extremely annoying. If uninstalling or reinstalling the app doesn't work then I would kindly request that you fix whatever bug/computer virus that's causing this problem.. I was having fun with this game. I even threw in some money so I could get the premium storyline. I had a phone issue in January and now my progress is all gone! I tried contacting the developers, but of course, I got no response. I waited over a month in hopes for a response, but I'm done waiting. Don't waste your money on this game.. Since I'm fairly new to the game, so far, it has been a pretty nice and interesting story. With little comedic anecdotes here and there.. Unfortunately, this game would not load passed the prologue. I tried probably about 10 times, clearly I really wanted to play it as the prologue is good, but it never loaded/worked. I tried restarting the app, my phone, and undownloading other apps incase it needed storage. You could try it out but if it doesn't load passed the prologue don't waste you're time..

THE UPDATE RUINED THE GAME FOR ME had a problem where pictures of gachas don't appear, when I try to buy gacha, pictures of what gacha is available don't show, same thing with buying stories, like if I wanted to buy Mozart's birthday set, I can't see pictures of it or what the set includes, but it got fixed on its own yesterday but then there was an update, after the update the problem returned, what's the point of a game that relies heavily on their illustration when the illustrations DONT SHOW. This is a really good game. You get to choose your interest from the begining & the developers give you good chances to earn gold & diamonds instead of making it a buy everything game like some other ones. And I like the fact that you get 5 free chances to read chapters daily. I'll keep playing as long as it stays this good. Want to try at least 2 more interesting partners after this run through.. Had a lot of trouble with the event last night but it is fixed today, and thanks for the compensation. I'm just going to have to restart the entire thing since the story was messed up, but I can deal with that. Otherwise...still love this game!. It's a really awesome story but I wish we could watch ads to at least keep reading each have to use tickets for every fifth of a chapter and you only get 5 tickets a day for need to use diamonds or money to buy tickets and its really dissapointing. I don't recommend this game if you are a bookworm. It would be way better if you could read maybe 1 or 2 full chapters then use a ticket and so on..

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