NameIncoming Monsters
CategoryNew Game
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Incoming Monsters is an exciting new game that revolves around battling various monsters. Players are tasked with defending their territory from these menacing creatures by strategizing and utilizing their arsenal of weapons and abilities. The game offers a wide variety of monsters, each with unique characteristics and strengths, making every encounter a thrilling challenge. Players can employ different tactics and team compositions to overcome the monsters’ abilities and weak points. In addition, the game rewards players with resources and powerful loot, which can be used to upgrade weapons and unlock new abilities. With its engaging gameplay and ever-evolving monster roster, Incoming Monsters is sure to provide hours of thrilling and strategic entertainment.

Incoming Monsters MOD

Great game, great potential, great customizability (graphics settings). one problem though, every match they show an ad that never plays so it just wastes 40 seconds of loading time. Worst game it's show something else and in game the have something else. What the ad showed and what this game is totally different , fraud. This game is okay but it kicks me to my home screen and ihave to restart The game process .. Game randomly closes. Still hasn't been fixed. Really fun but keeps force closing without warning (S20 FE 5G).

Incoming Monsters APK

Love the arts and the game's mechanics. After you pick a random skill card, you then pick 1 out of the 3 random stats of the card.. Do you really need to manage my phone calls??. My favorite so far among any of the Vampire Survivors-type games. I actually fell in love with the Chinese version of this game a few months ago, and I was ecstatic to see it here in the US play store now. I have no doubts that with one or two ads showing off the gameplay, the number of downloads this game has will skyrocket! Meanwhile I'll do what I can on my own to spread word. And I'm really hoping to see added content/events in the future Thanks for a great game~! ( ). After update : Still crashing randomly at first level. Please fix crash. It's a great game. I want to play :(. The game looks nice, there are a few issues. It forces ads, it wants permissions to manage phone calls, and permission to the developer account on google. So many red flags and possible security issues..

Incoming Monsters APK

Can't get past the language pick section.

Download ( V1.1.26 )

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