NameInsilentium: Fantasy CCG

Great card fantasy. A fun game project called Insilentium will give us a new world that opens its arms to any hero.

A completely free game, which is made in the best traditions of a unique genre. Your deck will become your powerful weapon, and skills will be the key to the main victory. In addition, do not forget about the carefully thought-out tactics that will determine the true master. You will have to carefully select creatures for yourself, rely on their abilities, combine races and participate in card battles.

It perfectly combines original gameplay, classic abilities, and a unique online game. If you love fantasy, you can plunge into this exciting adventure. Large battlefield, unique strategy, MOBA dynamics, and much more. Each character has its own unique qualities and history.

Insilentium: Fantasy CCG MOD

One of the rare few ccg games for phones. I wanted a phone game, not a 15-inch screen game squeezed into a phone and this one delivered. Card variety needs to improve, but that will come over time. Try it. I liked it. It suffers from connectivity issues these days - I can't connect at all - but it might be Google Play's fault, so I won't deduct stars.. No story mode, just PvP. Very sad.. It's a pretty fun game I appreciate the gameplay and how many different combinations there are to make as far as decks go. The problem I'm running into is I'm coming across players who have five to eight legendaries in their deck when I can't make a Deck with more than three legendaries. I enjoy playing the game and the effects/graphics are nice. I do wish it were easier to obtain cards and add friends.. Lovely artwork and unique mechanics. Even common cards have powerful abilities, so play is very strategic. It's exciting never quite knowing what's going to happen next turn. It needs a more detailed tutorial and an easier way to add friends. Would also be cool if we could trade cards and maybe earn crystals by watching ads. I get that it's based on a book, but the game itself doesn't have much lore. Maybe you could add story blurbs to the card backs, like in Cards, the Universe, and Everything?. No single player, no tutorial.. My Ukranian friends, stay safe. This is my favorite game.

Insilentium: Fantasy CCG APK

Stupid laggy game with bad graphics and game play, not worth your time.. Card popups doesn't go away when I clicked the enemy's.. Generic money grab card game. Save your time and cash.. As others have said. Broken, dead app. Doesn't get passed the first title screen and freezes/closes out. Save your time and pass on this turd.. The game is fun. The cards are creative. However, the match making needs tweaking- there should be no reason a player at the BOTTOM of their tier has to go against a player at the TOP of their tier. Next the a.i. decks are a bit strong. They should be adjusted so people don't just rage quit. Finally, we could always use more missions- 2 more specifically. They also could give out a bit more gold, 100 a piece at the very least. The game as of now is a good start. I'll see where it goes .

Insilentium: Fantasy CCG APK

Lacks real time opponents and content. Are this game playable for offline?.

Download ( V1.1.114 )



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