NameKim Kardashian Hollywood

Join the adventures of KIM KARDASHIAN in the game KIM Kardashian KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD – now you can join a real star Olympus in a new game project. Here you can develop your leadership and go with her along the entire career path to real success and incredible fame. You need to create a celebrity and build her appearance, and you can use many styles. Now you can play an essential role in developing your star, her crazy fan,s and annoying photojournalists.

It would be best if you climbed to the top of the career ladder as a film actress, singer,r or an excellent designer. All this depends only on you and your ability to look into the future. You will be able to conquer not only the huge Los Angele but also this whole massive world with its boutiques, decadent restaurant,s and huge villas. No one can imagine how cool it is to be famous, and you can experience it for yourself.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood MOD

I loved this game until I couldn't get the game to load on my phone so I uninstalled it and then installed it again. I still can't play it and it appears that all my hard work wasn't backed up so I have to start from the beginning. I'm not happy about that at all Edit: I can install the game but I have to start from the beginning. No thank you. I invested a lot of time, energy and money the first time around. I'm not foolish enough to go for round 2.. I just love the game , although it's online Great graphics and yes I would like if the energy refills faster and also add to it . From zero to hero that's just what d game is. I really like this game and makes my day I just downloaded it and I've been playing for the whole day I did not stop for some reason I liked it I get this game a 10/10 if it wasn't for this person I would have been stuck at home bored is this person should get this I want them to make some just like this but even better this is something that always makes my day but I know that you're going to make something just like it keep doing what you were doing. I got a new phone and I downloaded the game and it took away all my progress that I made I had so many items and now they are all gone. Definitely a 10 out of 10 would recommend like I always say don't smell the buttycheeks if the other side is greener live laugh love you know what I'm saying my top g homegirl or boy.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood APK

Changing to 1 star, all i get is a white screen cant play super pissed i spent so much money and time I've been playing since 2014.. I really love this game, and have been playing it for years now it won't load up for me at all, and says it has a bug and needs updating, plz fix this issue, I want my game back. A-ddicting, I recommend to everyone for fun and have wonderful time while play this game! 9/14/23 add vending machines to sell gems,stars,energy, gifts at airports!. I love the game can you age up the babies in the game to toddlers or kids and give them some new clothes and can you do something else with your spouse and do something else with Kim and the husband should have a separate place in the game like the squad and I want to know can we take pictures at your other houses and have a wedding picture at your main house like the bedroom..

Kim Kardashian Hollywood APK

I have restarted this game 4 times. At first, after the recent update thr game didn't open at all once it did I lost all progress I had done I reached the support team because I had done purchasing and didn't want to lose my money they said it was lost they couldn't do a refund nor credit. The other 3 times have been because it won't let me finish a mission, and I have contacted support all 3 times, and they keep saying to restart it from 0. DO NOT SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME!!! It's not safe. Started this game everything was working fine until I tried to claim the dress & purse for connecting to Facebook now it just loads & when I try to hit collect it closes out. hopefully it fix soon or I will have to cancel the trail of the VIP if I can't play anymore after today.. After this latest update, all I've seen is the logo and a message that is optimizing my game experience by installing 26 updates! Still haven't had a chance to play this "optimized" new version because it never completes the installation! How about a real update instead? And what ever happened to episodes? When do I get to see something new happen?. Update. It is back up and running and i am missing so much clothes, shoes, hair and makeup.. no happy at all. I did originally give it 5 stars but it has been a white screen for 5 days. I have tried clearing the cash, uninstalling then reinstalling it and it still isn't working.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood APK

Very addictive. Everyone says things cost a lot, but I only think at first. Once you own a few businesses, the money practically rolls in. And I didnt have to buy kstars, just save them and buy businesses to make more. Update: Having problems lately. Won't go pass download screen. Progress keeps erasing ... even tho I spent money on the game, it's getting increasingly frustrating to play, not worth spending money on.. I've been playing this game for so long. And suddenly I can not play the game anymore they just went blank white why?. I keep having the same problem. There is a task that I need to do but I can't finish it because the place is locked. I contacted customer service and they advised me to just restart the app and create a new character. I did that and restarted again from scratch, but when I reached level 7 the problem still occurred. It just happened again, I tried to contact them again but they just want me to restart again??? Nah I already spend so much time and it just goes to waste.

I'm on level 8 and I cannot access Kim's home and that is one of my task. Game needs to be fixed!. I think the game should allow the player's child to grow so that something new can be happening. It's just the same routine everytime.. game is stuck on the "dash to kim's" quest where i have to go to her home in beverly hills but the location is locked. ive tried uninstalling, reinstalling, even restarting my whole game but it keeps bugging at this quest. fix this please.. I love all of the stories and it is really fun but after a while it starts to get a tiny bit boring.

Used to love this game but it won't open. It keeps saying it has a bug and to update after the developer finds a fix. No telling when that will be. I lost my leadership position in the group that I made because of this. Wonder if I'll be refunded for the money spent on the parts I couldn't play... 9/4/23. This game can be fun and highly addictive. But, the jobs don't payout enough. Everything that you need cost kStars, which are also expensive. The time to wait for your energy to refill is insane. Things that do cost cash are way overpriced. 9/3- for the love of God please create a tab for the properties that have been purchased!! PLEASE!! Once you make it to A List the jobs should pay way more than 1-200 a gig. You guys are making sure no one succeeds without spending money.. It's a fun game and you get to buy clothes and have lots of cool pets and homes and you get to work and you go on lots of dates and you meet kim she is so pretty. This app is very good, and I love it, but one time, I stopped using it for about 7-10 weeks and tried to use it, but the only thing appeared was a white screen. I tried everything to try to make it start, but it hasn't started. Please check this glitch in your app so I can play this game anytime I want. Thank you.

That game was good. I really enjoy the game, by changing the clothes and add new dress in my bucket. I am a boy but this game feel me for gender equality.. Glu why don't you reply when the question is asked why the game does not want to login. I don't want to delete the game because the i will have to start from the beginning again. Urgently give feedback about the game. I have voted My Baby of Two Years Ago. I have New Babies Since yet This App is still my Baby!. I really love you, Kim Kardashian, I really like this game forever! But there is something I really want to suggest about the Kstars. I don't really need to use my bank card to pay for all the things they showed in the starshop, and also I always got frustrated because I wanna use the Kstar to buy a wedding dress and I need the Kstar right now like right now! I always got frustrated anytime they ask me to use my Kstar but I got sadly stupidly waste all my Kstar. So I really need it right now!.

After the white screen fiasco where the app wouldn't work I was excited that I could play again. A few weeks later and it won't load again. No white screen, just the beginning of loading and it chucks me out. So tired of this. Love the game but frustrated that I can't play it.. It just won't start anymore and I don't know why it just keeps trying to "download" catche for the game but never starts, kinda frustrating and it's crazy how the developers are doing very little to fix this. These downloads aren't running right, and they constantly jump back down by 20% or more when loading. Can't play it on my phone because of this issue and it's such a great game until all these downloads and bugs arose in the game. They said get past level 9 and own at least one house in order to adopt and volunteer at the adoption center but I own multiple homes including the Bel Air Mansion and I'm a level 16 player but i still haven't gotten that quest. idk what's is going on but it needs to be fixed I really love the game but seriously what is up.

Deleted the game since the screen was appearing white. The saved file was from 2019... i lost 3 years of progress.. everything just gone so i deleted it again bc i am not going through all that again.. game keeps crashing loading screen. it is literally unplayable, which is very upsetting! it seems to work on my iPad, but on Android, they haven't fixed the issue whatsoever. This game is great, other than the fact that you have to pay for things like energy, and K stars.. I've loved this game since I first started playing it two years ago, it's amazing and keep you so intrigued. Amazing game Kim made honestly .

I love this game but lately it's been malfunctioning too often. Recently I stopped playing for a whole month bc all that came up was a white screen. Then it somehow resolved itself for a week and now as soon as it loads open it crashes immediately. I have put a lot of time and money into this game so it would be nice if there were less constant issues.... playing this game since it came out and was really enjoying it but it started showing a white screen and I couldn't play it NOW it's BACK ON and it took me back 1 yr. Now I'm not married, all my businesses, houses,pets,clothes, and even the baby clothes I have to spend time and money on to get again this is truly UNFAIR update: couldn't get game back to old progress with customer service truly disappointed uninstalled 5yrs gone down the drain. I enjoy playing this game! I am happy it is back to working on android. The support team restored my level in the game, so that I would not have to buy some in game homes again. I really appreciate their help!. edit- 1 star, white screen on startup, unable to play, developers won't fix edit 08/21/23 - Finally able to get into the game with my previous save from 06/02/23..

I've been playing it since I've been a kid and it's still fun to this day its clear the team behind it really love the game as well because of the constant updates and attention they put into it. I love this game. I'm shocked how much so. Thank you for being my distraction during a challenging time in my life. Kriss kids and crew! My impression of you all has been lifted. Thanks again. Miss you guys. I'm in a pickle and I'm not sure what I'm doing to hold me back. Anyway, imaginary friends still love the game. I guess it don't have a man no more. Fix this game PLEASE!! I only got to play for two days and now everytime I'm waiting for the game to load, it'll get all the way to 86% then drop to 70% and keep doing it so I can't even play. This has caused me to lose potential for better completion on tasks because I can't even play the game to finish.. Game just stopped working June 10. And I'm sure once it starts to work allllllll my progress will be gone Update 8/19/23 tried reinstalling the game it starts to work and of course alllllllllllll of my progress is gone!.

Does not load. White screen only Edit: the white screen was fixed and now the app won't open at all it keeps crashing. The game is great but for the last few days the game isn't opening. White blank screen for like 2 months. no, juuussttt no. This was so bad I couldn't even get in the game! It kept crashing on the loading screen! Bad don't recommend. Please fix this problem. I loved this game but after SO much time and money spent on stuff when i had to redownload my game i lost almost all my currency and so many clothing and hair accessories.

Everything time I log in it always downloading and giving trouble I will like for you guys to fix this problem before it gets out of hand but otherwise it's going good for now. Eveytime I enter the game at the beginning of the day it has a big download that I have to do and takes a lot of time which is very annoying please fix this issue I would prefer if yhe download occurs internally while playing. White screen. I love this game, but today, it has started giving me problems. It won't load the game. It just shows a white screen. I am very fustrated. Update: I was close to level 30 before all this happened. Lost everything on level 6 now. I've spent a lot of money and played for over 4 years. I am very upset. Edit: I lost everything, and customer service wanted something i couldn't give them. Upset.. Everytime i try to load the game it kicks me out. It also will not allow me to connect to my fb account.

Out of nowhere the game crashed? Screen is just blank white, been like that for a month now. Edit accidently had the game deleted off my phone and now I can't log in using my Facebook or Google play account. Haven't gotten any help from GLU. Game Update made it to where I can't play again.. The game will get past the loading screen and go back to my phones home screen. Then something pops up that says game has a bug.. I was interested in this game starting at childhood, and now in my opinion this game isn't really matching the modern interest. But if you like it, you like it. But personally I find it boring now.. The loading times take forever and the game is slower than it used to be 5 years ago. Just when I thought it was done loading it started over. Would not recommend this game!!!.

Can't play the screen won't load it stays white restarted my phone and wifi that isn't the problem please help I want to play !!!!! -update 5stars now cuz I can play again . I would give this 0 stars if I could.I just installed the app and entered it but it loaded and after asking when I was born it went to a loading screen that took forever to load and still did not load(trust me it did not load for over 15+ mins) I then thought my phone had a bug or something and then re-entered the app.Only came a loading screen fully black.I then restart my phone app e.t.c and still nothing.I haven't been able to get into the app. Seems like this happens everywhere.. Game blocked me from playing it for over a week so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it only to loose all my diamonds and progress because it wasn't saved and I dk. The game takes long to load new levels, i loved itsince Kim is my role model but honestly speaking the gane needs a lot do-overs..

This game has improved so much. It used to be nearly impossible to get good clothes and scores because u had to pay for k stars. Now u can earn them through game play the game is so much more enjoyable. There is so much more to do now too with the show your style and daily/weekly/ stretch challenges that earn you fun rewards. Im glad i re-installed.. I am so mad my game will not load just showing a white screen I have got very far in this game even though I have start started it over several times can anyone help. My Experience with this game was truly magical don't get me wrong but it gets tiring playing the same old game with the same experience over and over waiting for Glu to make another game or bring back Kendall and Kylie the game or Nicki Minaj the empire game but it's like they won't ever release another game/spinoff to give us another experience,I feel like after they got that aquire money from EA they just gave up completely.. Play this game since more than 5 years ago. Want to play again and try many times to re log in the game big failed. First it white blank. And then try again next week.. same issue. Now it's stuck.. can't restore from fb or even Google.

After being unable to ay for over a month I finally get logged back in today but have lost all the items I spent my hard earned money on!! This isn't acceptable and I won't be downloading the game again, I was up on level 60 or more with so many unique clothes and hair in my wardrobe that I spent my own money on. Such a disappointment this has been. Don't bother to download. I loved this app, but then i got the white screen for a few months. I come back and my progress for 2023 was erased. I asked for customer help, and they never got back to me. It's been over 16 hours. Not happy at all.. Update aug. 9th: i decided to give this game one last chance and i have to say this time ive got all my progress back !!!update july 20th: game is working again, ofcourse i've lost all my progress and now i'm at level 6 and still waiting for simon to call me ... i'm about to give up on this game once and for all.he app is great and entertaining . I stopped playing for a week and I went back to play and the game decided to send me back to the customization screen I had signed In on Facebook so I clicked the link and it went and started loading and then popped off then I tried with my Google play account and it didn't even show I was almost to level 30.

Game is down. I keep getting a white screen every time I try to log on. I can't get past the white screen. Smh Update 8/7. The game finally works again but now I'm noticing that I'm winning clothes in gift boxes that I ALREADY HAD well before the game crashed. Also, I had lost my bonus star during jobs/ gigs when I purposely stay ahead to KEEP the bonus star. Now they want me to buy hella expensive clothes to get that bonus star back and it's a no for me. I Know for a fact I'm not tripping..

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