Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne (Full) is an exciting game filled with hidden object puzzles and mini-games. Players are challenged to help a young princess reclaim her rightful place on the throne and save her kingdom from the clutches of an evil sorcerer. Featuring stunning graphics and an intriguing storyline, Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne offers hours of captivating gameplay for fans of adventure and puzzle games.

Latest of Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne (Full) Codes


Unlock the Enchanted Treasure Chest and win a fantasy gift reward worth any of these: a mythical dragon mount, a powerful magic staff, a majestic castle to rule, a loyal army of mystical creatures, or a magical amulet granting unlimited wishes. Embrace your destiny and claim your extraordinary prize now!

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“Unleash the Power Coupon: Redeem for a magical pet, a legendary weapon, or a precious artifact! Use wisely to conquer foes, unlock rare quests, and rule the kingdom in Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne!”

How to Redeem Code for King's Heir

To redeem a gift code in King's Heir, follow these steps:

1. Launch the game and tap on the "Settings" option.
2. Look for the "Redeem Code" button and tap on it.
3. Enter the unique gift code provided to you.
4. Confirm your entry and wait for the verification process.
5. Once verified, the gift code will be redeemed, and you'll receive the corresponding rewards.
6. Check your inventory or rewards tab to access the redeemed items.
7. Enjoy your new rewards and continue your adventure in King's Heir.

List of King's Heir Codes

1. Swe4xfT2: This gift code unlocks a regal set of armor fit for a true heir to the throne. With its exquisite design and powerful enchantments, it will grant unparalleled protection and charisma to the wearer.

2. K1ngsg1ft: Redeeming this gift code grants the player a majestic mount known as the King's Steed. This loyal and swift companion will carry them across the realm with grace and speed.

3. HeirL0yalty: Unlock this gift code to obtain a rare and ancient artifact, the Royal Scepter. Infused with the bloodline's magic, it bestows the heir with enhanced leadership abilities and the power to command unwavering loyalty.

4. CrownJew3ls: By claiming this gift code, players will receive a set of legendary jewels that once adorned the crown of the kingdom's greatest monarch. Wearing these gems increases their magical potency and bestows a touch of regality.

5. R0yalGuard1an: This gift code unlocks a companion pet in the form of a loyal and fearless Royal Guard. This miniature warrior will fight alongside the heir, defending them from all threats.

6. Thron3OfPow3r: Redeem this gift code to acquire the Throne of Power, a magnificent, intricately crafted seat that signifies the heir's rightful place as the ruler. Sitting on this throne grants the player enhanced authority and vision.

7. KinglyDecree: By claiming this gift code, players will receive a scroll containing ancient words of wisdom and insight passed down through generations. Reading the decree empowers the heir with profound knowledge and strategic thinking.

8. RoyalInher1tance: This gift code unveils a hidden treasure vault, filled with valuable artifacts and wealth amassed by past kings. The heir may claim a portion of the inheritance to fund their conquests and establish their reign.


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