NameKlondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures is the sport for you if you’re not afraid of a problem. Construct your farm and revel in a one-of-a-kind recreation! Many simulation video games are enjoyable to play with. However, striving to enjoy farm simulation games is best if you need something completely different immediately. These limitless games do not depend on time-limited occasions or lackluster motion.

Klondike Adventures MOD

Love the game reminds me of township a little. Which I've been playing township several years now. The only thing that I don't like is the energy pig.. This is definitely a fun game. However it's one of those games they want you to spend money on. You are constantly running out of energy, constantly running out of workers for buildings that you need to use for the order board so if you don't have any of the green gems you'll have to either spend money on them or be screwed. They need to up the energy level and make it easier to be able to produce things without having to spend your own money. Stop trying to charge me a subscription fee when I've never signed up for one. In regards to the developer reply, I don't even have the game downloaded.. I really enjoyed this game when I first started, but now that events are being stacked on top of each other, and I can not earn or get energy fast enough and I'm not even a high level. A level 25 shouldn't be struggling to finish any event because they are so stacked on top of each other, multiples happening at the same time and it feels like it's begining to be more of a "pay-to-play" game. Might just be going back to my game of township.... I've deleted this game and started over, thinking it had improved over the years for being so difficult, but nope, it's same if not worse. The board and the ship ask way to much and takes a lot to fill the orders. Even the side games are difficult takes way to much energy to get to items. Sometimes I go on to play and barely start playing and done..

Klondike Adventures APK

It's ok the game creators are very greedy they really push you to buy their energy packages and they cap how much free energy you can get.. Fun but you run out of energy way too fast. I know there are ways to get more but the items you need to use the energy on are way too high...ex: some plants are 20 energy where as they should only be 10. Keep having to uninstall and reinstall to play. The game gets you hooked then takes ages to build and get energy. Most wrost game! after download this game first a fall game was not started then I was uninstall this game because my mobile was hanging when I play the other games notifications are showing in screen but I'm already uninstall this game.... I hated .

Klondike Adventures APK

Be prepared to take out a loan when playing this game. I am all for giving financial support to the developers for creating the game, but this game will break your bank. Large amounts of energy are needed just to remove one obstacle, and there are so many obstacles that need to be removed in order to advance. If you try to play this game without spending lots of money, it will take you a hundred years to get anywhere.. This is the worst "adventure" game ever. It takes way to long to do anything & you can't earn energy very easily. There's parts of the game you're just supposed to figure out what to do cause there are no instructions. Don't waste your time on this garbage.. I really like this game! I gave it three stars because it's extremely slow if you're not spending your own money to purchase bolts. Clearing paths using 20-40 bolts for one item seems excessive when bolts replenish at such a slow rate. If you're not spending your own money, this game becomes boring pretty quickly.. 2 days now its been under construction it won't let me on the game please fix as iam sick of gettin really fair and the competition and to find that I cant get bk on it as its still sayin under construction.

Klondike Adventures APK

Hello!! I've just started in at the past you open the register to place a chicken however it will not allow me to place the chicken or moved past this part. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game restarted my phone. All my other games work. EDIT: I'm def uninstalling after reaching max Fetch payout. They ripped off Family Island, reskinned it, and made another shamelessly greedy, grossly P2P game; that's why they have to partner with Fetch and Mist to find players these days! Key items cost more than your max energy. After giving a neg review, clearing items no longer gives quest credit for me. Some quests are only completed by buying items with gems, only available via micro transaction. ZERO STARS. Try Stardew Valley instead. . I am rather addicted to this game. It's fun but sometimes expensive if you want to get through most of the events. UPDATE Who am I kidding? I love this game and justify my spending because I love it so much! Lol. This is a really great game, and I personally downloaded it because of the adverts.... but again, the adverts are just for show, and it is the same old Klondike. Why are you advertising a game clearly you can't produce! This is shameful to Klondike and all its producers.

Very challenging game play - exciting to work and complete missions- high energy is essential to succeed! Completing in time limit may not be enjoyed by everyone- which could be frustrating- just keep thinking about the most awesome reward is knowing u did your best- and look at it like a training experience- next time use more discipline- focus- mental preparation- I know I'll be more efficient if I have more tools and energy with me instead of having to go back n forth to home. Ads will automatically download apps to your phone. Clicked an ad (watching them gives you things in game), set my phone down while it played, and it downloaded another game. Extremely lame and shady. Energy is spent quickly, only have maybe 2 minutes of "playing" each time. It's more of a chore to upkeep, and less of a game.. I enjoy the graphics. It took me a minute to figure things out but once I started playing I really liked it. Love that I can play without an add stopping me every few minutes. Ye there are micro transactions, but I don't mind because they're not forced. Developers & other employees need to get paid, so I totally don't mind making purchases and they don't cost a ridiculous amount..

After I have spent money on this game and enjoyed playing it, now I can't connect to the server. I tried to reload twice, same problem. Absolutely horrible!!!. I didn't actually play the game but my brother's daughters husband's son played it and he says it's a freaking blast !. Please wait and wait and wait. It's not working. It was working fine last night but today I can't access this game. Update: hasn't worked all day. I am now uninstalling this app. It's no good. Love the game but it seems like you dont have enough energy to complete some task without it taking a couple days.

This game was nice to play and the graphics was good but it need more data to download even from one land to another land. I'm just disappointed with this.. Absolute money racket uninstalling was grand to begin with but now you need triple the energy to remove 1 Bush absolute scam. It's a very good game but the problem is energy bar which cap till 50 only. The event (STAR PASS)cutting small stuff also cost minimum 25energy.. For the free players events are useless only paying for it will be satisfied. You should give a energy bar of minimum 1000. which is also less as for events. I've played this game years ago n enjoyed it. Downloaded it on my phone today n was starting over again. I had just put the chicken down in the tutorial n I got a call. When I came back to the game, it was telling me to move the chicken. I couldn't because the chicken was already there n it registered that I had 1/1 chickens. I can't do anything to advance or go back. I tried everything I know from shutting down the app, uninstall n download again, erase data, ... nothing works. Help.

Worst I lost my 690/- in this game and they didn't bother to explain my issue and don't waste your money in this game.. . Horrible game. Takes forever just to open or go to new scenes. Takes forever to get energy but seconds to spend. Boring and sucky visuals. My game is stuck and is not letting me do anything , I re installed it multiple times But still same problem. Enjoy the dollars I spent. Game deleted patience and lots of money all that's needed here nothing free about it other than a free download. just another money grab..

I really enjoy the gameplay and quests, but there are several aspectss of the game that are disappointing: 1. There are way too many quests at the same time. Please only have 1 quest at a time so you can focus your energy. 2. There is not enough energy for what is needed to enjoy the game. I'm to the point where I get on the game and within 5-10 minutes I find myself stuck waiting for energy. 3. I'm always running out of workers and can't craft. I'm going to be uninstalling soon.. Forever waiting on connecting to server after tapping daily gifts calendar. Seems its not handled to have a timeout and no close button. Basically its asking to uninstall the app. I was enjoying this game, only been playing it for a week, but then today I got a charge for $8.46 and when I looked into it, it's a weekly pay to play charge. I never agreed to this charge. If I had known I would be charged after the 1st week, I would have never downloaded it. I requested a refund through Google and was told it didn't meet the refund standards. It was an unauthorized charge, period... Not impressed! If I could give less than 1 star, based solely on this charge, I would!. Absolutely love this game, so addicting!! But.. be careful because they double charged me for each purchase and aren't getting back to me on customer service.

Shoot, this is like the best game that I've played that doesn't use too much space and actually allows the person to play and enjoy the game without too much interruptions. I really do like this game as I still have options to still hustle moves when I'm out or when I'm out of things. I'm impressed but I'm not kissing butt by saying all that...I just want to be honest , thank you for your time . Kept telling my decide it is not connected to the internet. The issues only started when I downloaded this game.all my other devices had no issues connecting I to the internet . Could not even download 0.8 mb in WiFi or via mobile connection. Tv is connected to the same network and a gigabit connection has not been a problem.. I like the game ok but I started a day free trial and the instruction said to opt out before I'm charged I should do it on the game store app but I don't see any option to cancel. I don't like sneaky business practices and this is absolutely sneaky..

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