NameLast Hero
ReleaseClick.18 Mobile

Turn-based RPG in real-time. Last Hero is an excellent real-time turn-based RPG for Android devices where you are invited to take part in epic battles against real and virtual opponents.

The gameplay takes place against the background of the post-apocalypse. The game is currently in beta testing, but you can take an active part in testing the game right now and share valuable gameplay suggestions with the developers. The gameplay is made in the format of a turn-based RPG. The gameplay is divided into missions. In each mission, you need to complete a series of tasks and destroy all opponents. Before the mission, you can create a group of fighters who will participate in the battles. Groups can be changed between missions. For victories and completing tasks, you will receive cards with new heroes, as well as various equipment.

Last Hero MOD

Played the very first version years ago, where DNA was still used to upgrade and mutate hero's. Even though the game has lost some of that original feeling it had, it's still an awesome game... I Don't understand how clowns fit in though.... Prefered Zombie Mutants... Just FYI. My experience was that it's downright difficult and very money oriented gameplay, a big chance that we may not be ever get a good SSR hero even after spending a lot of time.. The game is fun. But I don't like the battle rate system. I only loose the game. Somehow the characters are not hard to search for them. The biochemical characters are annoying they shouldn't include them in the game.. Look I know you guys are trying to make money but it seems like every time I do anything there is a pop up asking me to buy something...the game is good... don't be so thirsty. Finalement si quelqu'un ne sort pas la carte bancaire, il lui est quasi impossible d'avancer dans le jeu, avez-vous pens ceux qui n'ont pas accs une carte bancaire ou de dbit ? Vous tuez le jeu. Le jeu est avant le plaisir, et non l'argent, des fois un jeu n'est pas disponible dans telle rgion, parfois c'est la carte bancaire ou rien, vraiment marre..

Last Hero APK

Great! Game! Sure love it some day i will get a SSR hero thank you for this game : love your work. Almost all of the dedicated players have left this game due to lack of maintenance and flat out abandonment from it's staff. No response since March on F.B. or any social platform either. Refunds for bought and earned packs go ignored by dev. team, persistent game crash,cheaters using Mods/APK, events not resetting, missing profiles and I could go on.... I'm sure this was another shady attempt at manipulating $$ from ppl. Another video gambling scam.. Trash greed thg company no free stuff like characters and no free draws for characters.Ive seen nothing but money grubbery from this company.. The most boring game i ever seen, to get new hero is really expensive, and the rewards is so suck..

Last Hero APK

This game is really fun to play at anytime one of my favorites and it is very addictive to play it's hard to put it down well until my battery runs out lol. Played this on the apple centre. The development team abandoned it. Full of bugs and no support even though we kept asking on their discord page Quinn Z. Totally ignored. Even the moderator they asked to be Players rep threw the towel in.we are the 3rd strongest alliance with inactives growing and no new blood to replace them. Players all leaving. Join at your own risk,and spend nothing .p. Love the graphics just think the wording in the story could be written better. Like I reread some things trying to understand what it meant but it is just worded funny. Had to drop a star. The endless battlefield doesn't lode properly 80% of the time making it nearly impossible to complete dailies.

Last Hero APK

This is just a reskin of an older game (Age of Magic). The LH unit abilities are identical to their AoM counterparts. The levels drop the exact same hero shards, items, etc... to me this days the developers may know how to program and skin a game, but they have no idea how to balance it and will just continue to copy updates.. It freezes for a few seconds occasionally & very offer heavy (popups/indicators)... Not sure how much depth there is yet (leaders, tribes, etc.). Here your 5 star!!! But here my review, They give u 20 gold for 5 star, and guess how many gold u needed to do 10 summon? 20k awesome innit???. The game need a good exterm power like marvel Make ther power to be exterm please please just fix it.

Severely pay to win. The packages are priced ridiculously! You will never advance if you wont use cash, and add more insult, their packages are toooo expensive! 5$ for a rare hero?! Yeah right!. So far so awesome.Digging the characters, although I have seen a few on other games. Gameplay is great so far..

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