NameLast Ultima
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Last Ultima is an action-packed role-playing game set in a dystopian future where players embark on a mission to save humanity from an impending apocalypse. The game combines immersive storytelling, captivating characters, and intense combat to create a thrilling gaming experience.

Players assume the role of a powerful warrior known as the Last Ultima, the only one capable of defeating the evil forces threatening to destroy the world. Throughout the game, players must navigate through challenging environments, uncover hidden secrets, and engage in epic boss battles.

Last Ultima offers a wide variety of gameplay options, allowing players to customize their character’s abilities, skills, and weapons to suit their play style. They can choose to fight alone or team up with friends in multiplayer mode to take on even greater challenges.

The game also features a dynamic enemy AI system, meaning that every encounter is unique and requires strategic thinking to overcome. Players can upgrade their gear, learn new abilities, and unlock special powers as they progress, enabling them to become an unstoppable force.

With stunning graphics, an engaging storyline, and addictive gameplay, Last Ultima provides an immersive gaming experience for fans of action RPGs. It challenges players to test their skills, unravel mysteries, and ultimately save the world from destruction.

Last Ultima MOD

I think the graphics for the characters' hair has been the most annoying thing I have ever faced in my MMORPGS experiences. It's flickering everytime I talked to an NPC, it makes super annoying. Other than that this is very much auto play all the way. Very p2w. It's very boring.. Just a same ol' auto play MMO. You can F2P but it's gonna take some times to catch up with those P2W/P folks. Graphic is aight, but the glitches on the ui is sometimes annoying. Don't get me wrong I'm okay with auto play mechanics but when it force to turn it on itself after battle ends without us doing it is just ruined the gameplay immersion... Pretty decent as a game, but the in game monetization is always screaming at your face, buy me! buy me! buy me!, Trash. The average cost per day is 40$-100$ each day to get baby steps ahead, constant freezing poor drop rates, same events over and over and over again and with low server numbers you will be broke and alone her too! , seriously do not waste your time or money.. Too many icons on the screen and too much to do and too many upgrades. It just gets to be tedious instead of fun..

Last Ultima APK

Good. but need updates on variety of skillset to make it more interesting. Although, I was expecting a samurai class. Looking promising so far given it's on version 0.3! A welcome escape from the cluttered interface, automated, shallow-world, and predatory BS that goes by "mmorpg" nowadays. Keep improving on it and you possibly got one of the best in the genre on the market! On that note, some things I found lacking: Skills lock you in place, and there's no dodge feature; There not even at least a simplistic mini-map; no logout or character change button; somewhat lacking control and camera customization;. All the modern things that ruined gaming. Customization is not good, the classes are all over the top and not appealing, level up is given too easy, ex...talked to a person and shot a bad guy, got 6 levels. It also has auto play. The voice acting over done and sounds like someone reading off of a page.. Good game spent over40$ on it and can't even log in the game I have my character but can't get in the game after I choose my character it just kicks me out the game back to my home screen on my phone. Would give it higher if I can log in the damn game and play.

Last Ultima APK

The graphics are good and the gameplay is smooth but Urg! How I HATE the mechanics!!! How does it make sense for me to already be level 46 in -20mins of playing??? It's a auto battle auto quest game with gacha elements. Not worth your or MY time don't download. I cant enter the game its error i love the can please fix it soon as you fix this you get 5 star from me . I played this game using gmail login. After some days when i tried to login my account and character is deleted and even my money is gone. I want to give negative star to developers but since it's not available i can't give it. A player invests time and money but one day he/she finds it that his/her game char gets deleted. Its unfair to players who invests.. I just download your game I've played tutorial to level 91 and the game disconnected giving a server error please fix 8t won't login!.

Last Ultima APK

I didnt even make it to level 30 before the game started crashing with "host" errors. I redownloaded twice and on the 2nd time i couldnt even fully download.. This game is full of bugs, if you buy any thing with real money you could 70% not get it and dont even bother opening a ticket as support almost dont existe, you would open a ticket detailing every thing that happend and you might get a reply and if you did then the reply would be something like: whats the name of the box you opend? as if they cant see the log by them selfs. so yah, stay away from this game, many people stoped playing bcz of this and they merge servers trying to save it.. Where the female/male samurai class with the katana that was shown on tik tock im tired of assassin and warrior, mage, gunner classes!. After dowmloading this game, I can't even play this game cause its doesn't works AT ALL. I can't even FIND the NPC "Lily" on the map.

Cool game if you like playing against bits and game makers that gain 20 million power in 3 days.. I've pretty much played them all and by far this one is the worst when I comes to competing with mods and game makers trying to get you to spend more money.. Game is fun, but WAY TOO MUCH requires you to pay with actual cash. Everytime you get an item it requires some sort of payment transaction and is annoying as hell. Put all the payment stuff in one small area. Fix this and I would give a better rating. The forced tutorial is horrible, forcing you to do things you don't want to do with resources you don't want to spend on things you don't want to spend it on. You have thousands of insulting bound diamonds you can't use to buy very much, and timed sales costing 1 diamond you can't get w/o cash, putting you behind from the start. There are things that are hostile to new/free players if they didn't join the server at the right time, such as unlocks you can never get. Game would be great otherwise.. This is a Diablo clone. To be more precise, this game is like if Genshin & Diablo Immortal had a baby (I'll change rating as I keep playing).

terrible connection to any server and won't allow for full manual operation... auto path or bust. not liking it much but it's early. initial impression however is garbage.. I would love for us to be flying like In Revelation M. game, instead of using a unicorn or a mount to ride. Where is the "detailed face customization"? Once you pick your class it takes you to 4 pre-made faces saying that's the detailed customization area. When you pick one it takes you straight to the game.. The game has a lot of bugs like telling me to fuse items I can't fuse or upgrading things I don't have the material to upgrade plus the game is not player-friendly at all they don't show you the events and don't guide you how to do things just let the auto play do the work for you not to mention the stupid auto fight that drag you all over the place and they let you arrange the skill to use in order just for the auto fight to ignore it.

Good graphics. Open 3d world. It's a play itself, stack bp RPG. Changed from 5 star to 2 star after the game just lied about event times and rendered all the save up materials I was working on to useless. Carnival said it has 2 days left, then it changed the currency reward halfway through it before I used my items. Can't redeem them. Wasted my time, cool downs, and money. And the game isn't cheap. Rip off program. I was very interested in trying this game out, but found the graphics integrity significantly compromised... As if the object skin or facets were incompatible or poorly supported. Could clearly see the shapes as they rapidly flickered through several shades and transparency levels. I even reduced my settings, with no positive results. -- Google Pixel 8 Pro, Android 14.. Game very glitchy keeps kicking me out of you don't fix it then I will be forced to delete it otherwise I like it so far. Fun to play in the beginning then you find out how p2w heavy it actually is. Servers are dying within 2 weeks. Most of the events you can't play unless you spend. The x-mass event is useless, there is not a single "daily" event that gives LESS than what you get from the x-mass event, which ofc, it's a roulette with like 0.004% chance for the best prize. P2w players also have a shield like a 2nd life, no sure but i assume it has a CD so by the time you destroy the shield it spawns again..

I enjoyed playing this game. Until it bored the hell out of me. Everyday doing the same things eventually begins to look like doing chores. If a game feels like chores it's not a game!. Very nice game but we need more Pvp and more PvE! We have to wait every day to play the missions.... It's a very beautiful game but also very $$$ hungry. I get it but the start up was like buy me buy me!!!. Auto battle auto pathing takes absolutely no skill, brains, or appendages to play. Boring idle bull$hit which is a shame because it sure is pretty..

It was good until I reach level 800 and can't do awakening to reach next level so I can equip my level 19 gears that is sitting in my bag ..... I mentioned this problem to gm for over 1 weeks, now I reach level 810.... problem still not solved..

Download ( V0.3.0 )

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