Lintrix APK Mod 1.0.11 (Unlimited Money)

Last update February 13, 2024


An entertaining logic puzzle game with puzzle-action elements with an unusual design. A mobile game application device is made in the “puzzle” genre with puzzle action elements in a space setting.

The game has a built-in Russian language, so you should not have problems understanding what is happening. Lintrix right now, and immerse yourself in exciting gameplay. The game has some semblance of a plot. You appear in some magical world consisting of crystals with different abilities. Moving through numerous levels, you will gradually reveal the universe’s secrets and discover how exactly you ended up in this world. As you understand, the game is divided into levels. Each stage is a kind of location.

There are one or more strongholds in the center of the level. Crystals are scattered around the perimeter of the fortresses. Timestamps along the edges of the screen indicate how much time is left before the enemies reach the edge of the screen. You must use crystals to create a kind of barrier, thus preventing enemies from reaching the fortresses. However, note that a crystal can only be connected once. Each time, the crystals will be arranged chaotically. This forces you to think about your subsequent steps since any wrong action can be the last in this attempt.

Lintrix MOD

Graphics, Gameplay, Puzzles , specially the Music is very enjoyable and very well made. I am one day in playing this already am digging it. Amazing work from Nekki.. I enjoy the game but it requires keys a timed resource to restart levels it's a trial and error per lvl and if you want a perfect you gotta wait, watch ads or spend currency for keys which is really annoying especially when it doesn't tell you until you run out. It seems like a nice game, it's not my time of game but I only downloaded because of the reviews, only to check them after downloading to see that it is filled with fake reviwers. Atleast try harder, try to give them profile pictures or atleast a name! If you look on the five star reviews, you will find tons of bots and short reviews. That's why I never liked Nekki.. Pay to win... you need an absurd amount of ingame currancy to unlock the third tier of levels. You can't even get that much in the game without buying it. Impossibly hard, Impossibly addictive, Impossibly hard to walk away. Amazing game. Frustration and laughter all at once! Please keep Developing .

Lintrix APK

Ah just brilliant, if you look for minimal strategic game without disturbing ads, this game has a lot to say!. The game is really good and also is very hard at least for me I feel like this deserves more attention than it gives cause this game really worth the time. Review:- Lintrix - A Game that build barriers to defend your existence.. ..Rating:- 3.75/5.. Lintrix Is A Wondrous Exploration And Beautiful Impressive Game.. This Game Enters with a new Concept And Impress the players Very Rapidly.. Likely Graphics And Gameplay Is Beautiful in this Game. And impressive Execution Will attract Our Mind. Coming to Minus Points Nothing Bad In this Game To Share. On whole, this Game is An Excellent And Impressive Game.. I gave it three coz it has cool graphics and make it more exciting some levels are difficult and it is related to horroscope.

Lintrix APK

The game is nice. More than nice, indeed. You have to think many sides at the same time and when you proceed through levels further, you have to play it more to understand. However, I have two little problem, I cannot slide through the levels. The menu won't slide left or right. Plus, when the game highlights a button like "buy keys" or "Solution" it does not give me second option. That means, you have to pick what is highlighted or exit the game. When this two are fixed, I will give 5 stars.. Excellent app... Gave a good experience in play.... Right from alpha to omega. Took a lot of time though, with some very difficult levels, but managed to complete the game with few levels using solutions.... The game have a bug have completed the game with 191 stars and the game looses touch control(cannot swipe between galaxy and cannot build barriers) Secondly the level in (gamma galaxy-baham is impossible to beat with 3 stars) even after using solutions. Didn't expect this, want my personal info for 3rd party countries, didn't think so, don't download, u will be data robbed if u download so. The game is too challenging , after only about an hour of gameplay i couldnt beat a level because of the necessary reflexes..

Lintrix APK

You get to make things happen in your own way using your own idea Also the "quotes" really keeps it going. Strategy arent my cup of tea but somehow these devs have made a fun as hell strategy game I wouldnt expect less from the creators of vektor. It's challenging and relaxing at the same time. As far as I'm into it i haven't experienced forced ads. Great game!. Honestly, after seeing the screenshots, I expected a more calm environment. But I was thoroughly dissapointed when I found out the "calm" environment I expected was just poorly done trap music. Kinda like those 3D YouTube intros. Also, the quality is not what I had in mind. I was very dissapointed by this game, but, I'm still only 10 levels in the game. The lore is...well..weird, but unique. Still have some expectations for this game. But the trap music just ruins the gameplay for me. Honest 4/5.

The quotes are inspiring and you realize quickly that simple is better than intricate - A winner in my book!. The game is amazing! I know you're a small team, which makes it all the better. Amazing gameplay stacked on an interesting concept with beautiful graphics equals games that deserve more recognition. Keep up the good work!. Why am I asked to give permission to third party companies to use my personal data for their benefits, dude I wanna play a game not sell myself for free.. Good game...that's what urged me to give a five star rating. But the difficulty levels needed to be managed atleast for amateurs....

scaning your app with Norton shows that you app have unwanted application that self updates and can be harmful to device. You might want to check this out.. Data robbers. Your data can be transfered to third countries and Nekki limited will be controller of the data and will have every right to share your personal data as they wish. Uninstalled. Reported.. one of those "buy a key or wait to play". no thanks id rather play something that does not require purchases or waiting in order to play. Its an interesting game but id like to play it as much as i would like, not be forced to spend money if i want to keep playing or forced to wait until the game tells me i can play now.. After unlocking Beta, app freeze. Restarted the game and than cannot swipe the screen, just tap the currently displayed levels..

The key system to restart levels is extremely stupid. We shouldn't have to wait (or pay money) to replay them.. this game is awesome but after complating part 1 i cant able to play part 2 the game says lintrix is stoping my phone have no problem but only this have problem i have 3 gb ram and 650 snapdragon so why this is happing plese fix this. It is a very good game. It relaxes my mind. This game is a time-killer. If you like challenges, this game would be fun. It is also good for timepass. Good job nekki!. Well-deserved 4 stars as I made my way through Alpha. *But* when it was time for Beta, the game kept freezing, asking if I wanted to wait or exit the game. After several tries, I ended up reinstalling, only to find all of my progress was lost..

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