NameLittle Big Robots. Mech Battle
ReleaseMY.GAMES B.V.

Exciting battles with the craziest robots. In the game project Little Big Robots. Mech Battle, we are waiting for real confrontations with robots armed to the teeth.

Conduct real-time battles, and test your abilities with players from all over the world. Now you can control armed robots, as well as do whatever you want. You can destroy entire cities, destroy opponents, set up ambushes, and everything to take the enemy by surprise. Have fun in your free time, destroy the enemy and play with your friends. The most powerful robots are waiting for you, all of them are deadly and powerful enough. Unlock new robots to test their power and ability to destroy opponents. Cool weapons, the best combos to suit your play style. Unlock new features, load weapons, bring death to your enemies, and get awesome bonuses.

Little Big Robots. Mech Battle MOD

I don't recommend this game it's sucks when the game started you can choose your robots and then whenever your bots is destroy you can't choose any robots you want and starting to quit by hem self but guys Upgrade your game maybe I can add more star when your game is improve thanks. ranking system is not making any sense... just imagine compete with those with 70 - 100k health n 20k weapon damage while mine is only 20k health n 1.5k weapon damage... not gonna enjoy playing this game unless must spend thousands of money first... really dissapointed. This game chat option, and no gold making options, it's either watch ads. Buy gold or open boxes...the no chat is the worst.. THIS IS VERY FUN BUT IS LIKE TO GAMES MIXED MECH ARENA AND BRAWL STARS. IN MY OPINION I LIKE GAMES THAT DON'T COPY OTHER GAMES.. I can't get pass the initial tutorial looks like a great game I'll revised this post after some bug fixes.

Little Big Robots. Mech Battle APK

Could've great, but falls short. The matchmaking is so far out, you're pul against full teams of players that are much further developed than you are... After getting demolished every other game, you just lose interest. Progress is slow, which is ok, but the smallest of things cost far too much if you wanted to pay to progress a little faster.. This is a great game but please fix the controler (especially joystick) and make customisable UI. Matchmaking is a bit sketchy but it is a pay to win sooo... . It's a fun game, but matchmaking is atrociously unbalanced. Progress is slow without paying, but not too bad, If matchmaking wasn't so bad.. Strategic mature Gameplay.... But it gives network issues when i have any other online background app or notifications. i didn't like graphics theme.. Game do have bots...... There are also unbalanced meta items like grifin, weber, mender, which are way too op than everything else. But lately dev team lowered upgarde charges for lower ranked bots too. Which is way too cool the reponse of team with feedbacks is actually much great.

Little Big Robots. Mech Battle APK

Matchmaking is so off balanced, I've been stuck playing against teams that have an attack more than 10k while my shield is around 18k.. The game is good but I noticed a bug when i ubgraded fujin robot its hp went down please fix this bug. Bruh the opponent team is sooo op and your team only get people who run away when they see 3-4 opponent.. I like how the game is just that it is a bit laggy sometimes and how it may take forever to get something but other than that good game..

Little Big Robots. Mech Battle APK

You have to go up against people many times your strength right out of the gate. Its either spend real money or lose all your bots in the first 30 seconds of a match. VERY bad job on the matchmaking. I am Loving this game Keep up the Great work. I just wish these little guys could swim . Maybe add more open world maps. I have only played for a Day so I don't know yet what else is in store for Me yet , but so far it's looking very good. P.S. I am also thinking of making a few in App purchases.. The game fun. It is like the ads and the ads are optional. Pay to advance and skins and weapons sure but the game is good to kill some time even if you hit a brick wall later on.. Allredy 5 star cuz it semilar to war robot which isu top game I play to I gave it 5 allredy ty fore making this the robots are cute totally not deadly.

2.5D game, lot of ads on ptw, recommends ptw for powerful machs and weapons. Unable to unlock powerful weapons in the free box or spins, only available on purchases. Great experience at rookie level. Game life is quite short.. Most of the robots (all but 1 or 2) and a large portion of the weapons are literally just the robots & weapons from War Robots (didn't even change the colors or names) but in a cartoonish style. But other than that, it is unnecessarily difficult to unlock new stuff.. lord it does give tutorial which u probably skipped and the 4 mechs thing 4 mechs is how many you have and the more u upgrade your hanger the more robots u can use and yes its a pixonic game but probably for little kids. try wwr you'll understand.. It seems like it would be an amazing game but I can't get pass the initial tutorial screen that shows you how to play please fix an I will change my rating thxs.

Really fun little game! Graphics are nice and pay to play isn't all that bad. Hopefully they do a better job leveling out the matchmaking soon. Seems like there's always one or two bots in a match that are just way to over powered. Hard to compete with bots that have double or triple your health Update: game became extremely pay to win and really just killed it for me. Sad too because it really has potential to be a great game. This is a pretty fun and interesting game. I could never imagine that those cold blooded war robots full of destruction can be so cute. Overall experience is good and it kinda reminds me of Brawl Stars but overall it's a good game.. Ochokochi even in this game too? Huh you really want to ruin your playerbase pixonic/my games/UPWAKE.ME dont you?. Its a perfect Combat Game with no glitches or toxic manner.It's a good game to play thats what i mean..

SIMPLY FANTASTIC! The graphics are good, the mechs are nice and powerful. And while playing this game, I never get bored because while playing this game you get a feeling which makes the game more intresting. The weapons are really powerful and the design of the mechs and weapons is amazing. This game was really the old version of MECH ARENA, and you know what? I started to like this game more than MECH ARENA. So anyone want to download this game? Just go ahed and do it. . This game is fire! The game has cute robots, a lot of guns, wonderfull maps and the best part is you can costumize your robot. I would like a robot that has a special ability as transforming in a ball like a hedgehog and move 2 times faster and if an enemy touches it (during the special ability time) the enemy will knock back and take damage. Pls find this review helpful (and press the button |Yes|. Rip off of the original WR. Just a cash grab directed at children. Don't support this company. Horrible community relations and even worse business practices. Hidden ownership by Pixonic because of the attacks on Ukraine. Yes these people are Russian and no they're not any better than the rest of their countrymen. . This game is very grindy. It almost as though to get ahead you need to make in game purchases to deal with overpowered aim-assisting A.I.s. When you get to higher leagues as a free to play, expect to be at the bottom of the leader board. Don't play this game..

The graphics are amazing I love the mech Rhino's power the way he charges twords the enemy close by I amazing keep it up. It's fun to play, like a cute version of mech arena. Unique play modes. Easy to pick up and play. I recommend..

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