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Last update February 13, 2024

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Pretty bright and fascinating toy. Loopine, it is impossible not to pay attention to this game project. You will be able to experience a large number of challenging puzzles that can drag you into the gameplay for a long time. You have to watch different lines and synchronize them, so they never collide. If you look at the graphics, it turned out to be quite simple but no less pretty. Everything here is designed in bright and delightful colors. The picture is simply beautiful and will please the eye of any player.

The gameplay itself can drag on for a long time, but the game will initially seem pretty straightforward. We assure you, it only seems then the absolute madness will begin when it is impossible to pass a single level. The more you play, the harder it gets. Ultimately, you have to make every effort to complete this game.

Do your best, move forward confidently, and enjoy everything that happens. The controls turned out to be very convenient so that you can control the gameplay with one finger. It will be an unforgettable adventure that will give you maximum positive emotions.

Loopine MOD

I would describe it as puzzle game, you can literary just randomly click and still "solve" the levels. But I'd lie if I i said that its not calming.. Absolutely amazing! Kept me on my toes and actually kept my attention. Normally I delete games very quickly after i try them because i have ADD and its hard to find a good game for me. But this one was perfect!. This game is really cool! Such an interesting concept. I loved all the different levels and designs, and I can tell the creator actually put some work into this game. Sometimes the levels were really hard, and it was fun to challenge myself. I only have two gripes with this game: 1) there aren't very many levels, which isn't all that bad, but the game goes pretty quick, and 2) sometimes you try to tap a certain line but another one gets tapped, and it's REALLY annoying. It sometimes is my fault, but a lot of times I tapped at a good place but I guess the game gets confused. Overall a really good game though!. This game is awesome! Once I solve each puzzle I just watch it for a little bit, it's so satisfying! Please create many more levels!. This is great, surprisingly fun addicting and satisfying. Just more levels please! I passed all levels within 3 days of downloading..

Loopine APK

Lovely fairly original concept, quick to understand and increases difficulty at a rate you barely notice as you are introduced to many different shaped levels. The ads are short and skippable, and are so low impact compared to most games that I almost said that there were none, lol. The absolute only complaint I have is that there needs to be more levels! Quite short game at the moment, I hope more gets introduced soon.. Seems like a good puzzle game at first... until you realise there's really only one tactic needed to solve all levels (take each line and hold until just after clashing line goes past, repeat!). For me it meant I got bored after completing the "A" set with no new game mechanics. Shame as nice concept and well implemented in terms of graphics, sound & controls.. This is an absolutely pleasant, enjoyable game. Not hard to finish, no glitches, just a well conceived thought out game. 5 stars all the way. The game's idea overall is innovative and great, but some of these are fairly easy. The music may also be repetitive sometimes in my opinion..

Loopine APK

Really enjoying this. I'm not finding it as easy as others have said here but it's not impossibly difficult either. Music & sound are a single option in the settings so indeed you can't listen to something else at the same time (music, podcast, etc). Ads are reasonable and don't interfere with the game play. Thanks devs for a sweet game.. Gameplay is too basic making the levels very easy to solve. Also unable to play sound from another app simultaneously and ads both are not muted by in-game audio settings and appear frequently.. Great gameplay, fun puzzles, lovely graphics. Not the hardest game but still great fun. Finished in a couple of hours and would happily play more levels.. This game is the best mobile game I've actually ever played. I've been trying to find something I've enjoyed this much for a long time. Just wish it was longer so I could play more .

Loopine APK

I don't mind the fact that this game isn't really difficult. I found it really theraputic and relaxing. There are plenty of other difficult games available if thats what people want. Staying interesting without being frustratingly difficult is a real skill. I would definitely pay for more levels.. Played through the three level packs. While it does get a bit more difficult, it is a pretty easy game where you end up using the same two or three strategies the whole time. It is otherwise a solid and enjoyable game, very well made.. Loopine is definitely worth your attention, it's very relaxing and good for times when you're waiting or in bed, don't lie, we know you play games in bed. ;) My only complaint is that sometimes I'll "fat finger" the wrong line and mess up having to start over.. This game is a very chill game, if you want to kill an hour this game is fot you. The sounds are great along with the graphics but it's not hard once you played a couple of levels..

Zero challenge. Once you understand the basic mechanic, all the "puzzles" are identical. No effort at all to solve them, it just takes a few seconds of annoyance.. Game looks great, with nice relaxing sound effects, music and gameplay, but it's not challenging. I played through the first 35 levels with no mental effort, which defeats the purpose of a puzzle game.. Me and my 8 yr old.son just dived into this game. It's amazing gameplay and concept. And he's better than me!. Fun concept but overall a bit too easy. Seems like one of those games that took way more effort to design than to beat since all of the puzzles are pretty similar.

Absolutely love it. Wish there were more levels. I admit many levels ended up a bit easier than expected but that didn't really take away from my enjoyment.. Really nice and relaxing game! I really like the graphics and the melody. Will there be and ad free version?. Completed. Wish it never ended. Simply beautiful! I love minimalistic games and this one's a charm. Simple idea with calming background music. Deserves a 5-star rating.. This game is strangely addictive. Such a simple concept but it draws you in. Yes, some of the levels are too easy but this just gives the devs the opportunity to add evilly hard ones in future updates..

Wonderful game, I salute the imagination power of the game developers, the game concept, the level design and controlling is very good.. Great Game. Its not what you want if you're looking for a challenge, but great if you want a relaxing game to rewind on.. 1. Its way too easy. Each puzzle is essentially the exact same as the previous one. Also there is a ton of ads so you have to turn off your wifi and data to play without constant interuptions.. Everything is awesome! But if I had to say one thing it would be that the game is too easy..

Relaxing. Interesting. Different. Perfect for those who want a challenge without becoming frustrated. I really enjoy this game. When I first view a puzzle. I think..oh boy this one is going to be hard... and when its not hard to figure out it makes the game relaxing and very enjoyable. Thanks Dev..great job.. Brilliant yet very small game...I appreciate if more challenging levels are added like color mixing.. breaks in the motion.. or merge only specific rings avoiding others. Etc.. This would take game whole new level. More like an idle activity than a puzzle. I found the 30+ puzzles I played sovled in a few seconds, I was barely above a vegetative state to stop a beam of light so it can traverse it's loop without colliding with another light beam. Also there's no sound?. I think the game is way too slow and it doesn't teach you new tricks as you're going along. By the first 5 five levels I came up with a strategy that worked for right about the rest of the game. That's why I answered the question "is the game fun?" with an I don't know, it sure as hell passed the time but the gameplay was repetitive and frankly this can't be called a logic puzzle. My final conclusion is that this isn't the game you're looking for if you want a challenge. It's more of a relaxing stroll with good visuals and great controls..

This would be a cool game but the video adds make it unplayable there was 1 add every 5 levels that was 6 video adds in way less than 10 minutes. I'm in two minds about this game. While it's simplistic gameplay and neutral art style make for an undoubtedly relaxing experience, it's perhaps just a little too easy master for it to be enjoyed for any reasonable period of time. I played this game for less than 10 minutes and had already beaten level 30, and with no conceivable difficulty structure in sight I find it hard to believe that a real challenge is on the horizon. Whatever the case may be, I felt an in depth review was needed. VISUALS - Visually Loopine is non offensive and calming. With a neutral color pallette coupled with a sharp, yet subtle overall art style, it certainly does have everything that we as consumers have come to expect of the mobile gaming world of late. While perhaps not being as impressively exciting as some other games, the developers have done a good job at keeping in line with the 'relaxing' theme of the game. CONTROLS - As far as I'm concerned the controls for this game as near as perfect as can be. They're both intuitive and quick to pick up, and I experienced no issues whatsoever during my time with this game. GAMEPLAY - As stated in the introduction, the gameplay is undoubtedly relaxing. However, Loopine's repetitive nature gets stale much too quickly, and once you've mastered one level you've mastered them all. The game mechanics are fast to pick up and easy to beat, and while this may be attractive to some, I personally prefer games with a little more challenge to them. Even relaxing games such as this. One more issue I have is the apparent lack of a difficulty structure. For example, level 13 was the most challenging up to that point (as is to be expected with any classic difficulty system), but ten level 14 was as simple as the earliest levels? This transpired to be a common theme as I completed later levels. CONCLUSION - All in all I did enjoy my time with this game, and while I won't personally be playing it further, I appreciate the developers efforts. If you're the kind of person who likes simple, easy to pick up games that are of high quality, then u highly recommend Loopine. However, if you like something a little more challenging, I suggest you look elsewhere.. Not really challenging - if you're looking for something to pass the time this may be it, but of you're looking for a challenge skip this I would say. I completed the first 24 levels without any challenge at all, granted it may become challenging later but it didn't captivate me long enough to find out. Good simple presentation, decent graphics.. Loved it. Awesome game to pass your free time. Found it much better than color switch. Kudos to the development team..

A nice app, sadly the difficulty didn't seem to increase and it didn't take me very long to finish the levels but overall a relaxing game to kill some time.. Loved it, original idea very easy to get a hold of the concept Im sad thats its this short and easy, cant wait for new levels Or even a level editor. Very entertaining game. It's great to take your mind away from problems and just relax. I love the concept and design..

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