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Last update September 23, 2023

NameLords of Arena
ReleaseStar Island Games LLC

Try to beat all the players you meet in this game. Lords of Arena welcome to the Lord of this battle arena. If you like PvP games, want to have a great time in your free time, fight against strong opponents, then you have come to the right place. The coolest online game where you can muster up your courage and defeat other players in epic confrontations. Try to collect your strong and powerful squad, which will consist of the strongest heroes. Pump them up, wind them up at the fastest pace, and then crush absolutely all enemies. Show your incredible cunning, the will to win, and then take part in crazy fighting modes.

Get more valuable prizes, experience the incredible abilities of each hero, and earn experience. Do you want to be the very first, fight strong enemies, test your abilities in this new fantasy and become the winner in the battle arena? This game project becomes the best in the RPG genre. The number of heroes is greater, and each of them has its own unique abilities and everything else. Nice graphics that will help each of us to experience the game and get a lot of interesting things from it.

Lords of Arena MOD

Can only get lightning bolt one time then game is over bad game everything locked pay to play armature game.. The app would not play and asked for an extra downloads similar to what others have said. If you play this on pc, go through the R2Games site, otherwise customer service is spotty should you need it.. Game won't load on a Chromebook. I'm want to be able to have my avatar on the non-flash version of the game,but everything I've tried so far says that I have to start from level 1. Developers and game support, PLEASE HELP.. This game is good but there is a great problem . When i played it first time it said me to download an additional data . I downloaded it and played . When I left the game and reopened it , it again said to downolad the data of 211.19 M.B. I was very scared , I downloaded the data and continue playing . I left the game after some time and the next day when I reopened it , it was again saying to download the data .Every time when I open the game next day , it says to download 211.19 MB . Help me .. this game doesnt have the option to tie account to google? im switching phones, how can i play on my new phone.

Lords of Arena APK

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