MAKARA APK Mod 1.5.0 (Unlocked)

Last update February 13, 2024

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Try to start passing the world-famous puzzle! Here you need to begin the passage of an exciting game for android devices. Here you will have an actual batch. In general, you need to solve a couple of puzzles. They will not be simple, do not even hope. You must show all the concentration of the mind at the last levels. Do actions, and come up with formulas and strategies. Compete with other players for the main prize of points. If you defeat the champions, then you will not be equal. They will get more difficult over and over again.

The main character lived in an ordinary world. This game he remembered for a long time. The plot will take place in one of the ancient cities whose name has not been preserved in history. Once there, one person studied for one five. He was inspired by science and other physics. He went through textbooks on his own and wanted to know the world more and more.

After several sessions at the institute, he was utterly weakened. He needed to refresh himself with the bark of science. He sat down at his favorite computer and started creating a particular game. She was supposed to break the minds of all the super intelligent people and break their motivation. And in the morning, he made the last level, gutting his brain to the fullest. An hour later, he died of indisposition.


Interesting game. A little hard to understand at times on where it wants you to start the rope/belt for the pulleys.. I bought this game buy playing paper wings . Makara is a great concept. The beginning is the best into I've see in a while. The games dynamics relate to engineering. Its nothing short of amazing. I would like more upbeat tunes. One of the best puzzle/logic game ever. I really loved it's original game mechanics, simplicity and atmosphere. Well done !. Fun puzzle game, Had an issue with a purchase but the devo fixed it nearly immediately Its worth ditching the ads.. Decent idea, but each level takes no longer than 20 seconds, and three levels are followed by a 30 second ad. So roughly 1/4 - 1/3 of this game is ads..


Clever concept, fun and aesthetically pleasing animations, soothing music and impressive level design. I was about to give up on mobile games completely since most of them are just stale and boring until I stumbled upon this one. Great job and keep up the good work.. fun game but it's getting to the point where i have an ad after every puzzle or two. could it be based on time and number of puzzles or something?. i played 5 puzzles, interesting but uninstalled it after the fourth ad popped up. i dont want a game that shows an ad after every level, especially if the puzzles take less than 10 seconds to solve, ads are very annoying, especially since i cant mute them. get rid of ads and itll be a 5 star game. sorry guys. An outstanding atmosphere for a casual game with great music to company it. Simple but great graphics and a very smooth gameplay. Can't drop it. It is so calming that it can even be used as a stress relief app .


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