NameMake Her Up!
ReleaseRollic Games

Casual adventure with the most unique features. You will have to try hard to make all your customers beautiful in Make Her Up! It will be the brightest and most colorful show, which cannot be refused.

Make all your clients look great, apply your makeup skills and see what happens. They all need only your help, so absolutely everything will be the most beautiful, clean, and washed. It is necessary to choose the right circles, and try to avoid mud puddles to win in any competition. Choose the right accessories that will perfectly match your look. Think over your every step, what kind of image you are going to create, and get to work. Bright graphics are a huge number of the coolest options to make something beautiful. Any hopeless case can be completely different, and you will see this in the results.

Make Her Up! MOD

Weirdly addicting; it's fun to get clean! I noticed all the makeovers are in the style of 2010s emo, which is fine . . . I mainly dislike that all the black characters' makeovers ends in a cornrow hairstyle. Love cornrows but would like to see some diversity. But otherwise, yeah, way too many ad breaks. I'm sure the game is mainly a scam lol.. I didn't experience any problems with the game, but it just gets so repetetive eventually... You get the same characters over and over and it gets boring.. I normally dont review games, but I just have to say how terrible this is. This game crashed my phone twice within the 5 minutes I had the game. Not worth it.. Horrible. This game is awful, it doesn't follow my movements and it lags so much it makes the game unplayable. It's not my phone as I have more then enough space. I'm uninstalling.. It's a pretty cool game but it was weird because it keped giving me the same coustemer, and there were sooooo many adds. I think those things you get to go on the person your coustemer, I think they want you to watch it on purpose. It's weird that you lose on the first level, And also the faces that they make are creepy like I'm not gonna lie..

Make Her Up! APK

i guess it's okay but the first round kinda annoyed me so far even though I did everything right she still stayed gross and got insulted. Game wouldn't even load, I installed it and tried to play it twice but it froze and then kicked me out both times. On one of the lvls I couldn't even move the character properly so it lead me to get a bad score. I really like this game, however the amount of ads is unbelievable. I think it is ridiculous that you need to watch an ad before, after, and even in the middle of a run. You also need to watch ads to claim stuff that you've earned. Overall, this game is very entertaining but it's cons are almost outweigh the pros..

Make Her Up! APK

Dude every time I open the app it closes right away i deleted it then re download it and Still no my phone works on everything else but that. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. it broke my phone for an entire hour because of how slow it was, It didn't even last the five minutes I played it. this game should be removed permanently bc of how booty it is. the first round wasnt even fair. i did all of the right things and lost. the graphics are alright, but i recommend the first round you have while entering the game be easy and fun, not something you cant win. plus you get bad reviews when it wasnt your fault. this game needs improvement a lot!!. Only had it downloaded for 10 minutes then deleted it because when you move the character it's always going to end up looking bad and there's some glitches to where it doesn't let you move to the other side..

Make Her Up! APK

When I click on no thanks for Diamonds that means I rather don't want no diamonds or ads but still give me anyways after after I click no thanks.. One of the game ads legit crashed my entire phone and i had to do a hard reset. And the movements are indeed very laggy. It just does not seem worth it at all.. froze and is really glitchy. I hate how this game works because its telling people that you HAVE to be beautiful for people on the live to like you.. The game is actually pretty addicting, but everytime I try to watch an ad for one of the rewards it doesn't do anything. Also some of the looks repeat over time so it gets boring really fast..

I really likee this game but now I hate this game because it's so laggy it crashes it don't let u nove I like this game but PLS MAKE IT BETTER and yr gonna say in the future it'll be better but it won't. The game acutally sucks. I cant swipe or do anything. I just sit there and it lags my device to the point it disconnected me from the game. Theres nothing wrong with my device because before I downloaded the game it didnt lag and there was no issues with it.. Didn't even make it through the second level before an ad completely froze my phone for about 3 minutes. Not really worth the download. most of the time the rounds aren't even long enough to make the character look even slightly good even if you get most of the "good" items/traits. too many adds and like everyone else says... poorly made.

I found this app on titkok and I thought it would be fun until I downloaded it, it was fun but then this certain level got me and the whole game glitched and it turned black then this deep voice said I found you then it went back to the game. Horrible I usually don't write reviews but this one was so bad it was so slow ads were constantly popping up who ever made this game needs to fix the whole game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, it literally broke my phone and I couldn't turn it on at all. I got alarms and it said I could reset my phone but everytime I pressed it, it didn't do anything. It was that laggy, I had to wait an hour till it died. It's fine. Boring. It was interesting for the first couple of levels but now it's just the same thing every level. No thanks..

It's a fun game but I have a problem with it. The only hairstyle black girls have is just braids AND the lips look very plump.. plus the white girls have an entire CATEGORY of hairstyles?? PLUS the boys have only one hairstyle and one makeup style.. Please fix these stereotypes.. . Controls are difficult and are slow reacting, the game itself is also really laggy and instantly kicked me out after just playing 3 levels. What can I say? It's bad. The controls are kinda wonky, it moves all the way to the right with the slightest touch. The levels feel as though they are built to make you fail.. This game is so go i just want to play it all day oh and 4 more days until my b-day# b-day means brither day but its a little shorter.

To much adds and the comments are the same over and over again, after every round there's another add, WHY!!!!. it is sooo soooo I mean so glichy I can't play it for more than 10 seconds without it freezing or kicking ne out. It works wonderfully when I turn off my wifi, but when I go to play with my wifi on it lags so bad that my phone won't turn off and it wouldn't even let me leave the app. I assume there is probably WAY to many ads on this app. I kinda wish we didn't need to watch a video to unlock any of the things we earn.. READ the reviews first. I could not play it due to lag, then it wouldn't load. It's bad, I had to remove 2 great games for these one omg don't waste your time!!.

Laggy 10/10 don't recommend dumb don't download it will make your phone lag unless your somewhere without wifi then it works pretty good so I give a one star review.. Too many ads one after every level too much ads also have 3 phases before it can be closed. Looks good 2/5. Terrible terrible terrible! Would not stop lagging and wouldn't let me play I almost broke my phone cause of it!. Lags so much, its literally unplayable. I couldnt get past the second level, it stopped working because it asked me to review..

I tried playing for a couple or so rounds and it's....definitely something. I really don't recommended this have to anyone; especially since it's little degrading towards women.. Very laggy and unplayable. It crashed my phone only with the first level, and only got worse. Do not reccomend. Froze up my phone, disconnected my connection and erased itself from my google account upon opening it for the first time. No thanks.. Honestly its fine, Nothing like other reviews though, Very annoying controls and ads after EVERY ROUND that's two stars off but that's it nice game, Keep it up!.

The dirt options stay forever but you could go through a whole level choosing only the clean/makeupboptions and shed still be filthy. It's irritating. It's very fun and for the people complaining about ads they have to have them since the app is free!! It's the only way they make money just watch the ads and play the game. the character doesn't change when you do the water and the makeup and then it gives you a bad rating like it's your fault.. Its good until level 39 I don't bounce when i clearly hit the bounce pad and i fall off the map.

This game lags so much I didn't even get to play it. As soon as I installed it and opened the app my phone froze at the loading screen. It wouldn't let me go to my home screen or turn the volume down so I turned my phone back on and off again and uninstalled it.. everything was a little great until stage 29 i keep on falling an falling its always the damn second pad the game was good until that burden apeared. I was actually really enjoying this game at first but there's no way to get past level 29. Literally it's not possible, I've had to close and reopen the app over and over and over and I cannot get through that level because the bouncing pads just aren't in the right place. Please, for the love of all things good, just test your game. Test it before releasing it cause this is just ridiculous.. Really laggy, to sensitive, finished first level and already asked me to rate it, not a fan, really should have worked with it more before releasing bc omg....

It was the most dreadful thing that happened to me when i saw the how bad it was it made me want to kill myself. It's kind of laggy and it wants to freeze on the other hand it's good but it's just too bad. This is a fun game but it's supper laggy! I like the gameplay but I can't play the game if it lags every 2 seconds! I own really good wifi, and it's rare for it to go down, so for this game to be laggy is saying it needs work. You would go for the blue but would get 10 of the red. Other wise it's decent. The sliding is glitchy even if I hit all of the wash stations there's still sewage in her hair right now it's kind of impossible to win..

the game was fine, really. just your average ad-filled poorly made game which I don't mind. then I got to level 29 and there were these constant jumps on the pad things or whatever. one of the jumps are way too close and you keep falling off the edge and you can't stop it from doing that. so no matter how hard you try, or what you do, you will always fail that level. and you will ALWAYS have that burden of being such a failure that you fail a poorly made mobile game. thanks for the burden. Terrible game. I couldn't hardly move and itwould freeze every time I attempted to. Then within failing three levels, it gave me an ad. Love the idea, but I cant play it, at all! It's so so laggy, extremely laggy! It freezes constantly, I can't move, the touch imput is horrible, I'll try to move around and it just completely freezes whenever I try to do something.. Literally nothing about this app was really good. The game was literally so laggy like... Painful and I could not play it because of the lag and then the ads every single time, no breaks....

I've had lots of issues where the tracking doesn't work, and you move at a very slow pace, causing the game to break. If you have this problem you can just close the app and it'll be fixed however it is very annoying. I think it has potential to become a fun mindless game. The end results are always very pretty if you do well! And! there's not many ads :]. Honestly the repetitive gameplay gets so boring after awhile but at least it isn't as uncanny as those other games still a bit uncanny but yeah I haven't played it with wifi on cause I didn't want ads.

Download ( V2.4.0 )

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