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This mobile application is wholly dedicated to scary monsters. Mammoth is an absolute monster who will repeat different phrases after you and be quite playful. It is he who will be able to learn the newest tricks in the future so that you have fun every day.

You have to discover the most incredible animations, new worlds and find yourself in a completely unreal place. There will be a lot of activities going on here, you can play some mini-games and also have a great joke. You can stop at any time and do everything more correctly.

The texcitingeresting thing is that this Mammoth will repeat everything you say after you. He will be able to giggle when you want to tickle him, visit new places, and experiennaturalhis real world for yourself. You can spin the coveted wheel once every four hours, and then win absolutely free diamonds.

You can make your monster dance, perform incredible tricks and other exercises. Feeexcellentur fabulous friend sweets, and unlock unique combinations and unique worlds. You can share your video on social networks and show what exactly you were able to achieve.

Mammoth MOD

This is a really bad app made by amateurs. They clearly do not dogfood their own product because if they did, they would know that it doesn't work in there is intermittent connectivity, which most of the time you are on the mountain. They need to hire software developers who understand mobile phones. The fact that the first this the app does is always hits the Internet and then waits to timeout is, once again amateur coding at best.. Such a cool app! It's been years since I've been to Mammoth and this app is a wonderful addition to make your adventure even better. Went snowboarding recently, used it to keep track of my party members, compare stats and even drop off rental gear. Didn't have any technical issues (on Galaxy S10), it was so nice to just have the map on my phone. Really glad Mammoth made this app, will use it every time I'm here. Highly recommend!. The app stopped working for me after this last update. Literally nothing works anymore. All I get is spinning circles like it's loading, but it never loads.. Pretty nice when it's working, but it often hangs on startup. Just need to force close it and relaunch it; it eventually works. It also often complains on its home page that I'm offline even though I'm connected to a perfectly good wifi network. I just dismiss it and move on.. Weather info only updates if I uninstall and reinstall app. Basically worthless since I'm not going to do that daily.

Mammoth APK

Sets the bar for mountain resort apps! Well designed, easy to use, great tracking feature w/chat for groups of people. Doesn't eat up too much battery or RAM, either.. Despite me turning tracking on, and saying track alone, it doesn't track at all. I turn it off at the end of skiing, it appears to have been on the whole time, but nothing. Most of the time it wont even allow me to log in just like their website its not well designed and Its broken. Just as the website needs some fixes done so does this application. I should be able to log in 1st try no issue, instead I have to try and spam log in with the same pass I've always had and i get either "unauthorized" or "something went wrong" as a msg. I even tried resetting my pass and that didn't help at all and you can't choose your new pass. Fix the app and I'd easily give 4stars.. App sucks. For a business that is a sister business to another, you'd think they would have the same app. And by that I mean Palisades Tahoes app is way cleaner and easier to use and navigate. Not only that it actually works. I can't even use the mammoth app because it won't let me make an account. But it also says I can use my account info from the Palisades app to sign in. Not even that works. So basically the app is useless for me..

Mammoth APK

Lots of nice features, I wish I could evaluate if they work. Requires internet connection to start tracking, and this isn't available at mammoth any halfway busy day, even using their own wifi. If I can't use it, it is useless. So I can't give any stars above min. They critically need a way to use their features without an internet connection.. Compared to the Palisades app, there is much lacking. Map provided in app is unreadable, does not label lifts and runs. Could not even create an account to track my stats, filled out every information box, but was still told there were fields missing.. The update looks slick but the items we view most aren't clickable from the home page (lift status and snow report) and all of the data streams don't seem to have updated since 11/3. We use this on the hill to decide where to go, and without real-time data it's functionally useless. A once great app now sucks. This new update is confusing to use and the links for weather and cams are always broken. The old app my have been visually out of date, but everything was right there, and easy to find on the homepage. There isn't even a map with the runs on it anymore; just ads for the LA Rams watch party. My suspicion is that ikon wanted the local app to be terrible so you have to use theirs. :(.

Mammoth APK

Why is it showing the bike map? Can't seem to switch to the ski run map (if that's even still there), and this is on November 2, 2021, the cams work in the app and are showing snow.. The old app seemed way easier. The Map was way easier to navigate and the cams were more available and easier to flip between.. Please provide a way to log in without Facebook. I deleted Facebook and it is not coming back, not even for Mammoth. This app is very well maintained. I would say it's just as accurate and user friendly as the full website. The trail map is excellent and works well. I love the different filters to see open and closed trails/lifts. Accurate weather description and no bugs from what I see. Great app..

Pretty good app. I installed it on a new phone prior to some Spring skiing a week ago. I like the tracking features while skiing but it's not always easy to see and start while out on the slopes. I'd like an option to switch menus to bigger, more visible, buttons I can scroll through when outdoors.. I've been having two big problems with the app. First, the trailmap is hard to use. Since it consists of two separate sections it is very hard to zoom in to a specific area without accidentally switching it toggling between them and throwing off the orientation. Also the run tracking seems to be buggy. Mine stopped twice on two separate days for no apparent reason. The accuracy of the run tracking is questionable unless it's counting both uphill and downhill in the vert totals.. I love this app. It's super useful for anyone wanting to know conditions, buying tickets, tracking your location on the slopes. If you need it it's got it.. Mammoth is a great place to visit year round, not just winter. The app is a great way to monitor changing resort conditions in the winter..

Skied all day. Probably close to 40,000' vertical, maybe 30-40 lift rides. App said 997' of vertical with zero runs. Uninstalled.. Compared to the app last year this year's app sucks donkey dicks in hell. Especially the weather and the cams. Wish they go back to the old format. This one's a waste of time. Also the tracking app, doesn't work on top of the mountain.. Very informative, especially when weather conditions become challenging, they give real time updates on what's open, what's not and what is planned wether permitting.. This app tracks your location, despite none of the location based features working. You are supposed to be able to log in with facebook and share your location with friends, but the check in doesn't work, so you can't share your location with your friends. By logging into facebook you are actually just giving them more ways to track you..

Terrible. Log in to your account and it ask if you want reload for the next day. If you don't, there's no option to adjust dates or days. You have to go thru the whole purchase process, including adding your card number again. Then, you have to log in again. Why have an account if you have to double your efforts.. This app made planning our days really efficient. Early in the season as the trails open, knowing which lifts and runs were available was great.. I have two emails registered with mammoth. The app does not allow me to logout and login with the other. Even when deleted and reinstalled the app does not purge the old email /account.. I like the app. It's easy to use, with everything on the first page. I hate drop down menus and this site doesn't have one. Makes me happy.

The October 2019 update will not run on my phone (LG V20 on Android 8.0). Previous versions worked fine. App doesn't even come up - black screen only.. Reports part of the app is useful for weather conditions and grooming reports. Apart from that, it crashes repeatedly, ie every few minutes. Sent report log. Lack of a genuine menu is unacceptable. A real menu would have a help button to explain how to use the app, FAQs, etc. Google Pixel 1. Seeing your location on the map is nice. Can't check in without the app force closing, so unable to see friends on the map. The tracking isn't even remotely close to actual stats. Day 1 I skied about 20k. The app said I did 50k vert. Day 2, after riding my first lift, it said I skied 1.6k and did two runs. I hadn't even moved a foot downhill. App gives excessive notifications with no way to selectively disable them. App also forces you to have a FB account to create a profile. (Perhaps so they can mine data with FB?) It doesn't give you an option to create an account using your pass number or email..

I just used the app for the first time this season. The first day it recorded 23 runs. It was only 2 different then my count but the 2nd it recorded 50 runs in 3 hours and the 3rd day 43 runs in 3 hours. I can't believe it is so in accurate. It should be easy to track a skier each time their badge is scanned. This app is worthless Today 1/28/20 I tried the app again. Today I had 114 runs. I'm superman... Has been great for 5 years until recently on my samsung S7 edge and now it is only a black screen every time I open it.. It will not open on my Samsung S7 Edge. have restarted, uninstalled, and reinstalled. displays black screen and does nothing else. useless.. App always crashes when I try to check in or load profile. Tracking has never worked for me. Reports on open lifts is very helpful. Interactive map does not scroll well or zoom well..

I was there week of 12/15/19 and it worked fine on my S10+. the only problem I have is after I shut the app down at lunch or something to remember to start it again so I always lose a few runs but that's on me. I'm curious about two things my top speed is 10 miles an hour less than last year. Is it actually top speed or is it the average speed for a run?. I am at the Main lodge and the app still won't record. App states "you must be at the resort to record". The app has location access so what gives?. My Samsung S7 also has a black scree when I open then app. Also locks up the phone. Had to remove thee app. Unusably glitchy on LG V30. 12-20-19 Friends don't work, profile screen crashes app, constantly getting notifications on phone for no reason.

I have used this app for years with moderate success. It would record most of my runs, but not all of them. Therefore the stats were way off. Earlier this year it would show all the lifts and runs "closed," even when they were open. I uninstalled the app, then tried to reinstall it several times. But now all I can get is a black screen. So, my real rating today would be zero stars. It needs to be fixed.. This app is currently FUBAR. Screen goes black and locks up my Samsung S7. Had been on my phone for 3+ years, no longer works. Removed and reinstalled 3 times. Same result.. A lot of people with good attitudes and a lot of punk's with badd attitude. Large crowd 1st day didn't help any.. Poor map quality, clunky speed tracking, and a check in proceedure through Facebook means 2 stars. The Squaw app is much better..

Great concept, needs more work. Tracking results are inconsistent and appear inaccurate. It says I did 170 runs and 66 miles in one day... really?. I haven't taken the time to fully utilize all that this app has to offer, but the snow reports and the lift status is very helpful!. really a great app - be sure to load it up prior to hitting the slopes - you need data, and cell service may not be there. Mammoth Mountain's application is really great. The interactive map is convenient, and the events and dining options are swell. A minor inconvenience is the geofencing: maybe make the local events available to recent arrivals, or those arriving soon. Thanks!.

Really useful for weather, map etc. Reports are useful, events are neat. On the down side: Tracking is deeply unreliable and inaccurate; the speed was half what I was actually doing. Thee UI needs work too, it's really easy to fail to start it; press Record and then move slider. Check in can take several minutes.. Great app! Up to date lifts, runs, and weather. Easy to use. Sometimes it takes a while to load, but worth the wait.. Decent app only works on IOS. It worked on my iPhone and the tracker was really cool feature. However, after I downloaded it on my Pixel, the tracker told me I ride 96 runs a day! I wish I could really ride that many a day! please fix it!. Great app, has all the information you could possibly need. My only minor issue is navigating the map, its very sensitive to scrolling across when you're zoomed in so you end up switching maps a whole lot..

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