NameManor Matters

Manor Matters will find you in the mysterious Castlewood mansion. It is here that you will have to find a variety of hidden objects. Try to restore this mansion and find out precisely what mysteries and secrets it keeps. An ancient legend, fascinating search possibilities, and an encounter with ancient treasures. Are you ready to plunge into this world of adventure, discover all the secrets and find many items? Now you have absolutely everything to dive headlong into this exciting game. Do your best to restore this mysterious mansion and learn many new and exciting things about it.

Enjoy a natural search for items, collect stars and get fantastic bonuses. Experience a variety of game modes, and use the search elements. Constantly decorate the mansion, use stylish items, and get complete satisfaction. Over time, you can open new locations, and find incredible treasures. Feel like a real detective, investigate the story, unlock all the mansion’s mysteries, and enjoy such an incredible story.

Manor Matters MOD

Omgawwd! A game that has all my favorite games in one! Picture search, match 3, adventure in a forest, renovate!!! A dream come true!!!!!. The gameplay is kind of fun, but the design of the furniture and walls all mismatch. I had a nice purple wall, but I can only seem to have green flooring and red chairs, nothing goes together and for that reason I stopped playing.. I absolutely love this game but I have a problem with the lives it gives..devs need to come up with something better than getting people on Facebook to play..most everyone I know don't play games so that makes it very hard for me to play any length of time. Storyline is great and makes you want to play more. Please make it to where we can join teams to make friends and to get lives. It would make more people want to play!. Not enough moves or powerups to finish puzzles to progress in the game. At first its was fun and now after leveling up past level 100 its impossible unless you throw a bunch of money into the game.. I USED to love this game but now most of the game is match 3! Most of the hidden object rounds are too easy and they've taken away most of the scenes! The garage, bedroom, canal, shopfront, attic ,library, observatory, living room, day room, kitchen, garage ALL GONE! Please put it back to how it was!.

Manor Matters APK

I've been playing the games for almost 3 years. I used to get addicted for the game as it helps when its a stressful day. However, now the games are more stressful than any other bad day. The match three game are nonsense at times, how am i supposed to win when there bunch of obstacles with minimal swipe. Not to mention the paper plane keep on missingthe target and went somewhere else. Hoping the Manor Matters could handle the issue properly as I like the adventure journey in the game :). I downloaded this game cause i loved the hidden objects and sometimes puzzles. Now you have added a match 3 game and there is rarely the hidden objects games. Please bring back the older game!!!!!! If i wanted to play matching games i would have download them!!!!!. Update version is not loading as previous version since updated two days ago. It has been updating to 34% and stopped over the last 30 hours. Frustrating and giving up. Reduced to 1 star rating. We're Sharing with Y'ALL'S Family and Friends and Coworkers!!ii!! This'll be great Game!!!!??? What's happening with you ALL?? See What thinking about This Weekend and Training's available for Y'ALL'S Too???!!.

Manor Matters APK

I wish you would put an option to skip the hidden object game. I don't see well and therefore I can't complete it and move forward. Thanks!. I used to love playing this game, unlocking the different rooms with levels (+ the room paintings), & decorating the manor. Finding the hidden objects was my favourite part of the game because no matter how hard it was to find them, I always beat the levels, and I used to play sometimes around 20 levels a day. But ever since the major update (the whole candy crash thing), the levels have become unbelievably hard to the point where I get stuck weeks or months at one level.. Used to be fun, now far too many match 3 puzzles levels which are stupidly difficult, instead of the scenes I installed it for.. I really like it but I am starting to not like it so much. The cloud levels are just to hard most of the time. I am getting stressed out because of it. I also could use more time on some. Edit on 9/10/23 I used to love this game but since they added the other game to it where you match the colors. I am not liking it much anymore. If I can't pass it then I can't play what had me loving the game in the first place. I'm removing stars from 4 to 2. It's sad it was my favorite game and now it's not!.

Manor Matters APK

This game was really enjoyable but now they have included the match 3 levels which is really disappointing.I emailed you on July 20 regarding my feedback on Manor Matters. It's now September 9 and I haven't received a response.I'm still waiting for your reply, and frankly, it's quite disappointing. In that email, I suggested two solutions to improve the game, and I was hoping for at least some acknowledgment of my feedback.I hope to finally hear from you soon and see some action taken in game.. i used to love this game but i stopped playing this due to continuous network error even though i am connected to the internet. i tried to install the game again just now but i was meet with the same error (even now!). hopefully this will be fixed soon because i really love playing this game :(. Let s make this blunt but simple. I am vision impaired. I can't find the hidden objects. Why are they in this game? Make a game just for them. Next: I have fallen asleep trying to beat a level. People don't enjoy doing the same board over and over. Yeah, they might buy a couple extra turns to get past it. But they'll learn their lesson when you just make the level after the next, also a hard level. And then they'll quit playing.. After receiving rewards the game crashed I don't know why, I already clear the cash, uninstall and installed it but the same problem occur .

I'm stuck in level 435..I've got so many rewards that when I tap to continue the game crashes..I cannot go to the next level..can somebody help me..tq... Its awful!!! Terrible graphics, lots of bugs,slowed movements, when u think u have finished the game, and use additional help figures,they dont hit the point!!! I have too play it for tapjoy! Otherwise I would uninstall the game. Quite the fun and relaxing game! The mini games are fun to play and give you rewards! Come try and see for yourself.. it is fun ,fun to play ,to listens or read the conversation It's easy game ,& the mini games make you think on the process.

I like the game but it keeps freezing up and I can not do some of the puzzles. Fix the issues and I will be back.. I was really enjoying the app, but there's a glitch about 3/4 of the way through "Day 4" and it won't let me do the next tasks. I don't like how you guys removed the finding games it's all match 3 now and it's really boringg I have played this game since it had the finding games in it. Customer service is nonexistent with this game. Just an automation which doesn't fix anything. I have done all the bot has asked and still my game freezes and won't give rewards earned. I have tried it on my phone and my tablet and same issue. Not worth the hassle especially when there is no actual person to assist or notify the issues..

Well what to say... I like that they have this other format, where you have to find things and the renovation part is neat too, as well as the story but when you get past the beginning it takes loads of stars to make progress story wise. I'm a little over lvl 500 and trying to get to lvl 1300 for a reward in a different game. But it's frankly exhausting at this point. The level difficulty... sigh. Now they have an event where my game freezes every time I click on it. Yay... I want need to play a game, why blank turn off all times! Still going on to manor matter. Please keep them.. I want to play a game with 1 storyline. I'm searching for a game where a mother and daughter find shelter, then food, mother tries to find a job and the child should finally go to school.. Can you please bring back the old version one, I mean the search scene part. I missed it. I love the search scene compared to the Match 3. I'm losing interest to play Manor Matters now because of the Match 3. .

Its really fun, and its not hard to keep doing stuff. But when I started playing it was only the mini game of founding things. I hate the update they made with the match 3, specially because almost all the minigames are those now. I thinks is really annoying, it was my favorite game. Really great game and fun to play too. I enjoy playing it so much too. It's awesome, cool, amazing, terrific, and wonderful too. It's perfect and fantastic job too. It's beautiful and pretty too. It's really super fun too.. A fun game, but the hard levels are too hard and use up all the accelerators. Now out of all of them and stuck. Deleting. Having an issue with the special event. Every time I get an award, it feeezes in this new one. I really like the events where you have to match the items to collect items to fill the photo albums..

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