NameMARVEL Super War
ReleaseNetEase Games

MARVEL Super War is a MOBA recreation developed by NetEase games, and it has 10 million downloads within the Google Play Retailer! On this superb recreation, you’ll play as one of Marvel’s iconic heroes to attempt to destroy the opposite staff’s base. You’ll work with groups of 5 with their very own roles. If you love MOBAs and Marvel, this one is ideal for you! Learn to study extra.


The reason I gave it 4stars is cause I have some issues the map has a little arcade look I wish you would optimize the look of the game,also matchmaking is a little long but it's got the qualities of a great moba game so I'll give it 4 stars for now I'd be happy if many more people try this game.Just try it u will know why I said this has the qualities of a great moba it's fun and competitive. Very fun and unique, with more "fast paced combat" than other MOBA have. Super War is good for a change of pace if you play multiple moba or if you like moba but can't commit to long matches. [Edit] In reply to the numpties who have left silly reviews. You scale your graphics up in the settings, and you can purchase heroes with free currencies, gold & crystals. . I AM SICK OF YOUR UNTRUTHFUL MATCHMAKING IT SAID IT'S ESTIMATED TIME WAS 2 MINUTES BUT IT WENT PASS 5 MINUTES.UPDATE YOUR MATCHMAKING PLEASE.. So far the gameplay is nice, earning points to recruit a hero is kinda challenging.. I believe there is always a room for improvement keep the game making it better for everyone... The game kinda unfair because people keep using op heroes again and again but I wish the game have draft pick so can ban heroes like other moba game. it will make the game fair and challenging.


I'll give 4 star for now, Because of the finding a match takes too long. Over all the game is good, I hope you make the match making time a little bit faster to find match.. Waste of Time - Don't bother. To put it simply, every single match I am having to report players for gamethrowing. It's ridiculous. Every single match! Yet, nothing ever happens. The report is a placebo effect and people are consistently throwing ranked matches because they think it's fun to do, or they're just selfish and don't get their way. It's a real issue and my match win/loss ratio is ruined because there is nothing to do to stop people from actually gamethrowing. It's disgusting.. Pretty good game, it lasted on my phone for a month. However it needs a major update, from the interface, models, skin designs and splash arts. And in-game adjustments like, items, spells, matchmaking speed, OP heroes, map redesign. Basically, you need an update where issues are resolved slowly, to improve you game! Overall, it was a nice game to play!. As usual the best moba I played but still lacks players, it will always takes you a minimum of 10 minutes just to find a match, all things are amazing, but this matching thing is a let down, please if you can WIDEN THE SERVERS PLEASE,.


Poor matchmaking and team picking You get match with a poor performance teammates while the enemy has a good and well rounded performance. Stop allowing a duo to matchmake with a solo gamer. fix the elo matchmake and make a better and well rounded for all teams.. The game is good, but the problem is when I want to play a rank mode, you have to wait a long time. I really want to play and love this game but the queues are too looooooooong! I don't know what's happening! Upon seeing gameplays online their queue is not that long!. It has a nice graphics but, the matchmaking is too long I waited for 20 minutes or so just for a match to be made hope it gets an action fast..


It is actually a great game but i think it still lacks skins and characters. I would give it 5 stars if more characters will be added since it is the marvel universe. I would suggest some of the x men like cyclops and wolverine. Nut overall its a fun game. By the way i want to add that after the update i cant login anymore. Great gameplay, visual and service. The game is more impressive than I thought, NetEase did an outstanding job. However, the ping is often high, so it should be improve. Additionally, some characters and skins from previous movies should be added. For instance, for the skins: Captain America's Endgame suit; Thor's Age of Ultron suit; Namor's Black Panther 2 design. For the characters: the Red Skull, Ultron, and Apocalypse.. Not all heroes are free (p2w). Skins redeem shop cycles for too long Give up on getting nice skins. Even if you play for months and years, you'll be unable to get the nice one (tbf Marvel tm cost a lot). Edit. September 2023 I did not expect for them to give out one skin that costs so much of real money for free.. the best game i every seen!!! seriously u will love this game! this include many hero and hero enemy u have seen in the movie! totally recommended!!! A+++.

It's fine at the start then I got toxic a teammate he was complaining because he thought we were going to lose but I was just testing a hero it makes the game pretty annoying to play I might just delete it. THE GAME IS SO GOOD IS JUST LIKE MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG MSW IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME ME AND MY FIRENDS ARE PLAYING MSW ALL THE TIME IS WAS SO GOOD I PLAYED WAR MACHINE AND I GOT 17 KILLS AND 2 DEATHS I ALSO PLAYED WA3 TIGER I GOT 20 KILLS AND 3 DEATHS THIS IS SO GOOD I LIKE THIS GAME I LIKE IT THIS IS THE BEST THE GAME IS THE BEST IT IS SO GOOD MY FIRENDS LIKE THAT GAME WE ENJOY OUR GAMEPLAYS IS SO NICE GAME LETS ENJOY OUR GAMEPLAYS AND PEACE ME AND MY COMRADES PLAYING THE GAME GOOD MVP ML. Multiple matches, all 4 teammates just feeding. Reported them but the Devs didn't do anything. Graphics quality wise 1/5, just constant lagging and dead pixels. Would NOT recommend this game unless you want to blow youroney and time.. Dead Game with Noob players, why 1star? Simply cause not only there's many noob players there's also many cheaters even if u report them they dont get banned, thats why they keep appearing many many cheaters in this game its not worth it anymore, so for those who's planning to play this game, dont, theres so many cheaters here that's starting to be so unfair, the game developers not even trying to stop those cheaters, so yea dont download this game, its a dead game anyway it will shutdown soon.

I don't understand why I had to provide full my personal information or I account will be disabled in 7 days. Well, go ahead and disabled it, and keep the game for yourself, it not like their isn't other game left for us to play.. Honest review: I've been playing this for a month, and I don't know why I play played so unfairly. My teammates are always AI while my enemies are actually players, which is unfair, and lastly, the rank/match game takes too long; sometimes I'll wait 5 minutes, up to the longest I've encountered, 12 minutes. I hope you'll fix this . Game chi hay .nu NPH cp nht ch rung vo cc skinl th tri nghim s tuyt hn.. Please fix your reports system that suck man, Do you think it's only the afk ones that burden the team?. There's much troll player. PLEASE FIX YOUR REPORTS SYSTEM!!.

This game is good just like other popular MOBA games such as MLBB, Pokmon UNITE and LOL:Wildrift. However, it needs to be improve to keep up with the said games such as having an Offline mode Feature where we can play or practice without using internet connection, it is very useful for beginner players like me because we can practice more before actually playing with others. And also nerf and buff the heroes and improve the perfomance of the app. Nonetheless, its a very great game.. A typical moba game, many are unbalanced. So easy to dominate enemies when you know how a certain hero plays. Edit: came back and still no proper balance, and they make paid heroes OP lmao. On top of the game promoting toxic behavior lol and you cant even mute them. AVOID this P2W toxic game at all cost lmao.. Changed from five to two. Profanity is everywhere. There's a workaround that players do and the system wouldn't detect. Got tired of countless reporting hoping developers can straighten it up but to no avail. Been almost a year of doing that but now I'm tired of it.. Very good game It is smooth and over all I give it five star because it's better than mobile legend and also it is a best super hero game for me.

I RECOMMEND MSW SHOULD GO GLOBAL. PLAYERS ARE NOW DECLINING AND THE MATCHMAKING QUEUE IN RANK AND MG TOOK TOO LONG JUST TO PLAY THE DAMN 1 GAME.. So far this is good, minus point is only the players. You know like other MOBA's players which always be pain in daass. Need to fix asian sever the network suddenly go yellow and red and we comsidere afk you need to fix it. please fix the bug, when i ll try open the game,it always said the network slow connection how i get to setting -support - bug if in first loading and home page still have Error slow conecction? i just can press try again or cancel ?.

I haven't played it yet i'm sure it's a good game i'm trying to install it and it won't let me it's telling me to delete the fourth apps that keep popping up but it already says ready even though i didn't click anything but the continue button won't work so 1 star it's not the games problem but play store itself. The game is decent it takes too long to find a match in game mostly in rank i usually play solo it takes me 24 minutes and i still didn't find a match, I really love the game i hope you fix the finding match system i hope this bring to your attention Netease.. Update this games because the matching for start the game so longger waiting 1hour matching to enter player so fix the matching. My internet is very past but when im in game at rank the game was too lag. But may wifi is still fix at 10ms. Please fix it.

i give a 4 stars... banned all toxic players devs is hastle in the game... hope not allowed the bad words devs , thanks you're reply devs.. hope you are understand... i like these game bro devs..marvel super war moba ..devs, WHY REDPING HERE 400MS THANKS FOR HELP MS BAD NETWORK...

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