NameMerge Heroes: Tower Defense
CategoryNew Game
ReleaseYunbu Game Studio

Merge Heroes: Tower Defense is an exciting mobile game that combines elements of tower defense and RPG genres. In the game, players are tasked with defending their kingdom from hordes of enemies by strategically placing and upgrading heroes along the attacking path.

The main gameplay mechanic involves merging heroes of the same level to create more powerful versions. For example, merging two level 1 heroes will produce a level 2 hero with enhanced abilities. This merging mechanic encourages players to strategically plan ahead and optimize their hero placements.

There are various heroes to unlock, each with unique skills and attributes that can be further enhanced through leveling up and upgrading. Players can also equip heroes with different weapons and armor to improve their performance in battles.

As players progress, they will encounter challenging boss fights and unlock new stages with increasing difficulty. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can team up with friends and compete against other teams in epic battles.

Merge Heroes: Tower Defense offers a unique blend of strategy, teamwork, and RPG elements, making it an engaging and addictive gaming experience for mobile gamers.

Merge Heroes: Tower Defense MOD

Nice idea but it is killed by the fact that after every match and collect rewards you spend 30-45 seconds for the UI Resources to load. Then you play a match in 15-25 seconds wait for the UI RESOURCES to reload.......... Question for the devs: shouldn't the UI RESOURCES only be loaded once during game play and not after EVERY SINGLE MATCH?????? After ten minutes of frustration I uninstalled it. In this state I won't give it more than 2 stars. I understand that you dont want to spend money in games, and I also see many people complaining about p2w players. Indeed, the outcome of the game depends on skills and IQEQ. It's a lot of fun, and I really enjoy it. Each hero has their own unique features, and I'm currently researching them.. Very good game, still some things like clans and other cool stuff other games have and this will take it to the next level love the game very unique. Even though you said you fixed the log in issue you haven't. Still can't log in. Of course I'm not downloading from a third part app. For others just uninstall and re-download and it should be working ok. Not sure why support can't tell everyone.

Merge Heroes: Tower Defense APK

Spent some money, now it said google has not completly validated this game, it said this game have not completed google verification, whats going on here? I cant login, if i cant play i want my money back. On day 8 day of the game now, it's a okay pick up and put down. Sadly tried to log in today and they have not completed they Google Auth approval so now can't log in so I will fall behind now. Another bog standard P2W game....... Fun for a short while until you reach around 400+ trophies and then you start being made to fight enemies with over 1000+ trophies and way higher level units than your own.... Almost like they think I'll go to the ingame store and buy chests and stuff Uninstalled and do yourself a favour and don't even bother installing this Brace yourself for the incoming fake/paid for 5* reviews claiming it's the greatest game to ever exist . Not a bad game necessarily but man they really want you to slave away you're life to give them money..

Merge Heroes: Tower Defense APK

Terrible p2w game. You get match against people 1000 points better then you every match and bots have entire team of legendary chars. Uninstall.

Download ( V0.2.0 )

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