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Modern Age Premium is the most classic military and economic strategy game where you can test your abilities as a real president. Are you ready for such a profound role? Can you be the president of Russia or the United States? You can even arrange to work as president of Afghanistan, sort things out there and make this country a world leader. Finally, you have every opportunity to manage any state in the world. Try to research new technologies, significantly expand your territory and move forward. You can fight with other countries and show all your best qualities as a successful military manager and leader. From now on, civilization needs your help and a strong leader.

It’s time to seize new territories and greatly expand your state, but you need a mighty army. Build a strong fleet, try to assemble the most powerful units, and buy modern military equipment. Build massive airfields, barracks, arsenals, and more to strengthen your army. You can send spies behind enemy lines and learn many new and exciting things.

Modern Age Premium MOD

Amazing game. Had an issue with province revolutions, but was able to solve the problem on my own. Devs were ready to help quickly though. Easy 5 star, definitely worth the money for the premium version.. Thank you for your response but i know how to access the country menu but i need to directly access the tax menu incan only access after pressing the back button many times because I navigated to other menus previously. Please add direct access to the tax menu. This game is great. My experience with this game is that there is little information on learning it. I still don't understand this game but it's an experience trying to figure it out.. This game is heavily manipulated to steer players toward purchasing in-game currency, for a game that cost money to begin with. I believe they set the price of the game at a higher cost, purposely reduced the price making it look like a "great deal", and then reel players into the "Free-to-Play"(F2P) game mechanics. Thanks for educating me on another scam to be on the lookout for from devs like you.. Change the way that the UN makes some gameplay unfun to me( Like I cant go againsed the un and invade a territory anyway and just lose allies and trade agreements) second why can't I set funding lower than 3 points???????.

Modern Age Premium APK

The reason I give 3 stars I because I always get attacked my whole army dies and as soon as I start building it back I get attacked again and there is no way out Please fix this it is really annoying. Very good all around game that really opens your imagination in an interesting way. You could imagine taking an economicly depleted state like Syria and turn them into a prosperous wonderland. "Good for stress relief to". This game is great but when you play as a new country you don't make many resources like food or stone or wood can you make it more realistic by if you play as USA or china make it so those country's make a lot more resources. I don't do monetization games. Any game that asks for more money after I purchase it, isn't worth it to me. Instant uninstall, instant regret..

Modern Age Premium APK

Unrealistic, it'll take 15 yrs to build 12 gardens for fruit with a nation of 300 million people. Everything is designed to make you buy gems. Don't buy. 2020: The game income disappeared when the game restarted, even though only the disabled events stated that they wouldn't be. 2022: Did not take a video, if I did, will not keep it for 2 years.. oh, i love this game everyday after school untill mid night i would play this i request all players to 5 star it please this is the best game ever made ever in playstore. Hi again I buy this game I like you games ooooohhh yes can you make sandbox mode and like if the country hate the you are war with there will like you if at 50 normal none go not down or up if love it goes down can you do it mate?.

Modern Age Premium APK

nice game a must try but you need patience improvements can e made which will make this game better it has potential in it. I played this game when it was free and now I can't find my old game and I have to pay for it. Construction time should decrease significantly. Additionally multiple construction feature should add. For example , with a research it can be possible to construct 5 chocolate factory at the same time.. Five stars now as the developers responded to me and help with getting money great game hard to learn but fun to play love it i even got two of my friends at work to play this and also got the premium to so help you developers..

I've played enough mobile games for long enough to realize the predatory monetization of the game within the first few minutes. Good thing I caught up on it before it was too late to get a refund. Listen well everyone if a game has a time limit for how long it takes for an action to be completed and gives you the option to spend premium currency to speed it up that is a red flag. Also the ability to fix events by buying resources through the in game shop red flag.. It sucks to pay for a game only to then have to pay more in game to fully enjoy it.. I would make sure I always had 150 electricity spare yet I would start building and all of a sudden 0 electricity left. I don't know why they make you pay for this game when I have anything that is basically the same concept only free and better. This game is awful and I got bored the first 5 minutes of game play. Now ive come to realize that I can't get a refund for this game either..

Every time I purchased coins I would get attacked and loose all the I purchased. Spent 30$ ended up with no coins. Seem like a scam.. the game is great I love it has a down side though oil,oil is annoying to get but still its a fun game,I would love to see this in a sandbox style where you have everything you need anyways great game.. Hye I buy please all have nuclear .why pay again and 100%tax 1year only please Language Malay .. Indonesia not same. This game is cool and very challenging nice thanks for the game I love the game so much you need to try this.

I really think the idea of the game is super good, but there are many options that I would add because after playing a few days it gets boring. For example more weapons, more interactions with other countries. But the most important thing is that it takes too long to build factories and weapons And it would be good if they modified it.. Don't know what the 5 star reviewers are playing but what I am playing is so bad the only excitement is dodging all the pay to win ads you thought you would avoid by buying the game in the first place.. i rated it 3 because you lose troops WAAAAY easier and if you want to make troops without money it takes too long i for 8000 troops it takes 2 years and to hire 8000 troops you need 400 000 coins its stupid and you could lose those 8000 troops in a day if a state riots or if terrorists come to your conutry. This game is very good and so attractive..but I suggest to developer that please add some features become more attractive this game...the features is parliament,election,military,air and naval base, cross border terrorism,diplomatic tour of the head of state to another country,after winning the war partly annex feature,more infrastructure development project,videography like military movement, construction works etc..after add this features the game is more attractive.....

Game nya seru Tolong tambahkan fitur produksi dalam hal teknologi Seperti perusahaan mobil, alat elektronik, dll Pemasukan komersil dari hak siar industri entertainment juga tolong dimasukkan Karena bisa jadi menambahkan pemasukan untuk negara dan benar benar jadi realistis. By far the worst game I've played on a device. It's awful and I paid for it. 99p. They should pay you to play it.. Reeling Great app detailed immersion strategy play on par with Stronghold and Total War the political landscape feels authentically real while easy eenough to have fun playing really impressed great job. Everything was good after i buy the gold. Bad after purchase gold suddenly get attack and lose all of the gold it like it was rigged. So bad and tutorial was so complex. I don't want play it anymore. Thank you.

I installed the game and at the beginning I found it very interesting. Then I went to change country thinking that it meant to continue the "career" being president of a new Nation, but It start all over again from 2010. That's very frustrating. And I lost interest in the game.. Any chance to make it more realistic adding this feature? Thanks.. You can add so many updates Example - loan for country, 2.manyy various war (biological war, Ai war) 3. To fight as an alliance against any country. 4. To make a part of one's own country independent and a separate country. 5. There will be an option in the map where you can see how many numbers a country has in position, Also lockdown where the flight is banned means the option to ban everything again at any time as soon as any virus spreads. I feel like....I got scammed.... Those speed button should be unlocked because it's PREMIUM..why the heck you need to buy it .. Gameplay was very good, one thing that could help it though is, could you guys please make wars last a certain amount of time, and not 1 day?.

Do not buy a game pass here if you plan to the gamepass don't work I have tried contacting them but I get no response good game but don't spend money on it. Premium is basically required to have any ounce of fun. The AI increase their military stupid fast while you are crawling by. Takes absurd amounts of time to see any progress. Not worth it, the other president simulator is far superior. It was fun at first then it glitched and i lost all my troops and items i spent like $20 or so on and at that point i lost all like and interest in this game as the bugs cost me money and ruined it entirely. This is ridiculous. You have to pay for the premium version and then pay for gems in the game. This is pure BS and incredibly disappointing..

Premium is definitely not a great upgrade, still have ads pop when launching the app (I do have the premium app installed) and thought there would be more nations to play as. I recommend the non-premium version. This isn't an upgrade.. I expected it to be better. Nothing changed from the non premium version except the times 2 speed and a few other things but over all Nothing is different. Pay to win. They want to sell you a game that is monetized like a free to play game. The entire thing exists to sell you time savers.. Excellent game, the detailed map runs smoothly, perfect balance in money, the only thing I would criticize is the lack of variety in troops.

I love this game its the best strategy in the mobile phone and please make it easier to earn money and lower the cost of everything then agaon its a great game. Overall, it is a type of game I love. Simulation, management, and offline. However, as one comment said, the lack of a good tutorial irritated me. It's a complicated game. It would help to be able to understand it. All in all, I'd give it an 7 out of 10.. Great Game Comrade, the new Soviet Union is prosperous and gorgeous in a new empire of Soviet Union powers and down with empiricist philosophy! Update: the new Soviet Union lasted nearly a millennia before my troops was dwindled down before the nations that I annexed became independent again good game and better luck next time or wait I can do it all over again. Its detailed and realistic. Tutorials could have been more. But you will get the hang of it after playing for 1day. Best suited for strategy gamers.

197 countryes to embasi.. trade agreement.. science.. realy bad ui.. i want to play new game but no.. it takes 1 week to klik it 1by1. Love it but, one problem is that, why does military drafts costs so much? (Some). If I want to invade Mexico it costs 2 million gold. Change that please.... One thing I would really like is to be able to help other countries get stronger. I can gift all my gold, supplies and army and it does nothing for the country I donate to. The army initially goes up after you present the army, but immediately goes down again after closing the country page..

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