NameMovie Tycoon Simulator 2020
ReleaseTim Rachor

The coolest movie industry simulator. In Movie Tycoon Simulator 2020, you can buy movies, adjust ticket prices, buy more food, and make lucrative contracts.

It remains only to write a script for yourself, collect stars, and then shoot a real blockbuster. An exciting business simulator that will require you to have a well-thought-out strategy, as well as unexpected decisions. You will soon become the most successful film company in the world, but for this, you will have to work hard. Get more money for the rental of your movies. Win valuable awards for the best roles, screenplay, film, or something else. Do not be lazy, because soon your film will appear in Hollywood, and you will become famous. Manage your own cinemas, constantly improve them, invest money, and also participate in advertising campaigns.

Movie Tycoon Simulator 2020 MOD

Dear Tim Rachor, would you like to do World Peace Simulator 2023? It will be super cool. New countries: South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Denmark, Hong Kong, Macau, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. New features and options: Selecting the years between 1900 and the present day. Customize populations, aggro levels, wealth, wealth distribution, stability, happiness and diplomatic relations of countries anyway you want.. Dear Tim Rachor, can you please do World Peace Simulator 2023? Please add options where you can customize populations, aggro levels, wealth and diplomatic relations of countries the way you want and pause time during gameplay. Don't forget to add South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Denmark, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Po along with the options where you can pick the years between 1900 and the present day to the game. It will be very great.. The time keeps running nonstop need an option to pause and save the game. We need to be in the game everytime. Way too slow, and cash grab. They want you to spend money to fast forward, so I spent money and it went at the same rate. Pathetic, this game should be rated lower. Then the creator said my purchase was denied lol. Are you stupid? I have alot of money, since I'm not worried about. You need it more than me, stop scamming people.. Its a very good game Tim I really appreciate your hardwork , there many developers out there who release their game and just leave it as it is without any update but you are amazing I love your efforts brother keep working and keep giving more fun updates u desserve this .

Movie Tycoon Simulator 2020 APK

Concept is good bt i give 1star because the time speed is very very slow so this game is very boring game.

Download ( V1.2.8 )

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