NameMuscle clicker Gym Game
ReleaseBarsuk Studio

Among the many most addictive is a recreation called Muscle clicker Gym club Recreation. Sure, the title is lengthy and never precisely interesting nevertheless, it has much more to supply. This recreation exhibits how it feels to make a thin individual muscular with demanding work at the fitness center. When you’re excited, learn on!

On this recreation, it’s worthwhile to train to earn cash. Nevertheless, it isn’t simple. As a result, your stamina will be exhausted if you repeatedly prepare for a time frame. Do not let it go under 20%! Then, if you have the funds, you should buy extra tools to enhance muscle and cash. It is mainly only a cycle; however, you can improve your energy, stamina, and extra as you earn extra.

Muscle clicker Gym Game MOD

I use auto clicker but whenever you have maxium stats i wish you can rebirth so you get 2x power. It's so good but I don't think I want to tap my stats so I'll be stronger whenever we work on our legs and hips and legs and upgrade their legs on himself we don't have to do it and whenever we upgrade our arms it does the same thing for the legs please. There is a bug that i can make 120M in 1H the bug is clicking so fast it do that. This game is super fun. The gameplay is 5/5 and the graphics are 3/5 but it's still fun. So it's a 8/10 but still very good. There's not alot of ads like most games now days. This is one of my favorite game and it doesn't get old fast like other games. If you want a good clicker game this is one that you should try for sure.. Overall really good just maybe more updates would be good also maybe give a less creepy face than that but sry for the budge but (bye).

Muscle clicker Gym Game APK

Very nice game it does not have a alot of ads and is a good work out game very nice game. Really don't want me why 6th is my birthday so no idea what to the east of something for me to lo. It's great and all but it doesn't save, why not add an way to save it on play games and why on the feedback it say "is this a breeding game?". I remeber having the game but I deleted it but now when I try to download the game it just won't download edit: it works now :D.

Muscle clicker Gym Game APK

ye nice game I also hurt my hand HAHAHAH because it's just for hand grinding so good game and also I rate 5 because it's literally so nice bro nice edit the game also little bit creepy . The muscle clicker 2 is not fun but this one takes alot of time but is worth it rather than muscle clicker 2. This is an amazing and addictive game I love this and also I need you all to try this out and I want to say that add more equipment and boosts thxx for this awesome game . Im level 46 already, game is mostly about grinding and putting time into, but very good, can you add more hairstyles and challenges, just like in muscle clicker 2, but with shot put and soccer to make it more realistic, also more equipment.

Muscle clicker Gym Game APK

This is the best game in the world (-_-) but there is something wrong with the dude when ever I lift it like glitches so plz fix this. I love it but you can make the thiys thick as a boulder and you can leave the arms and the arms looks like a pile of skin and bones. Thank you for making thiz game.. OMG it's been the best game ever I laughed about the face he makes and in the pictures on level 19 he's so buff like if you have never played play it NOW because it changed my life the best gam in the world the concept is amazing so play it now. gy Szeretem ezt a jtkot mert lehet rajta edzeni s olyan j hogy eljulok mindent nagyon j jtszunk mindig nagyon j Az mindig nagyon j az ember ebbe hozz.

Im not liing the game is pretty fun to those not have much ads everybody should play it.

Download ( V1.6.51 )

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