NameMutant Fighting Cup 2
ReleaseAce Viral

The time you had come when the mutants decided to return to this planet. Mutant Fighting Cup 2 will immediately have to take courage and try to train monsters in the possible ways. Do your best so that your wards can fight in the excellent mutant cup. You will need their skill to develop your strategy to defeat any opponent in the most interesting turn-based battles. Fight in bloody battles equipped with colorful components. Fight scary bosses that have spread all over the globe.

Train your favorite dog; you can cat and bring them to these fights. Take advantage of other genes, transform your creature beyond recognition, and have significant free time. You have a lot of different combinations, and your battle strategy will give you more opportunities to defeat any opponent. Invite your friends, and take advantage of various options in multiplayer mode. Defeat all opponents, win the most great trophies, and participate in multiple competitions. Reach the first place on the leaderboard.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 MOD

This game openly cheats you if you decide to not upgrade your mutant, such as when during a fight I had a enemy dodge majority of my damage 3 times in a row without any buffs to make this happen. Similar things happened for the next three games until after I upgraded my mutant it magically stopped having strong abilities and instead hit me with only basic kicks, this limits you from properly planning upgrades and instead just buy the next you see. This game is boring, and not worth the adds.. it's a very good game with no bugs it is very good and if we had 10 stars to give I will give this game 8.5 so that she is my review is a very fun game but it creepy for the children you should play this game if you are 11 years old or above it. Whoever thought such a massive spike in difficulty was acceptable needs to be fired. Everything made sense at the start, but further down the game suddenly reaches to points where enemies just pull random buffs out of their asses. It took me NINE WHOLE MINUTES just to beat Giant Locust, and the evasion buff only makes the game EVEN MORE unenjoyable. Something needs to happen. I don't know what, but SOMETHING needs to happen. BTW, whoever stuffed so many ads into this game needs to be fired too.. Best game ever its amazing recommended play it offline if there's to many ads this is amazing i would give it 10 stars if i could, definitly recommended and also @troy countryman and @Paul nielsen and @Mindaugas you can play it offline. i like this game because its offline and not laggy unlike the other games they are saying too many ads well you can just turn off your network nice app 10/10 but can you add more world cup?.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 APK

YO I LOVED THIS GAME I BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME SINCE 2016 AND I FORGOT ABT THIS GAME THANK YOU THAT IT DIDN'T GET DELETED!. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game, ad before battle, add after battle, ad, ad, ad. Its not really a game, just an app to watch ads.. You should add more new mutations and more new animals to select and mutate but anyway it is good to play this game anytime. Very fun I like that you make your own mutants I have an idea that you a new boss and a hydra.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 APK

I like it but theres so much adds but its so fun to play and when u mutate it gives random names. I think (from first impressions) this is honestly a game that could get super addicting to play and its great so far.. Obviously there's always a little problem bur I've played this game since I was around 7 or 8 and now I'm 15 and it's still fun asf. Fun game but there is an unbearable amount of ads one before and after every battle and its so annoying.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 APK

Seemed promising but way too many ads: ad banner, one ad before a match, one ad after... Shoving ads into your face! They don't even reward you anything!. Fun game but ther is to many ads just make it one ad everytime you finish a battle not everytime you go into a battle and when you finish a battle that just makes it annoying. I love this game, very fun and I like concept of creating your own mutant, how ever I can't give 5 starts because of ads that I have to watch after every click, please fix this.. Solid game, simple, fun, but way too many ads, after every selection/action there's an unskipable ad that kills all momentum..

This game brings nostalgia from when I was like 7 and I had no clue what was happening in the game. I love this game is tournament and you can fuse any parts of animals or monsters and this game is awesome and cool and this why I rate it five star why don't you try it install now for fun.. What happened to pvp?! We used to do that, Cant remember if local wifi or via online username, but cant get it to work anymore. Screen still shows pvp mode, but entering there seems me to an autoplayed battle with some random mystery user(supposedly pvp, ... "bot" who knows if that's true). Otherwise pretty fun.. Love this. So creative and very fun. I love the animations, and i used to play this as a kid. I also love how you can buy other animals without having to actually pay real money..

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