NameMy Startup Online
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An entertaining game where you will develop your company. In the My Startup Online project, you can start and then build your own company. An exciting simulation game in which you can experience virtual control. You will get a lot more content compared to previous versions.

Many players tried quickly and efficiently develop their company, but not everyone succeeded. The game is challenging to pass, but everything reflects reality, making it even more enjoyable. You will have more fun with your development scheme, expand the company and earn even more money. Interesting corporate governance, entertaining work life, and much more. Each new day will not be like the previous one. You will be able to experience all this for yourself and try to put your company first in the world.

My Startup Online MOD

Pretty good game to be honest it was a little hard to begin with coz I died about 3 times before but now I'm used to it it's kinda better. It is better to lock some features and unlock it in certain level. Tons of menu since the beginning is frustrating the players where the tutorials are not very helpful. I think Devs forgot that new players are beginners. I like this game idea but not the way it executed. I hope Devs consider players demand.. I don't understand why people are like "it looks like an app than a game" where the creator says at the beginning that "it's not a fan game but you feel like you're running a company. I like the honesty though. It's really difficult game as it says, most of the time i went bankrupt in one year. Recommended for serious gamer . I think the devs have extensive knowledge in growing a startup which is great because it makes the game enjoyable. However I do think the design of the game is extremely confusing, the game felt like an application rather than a game. One of the easiest way to improve this is by removing some features early on. User shouldn't be thrown a ton of menus at once especially in the tutorial, do it one at a time as the player progresses. The devs know their stuff so I am sure there is potential here..

My Startup Online APK

It is a good game and it is really hard to play. I'm still looking forward to the upcoming updates. Still there's a lot of bugs. I wanna stay long in the game but it ends fast for me. I feel honored to be the first review hehe. There still rooms for improvement, Thankyou!. The update caused new bugs. Now the likes randomly show different than the true number. Then, after ending my turn it took me to company creation screen. The gameplay is okay, but lacks many things. Investments and property bids do not work offline. Invests cannot be canceled after requested. Game rank is largely luck, and seems no planning affects sales. Games sold via purchase make <1 per download. Its unclear whether upgrades or training provide stats, only the teams dev ability is shown.. Unable to even get into the game. It tells me I need Google games installed which is already installed. I even Uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if maybe that would work but I'm still unable to even get in the app.. Can't even get into the game, keep telling me to download Google play even though I literally start the game from Google play.

My Startup Online APK

No proper instructions, no detailing and explanation. How the game works. For example, when giving a tutorial, i chose the largest MMO game for developing, but you cannot allow a beginner or a newbie to start off with that. Give instructions which anyone can understand and follow. Since, i chose MMO Action Zombies, now i don't know when that game is going to get published. Your game has got potential, but you have to explain every detail on how it works in a much more better way.. Game is broken. I downloaded it but every time I tried to play it I got an error message. Don't waste your data to download this game..

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